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Scared to try Serzone. Any exp. to share?

Posted by Racer on August 25, 1998, at 23:07:12

I've had bad experiences with a couple of anti depressants, and now find myself too depressed to function again. I know that the drugs do alleviate the depression, but the side effects i've had in the past make it a pain in the butt to deal with them. I have a congenital connective tissue abnormality which affects the way my body uses drugs. The other anti depressants I've taken have always required huge doses and several months of "gee, is it not gonna work at all or haven't we gotten to the appropriate dose yet?" Funny, that exacerbates the depression. Once we get to the therapeutic dosage, I get side effects. On Paxil, the drug I used most recently, I gained 50 or 60 pounds, lost the ability to have orgasms (Ok, that doesn't seem so relevant right now, but if the drug works, I hope it will matter again in the next couple of months...), and couldn't experience any emotions normally. On top of that, I also couldn't stay awake all day. I needed to nap so much, it would have been a joke had it not been for the way that affected my life. Shall we say that it had a negative impact and leave it at that?

So, now I've got these pills, Serzone, and a doctor who says, "They're anti-depressants. Take em and you'll feel better. Nothing wrong with you, your perceptions are just off." Gotta love county doctors, especially when you are smart enough to know that gee, if I had health insurance, I could get myself to a decent doctor. So, can anyone out there who has taken Serzone tell me anything about your experiences? Was the "average" dose effective, or did you have to take more or less? Did you gain weight? Lose weight? Sexual dysfunction? Sleepy all the time? Able to respond normally to stimuli like weddings, funerals, etc?

My depression says that it's too much to ask to have an effective drug that doesn't make you more miserable than the depression does already, but my intellect says that there must be something that works on the depression without making the rest of my life impossible. So, anecdotal evidence greatly appreciated. Thanks




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