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Psycho-Babble Registration

Thanks for your interest in Psycho-Babble!

Registration is required to post, and an e-mail address is required to register. To make sure the e-mail address is valid (and yours), an e-mail will be sent to it and your registration won't be complete until you confirm it with the code that's included. It's still up to you, however, whether to give out your e-mail address when you post.

Please note that explicit informed consent is required to post. If you haven't explicitly consented yet, you'll be taken to that step if you click the "register for the first time" or the "update registration" button.

The registration process takes place on a secure web server, so information you submit is encrypted before it's sent, so you don't have to worry about it being intercepted. If you're curious, check the security of this server and your browser here.

In general, you can tell if a web page is secure if:

  1. There's a locked padlock at the bottom of your browser window.
  2. The URL starts with "https" ("s" stands for "secure").
  3. With a Netscape browser, under the View menu, under Page Info, under the Security tab, it tells you the connection is encrypted.

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