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OK, need advice ASAP!

Posted by mcp on September 1, 2004, at 19:55:10

I am sorry to be repetitive. I know I have posted similar stuff in the past, but this is so scary. Ok, hate to be so cautionary, but I am freaking out. First, a hospital took me off Ativan cold turkey. Nightmare of all nightmares. Second, they put me on depakote, zyprexa, and lexapro to compensate. Another horrible experience. Felt like a zombie and that terrified me. Well, I am now off all of them, but back on the benzos. Just much better for me and I know it varies among people. ANyways, when I went off zyprexa I got really sick and then I started to feel better and then I had one last day where I felt so dizzy and sick that I thought I was dying. Well, I didn't, obviously. Anyways, I think I am experiencing the same thing now with the Lexapro. At first I felt real sick coming off it and then I started to feel better and last night and today the dizziness and sickness has gotten so bad that I feel like I did when I had that last experience with the zyprexa.

Well, my thoughts and my hopes is that the same thing is happening. I equate it to the drug making its last stand to win me back. I just find it pathetic that these are supposedly nonaddictive, but that is for another thread. Anyways, sorry to be long-winded, but here are my questions. First, has anyone had a similar experience? It is so scary. Second, I was on Ativan and that just seemed to not be working like it used to. Well, it probably isn't smart, but I decided to give xanax a shot to help me through this. I just switched over. Is that OK to do? Are there chances for siezures by doing this. It would seem that there wouldn't be given that they are similar drugs. However, I just want to have one less thing to worry about as I try to get through the last stages of getting off this ADDICTIVE drug. I'll worry about getting off the benzos way down the line when I am in a much healthier position and won't recklessly go off cold turkey like that quack made me do. Thanks so much for any help in this matter.

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