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Lamictal Caused Side Effects - On to Depakote

Posted by indigolilly on July 12, 2003, at 20:11:22

Hi, all. I posted a few weeks ago about starting on Lamictal after poor response to SSRIs. People asked me to let them know how it was going -- here goes.

My brain and personality felt absolutely great on Lamictal. Felt completely "normal."

However, on the one pill every other day for two weeks start-up period, I noticed that I just wasn't eating. Could have cared less about food. (Trust me -- not normal for me!)

My face was getting more and more puffy. The day I switched over to one pill a day, my face looked like a chipmunk's face.

Of course, my pdoc discontinued the Lamictal immediately. It's a sign of hypersensitivity.

I've had troubles taking other meds -- I'm a very fair-skinned, blue-eyed Scandinavian. I sometimes wonder if that plays a role in drug sensitivity.

Now she wants to try Depakote, so I've had the blood tests and began it yesterday. Today I feel rather affectless and blah, but not too bad.

I read up on Depakote, and the side effects scared me quite a bit. I like my liver! Also, the thought that the liver problems can just surface at any time is frightening.

Also, I've noticed people on here posting that Depakote is a "big gun" drug. Is there something I could try first? My pdoc is very amenable to discussing/trying other things.

Back to Lamictal, I read a post that said it took away their "fried brain" feeling. I agree completely. I just hope to heck Depakote can do the same thing for me.

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