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Re: the weight gain issue-Nancy

Posted by pej on April 5, 1999, at 21:12:20

In reply to Re: the weight gain issue, posted by Nancy on April 5, 1999, at 20:42:38

> Hey Nancy, Very nice to hear from you again. After several hours of hell in the ER a few weeks ago, I now seem to be returning to a moderately dysfunctional semi-moody occasionally hopeful baseline sort of existance, you know...normal.
I'm a' doin' 300mg of Wellbutrin, 2mg Klonopin(as long as I don't forget and take, like, six :-)
and doc just added 10mg Prozac. Oh yeah, if I want to be engaging I add a 10mg dash of Ritalin.
Let me see, what have I left out. Several cigarettes a day and , of course I exercise. I think I've gone from 212 lbs. to 211lbs. but that was probably lung tissue and liver loss due to overwork. Here's to a pill-poppin '99. Phil
ps-really glad you are back in form! I guess I'm doing okay too, despite it all!

hey Hey, Phil. How's it draggin'? Nanc, here. There was quite a long while that the bipolar-1 deep deppression was totally incapacitating for me. You know, can't even lift an arm off the sheets no matter how hard you concentrate and will that arm to move. There's just no response. OH! Yea, and trying to walk?! Ha! I was 30y goin' on 107y old if you looked at the way I shuffled about, holdin' on to everything I passed by for support. BTW, for this type of misery, I HIGHLY BENEFITTED FROM ECT!!! Damn straight!
> Today, Bro! Miracle of miracles I was finally able to start the walk-jog thing!!! AND (as if that weren't enough) I've been riding my recumbent bike (of course, it helps that it's in my bedroom with a large TV and VCR in front of it) for over three miles a day for the last THREE DAYS!!!
> It took (let's see...jan, feb, mar...) ECT (in early Jan. '99), Effexor XR, Seroquel and 3 months of butt-kicking determination. But, after ECT knocked out most of my depression, my body finally responded to my butt-kicking determination!!! Now, after looking completely rediculous, shuffling around outside on the sidewalk, parading about like the derranged lunatic that I was, before the eyes of my neighbors I steadily increased in both my ability to walk and the length of my journeys. I'm walking 1.2miles a day and have done so for the past two weeks.
> Gotta rest, now.
> Nancy
> > > It is clear that all AD's cause weight gain to some degree in most people. One can play with AD's to find the one that has the least effect....for me it is Effexor.
> > >
> > > There is a simple answer better and excercise. It is ez to do something about the weight
> > > but the dperession is the reason you take the meds. If you make weight gain a litums test all AD's will fail.
> > > I wish doctors would push to see that patients on long term meds get on an excercise program. Even though the answer is simple its application is tuff knot...I still don't excercise.
> > >
> > > james
> > >>
> > >>james,
> > Wishing doctors would tell us to exercise? If we want to get well, we must take responsibility for our actions and not wait for someone in authority
> > to 'make us'.
> > I've just realized recently,again, how much I want to find the perfect med or combo and just let it turn my life around. The other day I started a walk-jog thing again(depressed and all)
> > did 3 miles and felt better for it. I didn't feel great yet but damnit I will be back out this a.m. etc.
> > If we are not totally incapacitated with this illness, if we know certain activities make us feel better, then let's just get our sad-assed faces and big butts in some warmups-screw what others think. Shake it, baby!
> >
> > ~phil~




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