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lithium lift

Posted by rjlockhart37 on June 15, 2023, at 18:49:21

im back for just a short while, i've been in depressive phase for long time. I just wanted to post, im on 900mg of lithium carbonate daily. And i notice it's help with depression, but if i don't take lithium, i get depressed, its like ill take when im depressed and i will notice a mood lift. I tried 80mg of prozac again, its like brain now is relying on lithium to make serotonin. My doctor believes in lithium, and uses it alot. I just ... if i went to another doctor and increased prozac up to 80 again, i don't know if brain would deplete and get dperessed again. That's all, if i don't take lithium during the day, i get depressed, very much. Lithium does havve some mood lift properties. I just...needed to post that, im niot doing well, very depressed can hardly write posts. Anyways thanks, ill be back soon

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