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Only Phenibut Works

Posted by Mammal on August 31, 2014, at 19:43:14

Hi everyone, first post here and not really sure where to begin. Guess I feel like Ive had low baseline Neurotransmitters for most of my life. At least Dopamine and GABA seemingly.

Im 43yo and have been fighting extreme lethargy, brain fog, anxiety, procrastination, and general gloomy thoughts for most of my adult life. Many years I'm somewhat embarrased to say were wasted on illegal drugs such as cocaine. I generally didn't notice these symptoms while using and whenever I tried to quit via NA or AA, my reason for not quitting was always "brain energy" -which no one took seriously.

Been clean 10 years and workout almost every day but one thing never returned after going clean: Energy. I got worse and worse, year after year to the point in which every thought felt like it required tremendous energy and was exhausting. Daily symptoms were throwing up, rapidly dropping blood pressure, freezing feet even in summer, complete disorientation even after 14 hours of sleep, and a bone wearying fatigue.

At first I just assumed this was my cross to bear for years of moral debauchery. I got tested for everything and always came up normal. finally got a small red flag on slightly hypo thyroid. YES!! Success! I found the culprit! Only not as the medicine seemed to help at first but I still had symptoms. Staying on the Endocrine course I was then "diagnosed" as Stage 3 Adrenal Fatigue -OK. great now I've figured it out. Except Hydrocortisone again helped at first then fizzeled out.

That led me to many other Endo causes such as Low testosterone etc..again a dead end road. Finally after being utterly demoralized and only not eating a bullet because of my lovely wife, and baby son plus a fear of the afterlife -I tried Ambien for my insomnia. Hey, there was something to this Gaba agonist as I felt a wave of something good and actually smiled. Burning thru my prescription in half time became routine and I desperately searched for something else -which led me to another GABA agonist -Phenibut.

Holy God the clouds parted, light returned to the world, I started acting on thoughts that had been spinning uselessly in my head for years in a matter of hours. Many of my 'enemies' in my daily life became friends. Time slowed down and death was no longer the running theme of my life. This couldn't just be GABA, so as I looked deeper I found it also works as a Dopamine agonist in a cascading fashion. I also learned of the tolerance that builds. That was 3 years ago...

I've recently started Wellbutrin to cycle against PB and again it worked amazing within half hour of first 150mgh dose 2 months ago, but now I need 450 and it doesn't work so well. I cycle PB every other day and literally live in a world of every other day being bad - great.

Feel a little like I'll be needing this for life. Need help and advice.


Re: Only Phenibut Works

Posted by willyee234 on August 31, 2014, at 21:41:00

In reply to Only Phenibut Works, posted by Mammal on August 31, 2014, at 19:43:14

Yess my friend you have stumbled onto NOOTROPICS.Phenibutt is very very popular,first its known the be the legal replacment of GHB.Like ghb it affects the gabba b system and dopamine mainly,not to mention many others,but these are the key players.Phenibutt is widly used for many of the reasons ghb were,body builders believe it increases natural gh release to help them grow muscle mass ,acoholics use it as a break or alternative from liqour as enough can and will give you a buzz.People with depression and anxiety also use it for its gaba social increasing effect,with a low dose benzo it can alleviate anxiety fully in some,and actualy make you a social butterfly.

Id google the whole term NOOTROPICS and see other important great substances are in this class.One for example is Picamilon.Excuse the spelling,this little gem is gaba,however unlike gaba its attatched to a carrier,second plus,the carrier itself is a nutrient,thats right its carrier is vitamin b6.

So you get the benifit of both vitamin b6 and of course gaba.I used it when i was off meds and the first time i took it i couldent stop laughing lol.

One thing i remeber was like ghb,phenibutt has a steep dose curve,meaning a dose thats right and feels good plus a lil more can have you hating life,bottom line is you need to respect it enough like ghb its natural.

Keep googling it the best info on it are found on old foroums.

I recomend everyone read up on NOOTROPICS since they can easly and saftly be added to medication combos.

Last fyi ghb is what i take in the form of script xyrem,the second alternative to this is the more potent gbl,however there is a THIRD ALTERNATIVE that is still LEGAL called 1 4 BUTANEDIOL which is also like gbl converted to ghb,however its milder and its effects are almost identical to ghb,ive used it legaly and found it to relieve depression,anxiety to a great extent and just social avoidance.You can find this product with a simple search on ebay,there is an over abundance of sizes prices you can order 100 percent legaly.

Heres a snip from phenibutt

"Phenibut is widely used in Russia to relieve tension, anxiety, and fear, to improve sleep in psychosomatic or neurotic patients; as well as a pre- or post-operative medication. It is also used in the therapy of disorders characterized by asthenia and depression, as well as in post-traumatic stress, stuttering and vestibular disorders."

Highly credited med source

For depression

"Phenibut is one of the nootropics consistently rated as the best for dealing with anxiety and depression. It offers a lot of anxiolytic benefits, reducing stress and improving your mood and emotional well-being. Many people take it as a sleep aid or to help them relax and decompress during periods of high anxiety and nervousness. Phenibut works so well for this condition that it has even been endorsed by the Russian government, which is where it was developed. It is mandated as standard equipment in their cosmonauts medical kit since it is thought to help lower stress levels "



"The influence of a 15-day hypokinesia on the development of anxiety-depression state and quantitative changes in the central GABA-A macromolecular receptor complexes in the rat brain has been investigated under conditions of the despair (forced swim) test. Simultaneously, the effects of well-known nootropic drugs picamilon and piracetam on the dynamics of state parameters in the experiment"

1 4 butendiol

I was wrong here,it is NOT LEGAL FOR CONSUMPTION,I REPEAT NOT LEGAL FOR CONSUMPTION but is on ebay and 100 percent legal for cleaning purposes

Last again id google nootropics as a whole good luck


Re: Only Phenibut Works Mammal

Posted by phidippus on September 5, 2014, at 1:08:39

In reply to Only Phenibut Works, posted by Mammal on August 31, 2014, at 19:43:14

What other types of medication have you tried and what were the effects?


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