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VitD+Calcium=anxiety/depression from hypercal?

Posted by Mtom on December 2, 2016, at 14:11:12

I've recently read that taking Calcium Supplements and Vitamin D can cause hypercalcemia AND that symptoms of even mild hypercalcemia can include depression and anxiety. Any experience with this?

I take both on Dr. orders to treat osteoporosis. I'm wondering if my gradual increase in depression/anxiety symptoms coincides with increases in dose of both a few years ago (too bad I didn't keep track).

I was also on Osteoporosis Prescription Meds for several years quite a while back and I'm guessing/assuming I was tested for high blood calcium (Hyperparathyroidism) at the time because I think that's pretty standard before prescribing those medications. So how would I convince a doctor to test my blood calcium now as another one of many desperate (at least I'm sure to her) avenues I'm trying to pursue to make myself feel better.

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