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Re: Adult ADD, Prozac and Apathy

Posted by CONNIE on June 26, 1999, at 18:09:15

In reply to Re: Adult ADD, Prozac and Apathy, posted by John on June 1, 1999, at 18:15:59

> > For adult ADD with mild chronic depression and impulsivity, I was originally prescribed Prozac 20 and Dexedrine 40. Did great. But increased the prozac to 40, and about 6 weeks later, I was lethargic and apathetic and the ADD was wildly out of control. I ignored important daily and life tasks, gave up, with no thought of ever returning to, my daily 5 mile walks in addition to feeling numb and unemotional. I was the original "what me worry." Clueless. Stopped the Prozac , started Wellbutrin but not great yet. Has this happended to anyone else and how did you cope and what meds did you switch to? Dr. Bob, I have read the article on SSRI's and Apathy. With ADD in the mix it was rough, I did not even know it was happening for a while. I sort of slid into it. Is this only a result of the Prozac?
> Hi Barbara, I can certainly relate. All the SSRIs have given me that same apathy. And you're right, it just kind of sneaks in very subtle. That same apathy is my primary symptom when I'm NOT medicated, so to take a medicine with the side effects and actually have the apathy intensified is real frustrating. Sometimes I fall into a real deep depression, but for the most part I have just lost the ability to feel joy, pleasure, interest, friends, hobbies, etc. If I could just lick that one symptom I would be SO THANKFUL! Anyway, yeah, SSRIs work for a lot of people, but the apathy issue is probably more widespread than a lot of people realize. John.

Dear Barbara,
I haven't even read any threads other than JOHN's, but I have to write immediately because I've just been in despair. I didn't know there were others like me out there! My SSRI history: Was started on Prozac 1992 through a local clinic, had a really rough month(crying, hopelessnes, "I-am-the-type-that-just-falls-through-the-tracks"), etc...but my GREAT therapist said, "Let's try Paxil, then." It worked! For a long time! Happier, more self-accepting, confident in facing all obstacles, etc. In 1996, I started Fenteramine (in the amphetamine family)for weight loss (but not with the "dangerous" combination of Phen-fen, since I already was on an SSRI. Then I hit an extended period of job loss, savings gone, Xmas coming, anniversary of my son's death, etc.) and stopped the Fenteramine, though I continued Paxil at my usual 40 mg. dosage. This December(1999)I ended up at the county hospital with "major depression with suicidal ideation." I thought the Paxil had stopped working--and maybe it had. It is now June 26th, and the new county-funded clinic I have been going to is run by a shrink who has pooh-poohed every complaint I've had, sees me for 15 minutes, and started me on Wellbutrin (I wanted some ORGASMS, for God's sake!, at the same time cutting down on my Paxil.) I am on a low dosage of Wellbutrin (150 mg. day) and only 10 mg. Paxil. I don't care about going out, answering the phones, seeing friends, living from dollar to dollar, and feeling hopeless---if I'm not in a inner episode of homicidal rage, when I want to do savage things like tear little old ladies apart. And especially the shrink, who is known to have many complaints about his callous, sarcastic manner. Why should it take SEVEN months to reach an appropriate dosage, when it was achieved in 3 weeks (with Paxil) in 1992?!?
P.S. Yeah, I can have orgasms now. But who the f--- cares? When I mentioned that the therapist (MFCC) feels I have Adult ADD, the shrink just laughed and said sarcastically, "You're stimulated enough already." Please, please, please--let there be help!




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