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Re: adderall- long term effects, tell me real world

Posted by ginny on July 16, 1999, at 20:28:36

In reply to adderall- long term effects, tell me real world, posted by mary on July 14, 1999, at 6:31:06

> Mary, first of all, you're lucky something works! I always think of the meds as giving me those 30 seconds to try to reason and teach so maybe he can learn to avoid the explosion!

Are there long term effects? Hard to say, Adderall is fairly new, but is related to dexedrine, which has been out a long time. It's a fairly mild drug. Hae you thought about the side effects of giving him nothing? If he is impulsive and runs out in traffic, a stimulant is safer than getting hit by a buick. If he is explosive or self-injurious, or abusive to others, there's no contest.

A few thoughts here. (And I'm a Mom who's gone through it, so it's "real" perspective. Science is getting to the point where we know a whole lot more about the brain. Some peole's DO work differently. It's largely a chemical imbalance. Would you feel the same giving him insulin if he were a diabetic? And would anyone else give you a hard time? You're just helping to rebalance the chemistry.

Secondly, you mention how well he functions with it. You didn't mention his age, but I would guess he knows how badly he is out of control other times, and hates himself for it. Untreated ADD can lead to a whole different set of problems...there's a higher correlation with drug abuse, and impulsive behavior that gets kids into trouble. They often feel stupid in school, and give up. They feel inferior. There's also increased risk for suicide. Your son needs to know his brain is fine, it just works DIFFERENT. Read "driven to distraction". It was written by a psychiatrist with ADHD, and it's a nice perspective. Think about getting some counseling. This is "guerilla" style parenting. You will become exhausted from a kid who needs constant limits and structure, who makes the same mistakes over and over again, and never stops to think, and loses everything, and gets frustrated easily. Learn how to take care of yourself. How to steal a few moments in the tub when he's content, or go out with a girlfriend for a night out.... He will change developmentally, and new problems will crop up.

Get to know the good side of ADHD. The creativity that goes with it, and sometimes high intelligence. See him as a whole person with strengths. He is a little boy. He is not his diagnosis.

I hope this wasn't too preachy. I can empathize with the amount of guilt that is heaped on parents. There's tremendous pressure pro and con on meds. But those people haven't been in your shoes. Above all, keep educating yourself like you are already, Mary. Knowledge is power! Your son is lucky to have a mom that cares!

Ilays to rough, takes things too seriously- etc. so what happens now, are we medicating him forever? does he have a chance that he will every develope the reasoning to self settle? yeah, yeah, yeah- psychiatry is an option, but i don't see it- how does he ever come back from the frazzeled emotional state he gets in? thanks for your input!




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