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Re: neurontin

Posted by shirley on April 14, 1999, at 1:13:57

In reply to Re: confabulation / neurontin / thanks, posted by v on April 4, 1999, at 17:16:01


I liked your use of the word "confabulation", by the way.....

The Neurontin has been the only med (I've tried Zoloft, Buspar, Effexor, Trazodone, Wellbutrin, Ultram, and?) that has had an immediate and dramatic affect on my mood swings. I didn't have any of the annoying side effects common to the other AD's, making life miserable while you are waiting to "get used to it". Euphoria and some fatigue in the morning are the only side effects I've noticed. Alas, the Euphoria feeling is tapering off--otherwise I was thinking of abusing it.

I've not heard much about Neurontin, possibly because it is not formally recognized as an anti-depressant. It is an anti-convulsant, used for treating epilepsy.

Judging from the effect it has had on me, I have to wonder about the connection between the two neurological disorders.

I'm not "cured". The issues that surrounded me six months ago are still there. The major change with the Neurontin is that I no longer think about ending my life constantly (as I did with the Wellbutrin--although I thought it was just me and what a stupid fucking moron I was), and I don't have the wide mood swings (somewhat "normal" to suicidally low--all within one day, every day) that I experienced before. Throughout the past few months I have also been taking Effexor (225 mg.). It helped at first, but the effect soon disintegrated into the rapid mood swings. I still take it, along with the trazodone for sleep. I persevere with the Effexor, because I believe that I would be in a much worse place without it.

I hate to say it, but I do not want to appear overly optimistic. I'm not writing this to proclaim to everyone listening (?) that all is Jim-Dandy in my little corner of the world now and forever. I fully expect to "slide" again. The Neurontin has worked well for me for the past three weeks. It worked IMMEDIATELY. You can increase the dose quickly (I've gone from 200 mg to 1200 mg, with no noticable unpleasantness). I've read that a therapuetic dose for epilepsy is right around 1800 mg. I'm still depressed and uncertain what to do about my future, but it feels like there is some kind of mental roadblock preventing me from thinking SPECIFICALLY about suicide. That's the best way I can think of to describe it. It's an emotional pain-reliever.

So there's still a possibility for more euphoria for me!!

I'm surprised this drug doesn't have a street value, to tell you the truth.

As for the loss of words--I still have that. Normally, I'm very articulate, but I've been at a loss for just the right word for months now.........


> thank you for replying... the confabulation, as explained by my doctor, was also when i couldn't think of the correct word to use and would say a totally incorrect word in its place
> it was quite frustrating and i felt like an idiot groping to express myself.
> > Now I'm trying Neurontin, which I like so far. It makes me feel sort of high when I increase the dose, which, as far as I'm concerned, is a real bonus (they should charge extra for THAT side effect).
> i've never heard of neurontin - what kind of AD is it? are you getting much relief? what other side effects have you experienced - besides the one you mentioned (which under the right circumstances could be more of a bonus... :)
> i didn't feel much better on the wellbutrin, although i certainly didn't feel any worse (besides the confabulation, of course)
> now i've just got to find a doc to work with me... the one i just saw wanted me to add zyprexa at night to help me sleep - it's major side effect is weight gain yet i specifically said that was not an option for me... so much for being listened to... sigh...
> thanks again for responding
> v




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