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Re: Tianeptine/Stablon/Depression Meds panda

Posted by Dinah on January 15, 2003, at 12:54:26

Originally posted by Panda 1/15/03

> Hi Everyone
> I started medication on June 01, i was diagnosed having a severe depression. I was first given some doses of Deroxat 10mg/day and Prothiaden along with anxiolytics. I am now under Stablon for 16 months i'am now taking 2 cap 12.5 mg/day along with xanax 0.5 mg/day.
> It has been effective until Sept 02 (my treatemnet with Stablon started Oct 01) when my psy changed my axiolytic Victan to Xanax. From then i'm having chronic panic attack with unexplained muscle pains and terrible headache and i'm very nervous and agitated also having Insomnia.
> My question is do u think the dosage is adequate?? The standard dose is 37.5/day, i was always been given 25mg/day!!!
> I don't know if it is the antidepressant side effets that i'm suffering or it is Xanax or i'm having a recurrent depression. My psy discard 1st and 2nd option.
> I understand that Stablon react opposite to antidepressant SSRI as it blocks serotonin!!!
> Should i need a new antidepressant??
> I've Deroxat before Stablon for 18 months for 20mg/day. For unknown reasons my psy changed to Stablon.
> I read somewhere that Stablon has additive effect??
> Can someone help me?
> My psy don't want to give me infos on my illness he get irrritated when i asked him question!!!
> panda

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