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Half Life of Parnate

Posted by chumbawumba on January 13, 2017, at 22:15:38

So apparently the half life of Parnate is very short 2.5 hours. And I take my entire dose of Parnate in the morning as much as 80 mg. To minimize as much as possible the Parnate insomnia. But other than that side effect it's effective and has remained effective and not pooped out like SSRIs. And the dietary restrictions are really overblown. I do avoid aged cheeses but that's about it.

I'm finding though that I wake up feeling like crap and until I take my Parnate I'm useless. This results in several hours of being out of commission. I'm at a loss. Should I take some Parnate at bedtime and have my sleep disturbed? take some at bedtime and medicate myself to sleep with a benzo? I don't know WTF to do.

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