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through gritted teeth

Posted by alexandra_k on November 26, 2020, at 14:22:24

through gritted teeth our director general of health says there's a change in our health policy

(becuase of the science, you know)

and military and nursing staff who are involved in patient transport and who are involved in caring for people with Covid, if they need to be within 2 meters of them are...



To wear a N95 mask. Fit tested (by yourself) even.

Because NZ's Covid response is science led. But the science wasn't clear becuase we an always cherry pick (even run a study ourself to provide 'evidence') that the science is messy / murky / the science doesn't provide a clear picture therefore...

you guessed it...

whatever we want!

in the name of science, no less!

i wonder how many trade sanctions needed to be threatened before he would do that.

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