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Brain injury and mental illness

Posted by Squiggles on November 16, 2005, at 8:11:15

This subject has recently caught my
attention, because my friend and I
both suffered brain injuries a few
times in our lives.

The recent mild concussion I recovered
from with distinct changes in "personal
perspective", along with stories of
boxers' experiences and those of other
athletes, has peaked my curiousity.

Looking at articles on PubMed there are
many correlations described between
brain injuries and a variety of mental
defects, including depression afterwards.

However, I have not seen a statistical
study, comparing those who have had
such injuries and acquired mental deficits
or mental illness afterwards, and those who
have been studied for heredity, emotional
trauma, and other possible causes.

The causes of mental illness are varied
and many, but which one is most likely
statistically, is a question that may give
some perspective.

Any ideas on this topic would be appreciated.


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