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too many supplements?

Posted by Christ_empowered on December 14, 2017, at 17:00:19

I take a lot of supplements. I started about 7 years ago, when I really -should- have been in a state hospital. Orthomolecular "experts" say that the longer one has been sick, the worse the illness, the more supplements and higher doses needed. OK. Got it. I'm now remarkably, vastly improved, down to 3 psych drugs, psychosocial factors are much better, etc. So...I don't know what to do, really.

Here's my line up: 1) 20 grams vitamin c 2) 6 grams niacinamide 3) 4 b-50 tabs 4) 1,000 IU natural form E w/ mixed tocopherols 5) 12mgs astaxanthin 6) 15=30mgs OptiZinc 7) 400 micrograms selenium 8) soy isoflavones

other stuff comes and goes...grape seed extract, green tea extract, l-theanine, etc.

Now that I'm so much better, I'm wondering...whoa, there; what am I doing, exactly? But, on the plus side, I tolerate the psych drugs much better, 0 EPS, 0 TD, etc., and I don't get the crushing dysphoria from Abilify, nor do I get the tremor. Good times.

Mood swings -are- an issue, but they're not as terrible as they once were. Trileptal and Wellbutrin seem to work well for me.

OK. Any input, suggestions, etc. would be greatly appreciated. thanks. :-)

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