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adderall alternatives for ADD?

Posted by Steffany on February 27, 2001, at 12:57:15

this is actually a problem my boyfriend is experiencing, but i was wondering if anyone else had experienced a return of their ADD symptoms after being on adderall for a while? he's been on it for about 2 years now (ritalin upset his stomach/didn't work); he was also on paxil until august of this year, when he decided to stop it due to side effects and really bad withdrawals. anyway, he still takes the adderall, 10mg twice a day, but lately it doesn't seem to be helping. he's really anxious about schoolwork, keeps forgetting assignments, appointments, deadlines, etc., cant seem to get anything done and is very frustrated w/himself. i'm wondering if there's another medication out there he could try? i'm also wondering if anyone has ever gone through a 'specific' sort of psychotherapy for ADD--like cognitive-behavior therapy, only specifically designed to help people with attention deficit/memory prolems? thanks!


Re: adderall alternatives for ADD? Steffany

Posted by Sulpicia on February 28, 2001, at 22:06:48

In reply to adderall alternatives for ADD?, posted by Steffany on February 27, 2001, at 12:57:15

Hi --
I take adderall for ADD along with a tricyclic AD for depression.
In my experience [only]: Paxil can slightly potentiate the adderall,
so it's not inconceivable that without it, he might experience less of an

I've also known one or two people who encountered the opposite reaction --
paxil dampened the stim's effects. He should try lowering the dose, since too high
a dose can cause more ADD symptoms, and then with his doc's permission, he might try
raising the dose a bit. He's not taking a very high dose currently.
Sometimes meds need adjusting after adding or stopping.

My real concern here is depression. It aggravates ALL the symptoms of ADD and makes you
feel like shi$ in general. Would he consider another AD med along with the adderall?
Theraputic intervention is a necessary part of treatment IMHO. For me, it focused mostly on
my struggle to adjust to ADD meds -- I know this may sound silly but if you are diagnosed as
an adult, you've developed a huge number of compensatory mechanisms to deal with ADD, and many
of these are counterproductive inter alia. Behavioral work is always great along with the
cognitive stuff. It can be difficult to find a clinician who works with ADDults. You might
try the CHADD website for a referral or possibly they have support groups for ADDults.

Posting in ADDult-rich forums like the ADD forum at can be very helpful in the
meanwhile. Would he consider this?

Good luck.


Re: adderall alternatives for ADD? Sulpicia

Posted by Steffany on March 1, 2001, at 13:30:13

In reply to Re: adderall alternatives for ADD? Steffany, posted by Sulpicia on February 28, 2001, at 22:06:48

thank you. both my boyfriend and i should definetely check out that chadd website--it's true, an adult diagnosis often leaves one with years of coping mechanisms that no medication can really mediate. that's why i keep encouraging him to talk to a therapist who specializes in ADD treatment--because having me point out that procrastinating/being a pack rat/getting wrapped up in grandiose projects when there's homework to get done...that's just nothing new. after a while it just begins to sound like nagging.

i've tried to get him to try wellbutrin, since it's not an ssri, but the combined stimulant effects might be too much, etc. we should look into it.

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