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My history & advice needed from Toby, Dr. Bob, etc

Posted by Michael Schell on December 2, 1998, at 10:58:18

I have run the gamut with the SSRI drugs without finding the perfect fit. So far Prozac made me feel the best, but I had many sexual dysfunctions as well as anxiety, fatigue, tiredness and headaches. Luvox was O.K., but I still had sexual dysfunctions, although not as bad, and all of the other side effects with even more tiredness. My overall feeling on Luvox wasn't nearly as good (i.e., the antidepressant effect wasn't as good). I also seemed to be kind of mean to people on the Luvox, not really caring about anyone's feelings. On Paxil I seemed to have the least amount of side effects overall, but 2 of them were unbearable. I had a feeling of being spacy - kind of mentally foggy and extemely tired all the time. Effexor XR made me more nervous than ever and had a lot of sexual side effects. I've tried adding Wellbutrin to Luvox & prozac, but both times it gave me an uncomfortable level of anxiety and seemed to exacerbate my OCD. While I've been taking all the medications, I have also been taking 25mgs of Trazadone to sleep (less than 25mgs with Prozac) and Buspar 20 mgs to fight off the sexual side effects (hasn't helped much if any) & to reduce my anxiety level and agitation I get on these drugs (it has help at least a little). I've gone back to Luvox for about 4 weeks and pretty much the same effects as the first time, so I've added in Ritalin. I've been taking 5mgs of Ritalin twice daily for 4 days now. So far it does help with the fatigue but I still feel drowsy. When I first take it I feel a little dizzy, I also crash after it wears off and my nervousness has gotten a little worse. I also suffer from apathy on these drugs, and the Ritalin hasn't helped much to alieviate that. However, I do feel more alert and a little faster at getting things done at work. The condition I'm being treated for is moderate OCD. All of the SSRI's have been helpful at relieving a lot of my Obssessive-Compulsive symtoms. I am pretty medication sensitive and have taken a lower than normal level of these meds for my disorder. I've been on a max of 20mg Prozac, 40mg Paxil, 100mg Luvox and 150mg Effexor XR. I have decided to take the plunge into the new SSRI in this country called Celexa. I'm going to continue on the 5mg twice daily of Ritalin although I would rather be on Adderall or Dexadrine from all the things I've read. My doctor is hesitant to put me on Adderall because he feels it is more addicting than Ritalin. He also wont even consider Dexadrine cause he says it is extemely addicting. What are your thoughts? Also, I've read that while taking Ritalin you must avoid food and drinks containing tyramin. Is this true? Is the same true for Adderall or Dexadrine? What are your thoughts on my purposed new regimen of Celexa 20mgs, BuSpar 20mgs, Ritalin 10mgs & Trazadone 25mgs? I'd also like to know when the best time to take Celexa would be - in the morning or at night? Also, if I did substitute Adderall for Ritalin how do I transition from one to the other? Must I get off the one completly or can I just switch over? I realize that I've gone on and on, but I really do need some help and I feel that your web site is the only place to get helpful perspectives other than my doctor's. I greatly appreciate your time and consideration on my matters at hand. Thanks in advance for all responses.

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