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EFFEXOR personal warning to you

Posted by Cirafly24 on January 17, 2003, at 22:53:25

I started taking Effexor XR in March of 2002, and it helped my depression significantly. However, when I felt it was time to start tapering off (I was at the max dosage of 375 mg), I ran into some serious trouble. I was ok until I tried to go off the medication completely. On the first day that I did not take it, I developed what I thought was heat exhaustion (it was a hot summer day). I felt dizzy, nauseous, I had a bad headache, and I kept getting these strange feelings in my head, what I've come to know as "brain shivers". It became quite worse as the day progressed, until I was bedridden and nearly delirious. Because these symptoms didn't decrease after I'd come in out of the heat, I wondered if it could be withdrawal so I took my Effexor. Within a couple hours, the symptoms cleared up. I've continued tapering down my dosage since then, and at the moment I am taking 75 mg every other day. If I forget a dose, I get migraines, nausea, brain shivers, confusion, hallucinations, etc. I also get very irritable and can't tolerate the smallest annoyances. I really do not know what to do...I've been told I should go into the hospital to be taken off completely, but I really don't want to do that. My mental health plan with my insurance has gone over limit, so I cannot see my psychiatrist. I was not informed of any of these risks associated with Effexor and its withdrawal. I would never have started taking it, had I been. To everyone who is starting or has recently started taking Effexor aware of the risks. Best wishes to everyone...



Getting off Effexor XR (if I can)!!!

Posted by kataklysm on January 18, 2003, at 5:44:32

In reply to EFFEXOR personal warning to you, posted by Cirafly24 on January 17, 2003, at 22:53:25

I posted this up top (I'm a newbie to this forum) under another topic but it will better serve here people here, so I'm pasting it.

My younger brother and I both have had anxiety problems throughout our lives. I tried Paxil when I was 19 and didn't like the way it made me feel/act, so I got off of it within 3 months.

Well, my brother told me about this Effexor XR that he's been on for two years (I'm 26 now) and says "it works awesome."

I decided that I would try it and the effects were almost instantaneous!!! My feeling of anxiety almost completely disappeared; it seemed like a miracle drug. This came at the cost of a few minor side effects, like most drugs. I get the weird dreams, sweating, drowsiness (sometimes), and tremors when I'm falling asleep, but the pros still outweighed the cons.

Well, my brother just decided that he was going to see what life was like now without the drug and he slowly tapered himself off (honestly, probably rushed a little) within a week. Well, that was 3 weeks ago and he's had migrane headaches ever since and has been iratable and not himself. This guy's normally a teddy bear! He went to the doctor again and they're going to try a different way to get him off.

Anyway, the end of my siloquy here (sorry), he did some research on the adverse effects that Effexor may have on people and he sent me a link on it. I've only been on it for about 6 months and I'm cutting my losses. Somebody posted before about the way this drug makes people react differently (side-effects etc.)... Makes you wonder what it really IS doing to your brain.

Please check out this link! I'm not trying to scare anybody; I just want people to be weary.



Re: Getting off Effexor XR (if I can)!!!

Posted by River1924 on January 18, 2003, at 7:02:34

In reply to Getting off Effexor XR (if I can)!!!, posted by kataklysm on January 18, 2003, at 5:44:32

As I've mentioned previously, one way to get off it is to substitute othter meds temporarily. Sibutramine (a diet drug) is like Effexor...or an SSRI with Concerta (a stimulant.) Or, neurontin (an epilepsy drug) might help with the anxiety. Have you ever tried taking the regular effexor (as opposed to XR-exteneded release,) that might help, too. (The pills can be cut in pieces.) Also, sometimes, drugs are hard to get off when we need them.

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