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Re: So much talk of meds...Isn't there a better way?

Posted by Jeff on June 24, 1999, at 0:53:55

In reply to So much talk of meds...Isn't there a better way?, posted by Trey on June 9, 1999, at 18:13:10

> I have been diagnosed bipolar and have been taking 600mg of Lithobid a day for over 10 years now. Fortunately, my life is stable and healthy. All the horror stories I have heard about manic-depressives slipping back into either mania or depression involve cessation of or tinkering with their meds. For this reason, I faithfully take my little salmon-colored tablets daily - once in the morning, and once before bedtime. I shudder to think of losing control of my mental processes ever again.
> Still, I firmly believe that meds treat not the cause of our distresses, but the symptoms. Don't we want to get to the root of it all, and live our lives happily and productively WITHOUT the aid of external chemicals? Pulling up this forum and seeing post after post about various medications really makes me think - are we looking in the right places? Even as I
> continue to take my lithium, I am constantly searching my soul and attempting to come up with answers. I believe more than anything that we are on this planet to confront our fears and our internal enemies - do battle with them and emerge, with any luck, triumphant. There are no external enemies; the key to our happiness lies within our SELVES. If only we can clear a pathway to that place and keep it accessible! Tell me your thoughts...

I also notice the excessive emphasis that is put on meds in these forums, and wish there were more discussions about other ways.

I wouldn't give up my medication for many reasons, not the least of which is that it is allowing me to seek out every dark corner in which a helpful hint or even the ultimate solution exists. I have wrung my soul inside out since starting to take meds, and the progress I have made is astonishing. Without meds I would not have the capability to even want to do these things. But I do not believe that my depression is specifically biologically disposed, as I am able to feel a bit better when positive things happen and worse when negative things happen. This gives me hope that someday I may conquer it.

When things go very poorly in my life and depression consumes me, I know that many people exist like that no matter what happens to them, and for them medication is their only salvation. The belief that they will take medication for the rest of their lives is only restrictive if they also give up all hope of finding other methods to improve their lives as much as they can.

Whether you are a reactionary depressive like me or biologically depressed like so many others, there are things that can soothe the pain like exercise, beautiful weather, children, animals, meditation, companionship, and love. The problem is that these things cannot be properly experienced for most without the meds.

By far, exercise and meditation have been the two most effective non-pill therapies I have found for myself (aside from psychotherapy of course), and I make time for each every day. But I know that I probably wouldn't be capable of even doing these things without meds, let alone benefiting from them. At least I am creating the habits now so that if I ever succeed in getting off meds they will be part of my life.

To everyone who has resigned to take meds the rest of his/her life: do so, but with an open heart, and please never stop searching your soul. It is my honest belief that a sick brain creates a sick mind, but a sick mind can create a healed soul.





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