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Adderall withdrawal

Posted by NEED ADVICE on November 15, 2005, at 14:08:33

I have been taking 60mg of Adderall along with 10 mg Lexapro for over a year now. Two years ago I had a reaction to an antibiotic that I had been taking for years (Miocin) that left me with fever of unknown origin, sweats, and sxtreme pain in my soft tissue (not joints)so bad I could not hold things at times or walk without pain. I could only sleep for about an hr. at a time.
I am not sure if the depression was caused my the drug or because of the situation I was left in, but I went to a Dr. who put me on the Lexapro. It helped great for me, but while the pain is not as severe, I still have chronic pain. He felt that I was somewhat distracted,and had a attention problem (yeah, I do that constant foot wiggle thing) so he put me on adderall. Thinking that I could control my pain better without more "drugs" I self medicated with alcohol. Before the adderall I had no problem with drinking too much, just a glass of wine if over the counter meds did not work. with the adderall I wanted to drink, and now have become a risky drinker...I have stopped adderall as of friday and drinking as of sunday. I am extremely tired, but since I have not had major withdrawal so far am I out of the woods? thanks (i am still on the lexapro)


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Posted by Dr. Bob on November 16, 2005, at 1:09:31

In reply to Adderall withdrawal, posted by NEED ADVICE on November 15, 2005, at 14:08:33

> I have stopped adderall as of friday...

Welcome! And sorry if it's confusing here, but I'd like to redirect this thread to Psycho-Babble Withdrawal. Here's a link:



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