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Re: MAOI Diet

Posted by Gretchen on May 29, 1999, at 9:22:07

In reply to Re: nardil - Elizabeth, posted by Dwight on May 27, 1999, at 12:18:05

Help Please! This is a long post -- I apologize, but I am so scared.

I would never have even read MAOI diet posts before because I never had a problem with this aspect. I follow the diet rather strictly and always have -- anything is better than how I feel not on a MAOI (and I have tried full trials of over fifteen other anti-depressants.)

I have taken both Nardil and Parnate a number of times (side effects mainly having to do with my already low blood pressure and increases in the meds have necessitated "breaks".)

I started Parnate again after yet another "break" -- about two years of misery trying other anti-depressants. I feel a million times better emotionally and I can actually get myself to do things during the day. I plan things and complete them - a miracle.

Then suddenly -- in one month -- I have had two tyramine reactions to "safe" food. This has never happened in the probably four years (adding together the separate trials) that I have been on Parnate or Nardil.

Both times I had chicken that was cooked and ready to eat from a grocery store (two reputable chains.) _I can not understand it._

The pain of the reactions is so intense that I am ready to break down and give up MAOI's (and be suicidal) for the rest of my life. I also feel so guilty, like I don't deserve to take Parnate if I can't take it responsibly. I hate ER's and I have a horrible problem with doctors in general (childhood trauma stuff.) Having to go to the ER is a nightmare.

Neither reaction was "classic" and so it was hours the first time and one hour the second time before the ER doc broke down and treated the reaction like a tyramine problem. Once I was given anti-hypertensives, the pain magically dissolved, in both cases.

Parnate makes life bearable. I drink a lot of caffeine (6-8 dt. Mountain Dews a day)with the OK of my doctor because it acts as a pressor agent to increase my blood pressure and I don't have so many dizzy, tunnel vision to complete loss of vision, fainting spells.

Yes, the side effects are major. My psychiatrist doesn't really want me taking Parnate either to add to the problem. Luckily, I am married now and my husband can provide her with a very definite, to her a more objective opinion of how much Parnate helps me emotionally. In fact, that was the only reason I was able to keep taking it after the first reaction.

I feel terrible. It's like she thinks I did it on purpose or at least was horribly negligent. Both times though, Craig was with me and could vouch for exactly what I ate.

But I am ready to give up. I am scared -- chicken is supposed to be safe. I eat McDonalds Chicken McNuggets without a problem. I don't understand.

Sorry this is so long, but I guess these are my questions:

If anyone has had more than one trial on an MAOI, did you ever find that you suddenly became super-sensitive? All of my side-effects are worse and I am taking a relatively low dose for me (40mg vs. 50mg or 60mg at other times.)

I don't want to give grocery store ready-made chicken a bad name, but it is the only linking food. Has anyone ever heard of something that is in ready-to-eat supermarket chicken -- preservatives, etc???

Finally, the only other factor that is different this time, is instead of taking Ortho Cyclen birth control, I am trying the Depo Provera. One shot lasts three months, so it is in my system one more month like it or not. My regular doctor, concerned about my depression also and knowing some types of birth control cause depression more than others, was trying to help me out with that angle. Has anyone heard any type of caution regarding mixing these two meds?

Any advice would be appreciated. I dread telling my psychiatrist about last night's reaction. MAOI's are the _only_ meds that have ever, ever helped me.

Finally, to try and be a little helpful, I did read all of your posts. To share my experience, if you think Nardil causes weight gain and carbo cravings -- for me, Remeron was much worse. It has a 27% chance of weight gain and a greater incidence of carbo cravings. My Mom, who is a RN at a nursing home, says that they don't give Remeron to patients for depression, but to those who won't eat. **However, I have a history of eating disorders, so perhaps that made me more vulnerable to that particular side-effect. Also, I did not complete a three month trial, because I was binging so badly, the threat of full blown Bulimia episode became too dangerous.**

Everyone reacts differently though, if I have learned anything in the past eleven years it is that.

If anyone has read this far thank you for listening. I feel very alone and confused. Why is this happening with the only meds that work? WHY?

> > > I've been taking Nardil off an on for several years. Most of you sound like you take for depression, but it also works very well for social anxiety. I have the same problem with weight gain. I'm thinking about trying this new drug Celexa or maybe Remeron. I can't imagine any drug causes as much weight gain as Nardil. I only wish something else worked as well on my social anxiety.
> >
> > Hi Dwight. I take Parnate, but it doesn't seem to be as good for anxiety (in general, or social) as Nardil was. I wonder if Marplan - apparently this has become available in the U.S. again lately - would be a nice happy medium.
> >
> > I have trouble imagining anything causing as much weight gain as Nardil either. :-}
> --Thanks for the response, Elizabeth. I'll look into Marplan. I tried Parnate one time, but it seemed to make me more anxious. Sometimes I use the herb Kava Kava for anxiety - it works almost as well as the benzodiazapines, like Klonipan, but it doesn't make you spacey for forgetful. Ginseng is good for energy.




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