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Re: Does Reboxetine actually work?

Posted by chumbawumba on January 6, 2017, at 23:13:26

In reply to Re: Does Reboxetine actually work?, posted by JohnBoy2000 on January 6, 2017, at 6:11:58

> Hmm - so, did you find them other noradrenergic agents just as useless as reboxetine - for your condition?
> Obviously I'm trying to get a sense as to whether it was ineffective, specifically to you - or just in general.
> Just out of curiousity - where did you obtain a nasal ketamine spray?
> I am considering trying dextromethorphan, but it's a relavtiely weak NMDA antagonist, acts mostly on serotonin, and serontonergics are counderproductive for me really.
> Well - they certainly don't benefit.

I wasn't aware there was still interest in Reboxetine. It's still not approved in the US. I had to import it from somewhere. The wiki entry says that Pfizer withheld data and a meta analysis of all the published AND unpublished studies showed it to be ineffective and potentially harmful. It's good for ADHD apparently though.

The only medication I've taken comparable to Reboxetine in it's specificity is desipramine and even that if I recall was as an augmentation for Prozac. But neither reboxetine by itself or desipramine plus Prozac in the long term helped much. Although I got by with plain old Prozac for several years.

If it is stimulation you are looking for I recommend Provigil. For a while there they didn't know how it worked but I was looking at the wiki for it today and I guess they have discovered it is a dopamine reuptake inhibitor. It's stimulating but not like Ritalin or Amphetamine, more mild, but good for attention and energy in general.

Regarding ketamine, here in the US ketamine is being used more and more it seems. There are ketamine infusion clinics popping up like mushrooms. And most of the infusion clinics put their patients on ketamine spray for maintenance after their IV infusion(s). The spray itself has to be obtained from a compounding pharmacy. Meaning a pharmacy that doesn't just sell pills, they will make you a ketamine ointment if that is what your doctor wants. They make liquid preparations for people who can't take pills. And since ketamine is usually only administered from a little sterile glass vial and shot into an IV drip I assume they have a way of ordering the bulk powder and dissolving and preserving it and dispensing it in a little nasal spray bottle. Just like a nasal spray of decongestant for allergies. Except a few sprays of this in each nostril and you'll be tripping balls.

As far as using DXM, I occasionally go over to and I just searched their forums for "DXM" and "depression" in the post title and got nine hits. Most of them small discussions but one had 45 replies so you might sign up for an account over their and see what other's experience has been. Lot of people there are trying to self medicate depression with Special K off the streets or methoxetamine which is a designer drug like ketamine but longer lasting.

I don't know how DXM works but there has been some research published just this year on ketamine and, at least in mice, it seems that it is an active metabolite that is doing the work and it's not at the NMDAR. It's all a little over my head frankly but I try to understand what I can:




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