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Re: Zoloft & Marijuana

Posted by Daniel on May 20, 1999, at 6:15:12

In reply to Re: Zoloft & Marijuana, posted by Dawn on May 15, 1999, at 8:47:44

Hello everybody,

This is not about Zoloft&MJ, this is about MJ before Zoloft.

I had had downcast moods and other typical symptoms of a mild depression for a long time, but I considered them to be never so "terrible" so as to seek any psychiatric help (especially in my country, where anyone who has to do anything with psychiatry is "stigmatized"). From time to time I would slip into a major depression but it would slowly subside after a month or so. A friend of mine (M.D.) called it "seasonal mood swings". I don't think these major downcasts were related to seasonal pattern, they were probably just responses to stressors which are part of everybody's everyday life. Only my ability to cope with them (especially more serious) is somewhat diminished.

Last year I and my brother grew our own pot (which is legally permitted here in the Netherlands) in the backyard garden (unfortunately we don't have a greenhouse). The weather was quite humid but also rather cold, so I don't know about the quality of our pot - the contents of THC, THCV, CBD, or CBN (the latter two being products of THC "degradation" when a plant is "overripe" causing mainly weariness and sleep after smoking instead of a "high").

At that time I felt generally fine, just before my first encounter with this mind-expanding and very mildly psychedelic substance. I discovered very soon that frequent smoking (every other day) would build tolerance and result in generally "numb" states as opposed to smoking just once a week, when a "high" was the "high."

So I followed this pattern, smoking just once a week, usually on the weekends. However, after about a month, I observed a pretty regular pattern following my weekend "sessions": the next day I would feel "elevated" - generally energized and happy. But after a day or two I would suffer from a "crash" - real major depression - and that would last for the next 4 to 5 days. (My brother on no single ocassion experienced anything like this).

After a month of such experience (smoking again only after getting "sober" = depressive symptoms no longer present) I decided to quit. Everything returned back to normal within the usual 4 to 5 days. So I smoked again for a short period of time but after experiencing the same crashes again I decided to quit once and for all.

Only this time, the symptoms did not disappear after the usual 4 - 5 days, and after about 3 weeks of suffering I sought help of a psychiatrist. I was given Zoloft 100 mgs a day which kicked in and I am about to go off the med in 2 months.

Despite the fact that my "primary chemical imbalance" (which has been there for a long time) was drastically worsened by smoking pot, I am glad I went through this because it finally made me seek professional help which I would't have done otherwise.

I never smoked MJ while on Zoloft, so I can't tell you anything about that.

As far as the so called "amotivational syndrome" is concerned, I believe that it does not exist on its own, but rather is one of the symptoms of depression. (Pot is believed to tamper with norepinephrine levels which has to do with motivation and drive). Toby or Elisabeth will surely know more about it.

I am not a psychiatrist resident, but as far as shrinked testicles are concerned, there are chemicals in chocolate that cause the same thing.

As far as DNA mutations and chromozomal damage is concerned, there are loads of chemicals causing even more serious damage including aspirine.



> > > I would add two things---I forgot to mention
> > > that any one using MJ or any drug should
> > > let their MD know--insurance shouldn't be
> > > an issue.
> > >
> > > The other thing is--just be aware that
> > > pot shrinks testicles, kills sperm cells,
> > > mutates DNA in sperm (and can contribute
> > > to birth defects. Just a thought. (I won't
> > > even get into what gets into the weed when it's
> > > sold on the street--it can be dirtier than
> > > St. John's Wort with urine and tar and pesticides--
> > > Zoloft is FDA regulated with no piss or shit
> > > or pesticides--MJ is people regulated and only
> > > rarely pure.
> >
> > Please, wake up, u're talking about weed or heroin? No further discussion needed, thank u.
> > > Thank you "unknown" crack is one thing something that is already being used in the medical field shouldn't be judged so harshly. WAKE UP EVERYONE. Please refer to Normal's homepage for further education.




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