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Re: A civil venue for accusations Mary_Bowers

Posted by SLS on October 22, 2004, at 13:48:56

In reply to Re: A civil venue for accusations SLS, posted by Mary_Bowers on October 22, 2004, at 11:52:20

Hi Mary.

I wish I didn't have to plead ignorance regarding the points of law you bring up. It would make for a more enlightened discussion.

The law is interminably complex. I understand much of what you have to say, and can see how some of it might reach a threshold of foundation to be accepted for hearing in a court of law. Ultimately, I don't think anything will come of it because moderation of bulletin boards is a common practice, and I don't think that an argument describing an enforcement of civility as being a medical prescription will be accepted. Also, I am dubious that it can be found that Dr. Hsiung is practicing medicine here.

I think you will find that most everyone here who was present before the administration of civility guidelines will agree that many, many more people were being harmed by malicious posters than might be offended by the site's current moderation. This is something you should perhaps take into consideration.

I can't stress enough how important a resource this site is for the mentally ill. I am still depending on it for an answer to the treatment-resistant disorder I suffer from. It has been the best clearinghouse for treatment modalities and coping mechanisms I have seen. This is something you should perhaps take into consideration.

Your lawyerly arguments are interesting and sophisticated. Your resolve is firm. I wish neither were true. I guess you will do what you feel is right. I can tell that you are unwavering in your belief as to what that is. Such a huge number of people will be harmed should you be successful. This is something you should perhaps take into consideration.

I wish my illness would allow me the ability to read with comprehension, remember, and learn new things. It would make for a fair fight. I am convinced that I would kick your butt. :-)

I am grateful that you have decided to come to this site to interact with its participants. Thank you for the opportunity to dissuade you from your goal. Please forgive me should I overlook any of the details of your posts here. My reading abilities are limited to cursory skimming. This is something you should perhaps take into consideration.

- Scott




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