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ally mc beal (random venting)

Posted by torchgrl on November 9, 1999, at 19:45:15

I'm not sure if this bothered me because I'm not in a good place mentally/emotionally right now, or because David E. Kelley is becoming increasingly insensitive in his storylines, but did anyone else see the prozac episode last night? I don't really watch the show much anymore, because I always find it really depressing by the end, but just happened to tune in last night, and my reaction was that he just cranked up the stigma factor for depression/mental illness/anti-depressants in a really obnoxious way. Maybe I'm over-reacting, but if I hadn't spent most of my life dealing with this stuff and was just starting to feel depressed and saw this episode, I'd feel even less like seeking treatment and more like I was just a total freak. Actually, by the end, I *was* starting to feel even more dysfunctional than usual. As usual, there are too many ideas flying around in my head to be able to distill a list of reasons for my feelings on this... It just seems like we have enough problems with depression or any kind of mental illness being taken as a serious problem, but one that can be treated, and one that does not necessarily include hallucinations of Al Green on every street corner. And enough perceptions of antidepressants as some kind of evil, brain-mutating cousins of LSD that are only taken by the freaks of society... It seems to me that part of the reason mental illness goes untreated is because many of those who might consider treatment have a completely inaccurate picture of what it would entail and what kind of person they would be if they sought it, and that those of us who are actually being treated have enough problems dealing with everything without being constantly branded as wacked-out sociopaths. I wonder where all these bosses who treat their employees with contempt when they need some time to pull themselves together get their ideas... I guess I just feel like they went too far with this one...
End of rant.


Re: ally mc beal (random venting)

Posted by b on November 10, 1999, at 11:57:46

In reply to ally mc beal (random venting), posted by torchgrl on November 9, 1999, at 19:45:15

as a former ally mcbeal lover, i agree entirely.

i thought the entire episode was ridiculous, from the "psychopharmacologist" to the portrayal of antidepressants. especially because it is so clear that "ally" is one of the most dysthymic people alive. of course, maybe i just take my tv a little too seriously...


This show is a Comedy!

Posted by PL on November 10, 1999, at 13:00:12

In reply to ally mc beal (random venting), posted by torchgrl on November 9, 1999, at 19:45:15

It's actually called "Tongue in Cheek" comedy. I saw the episode in question and although I don't laugh I did not get offended. I think it was quite funny. (From a critiquing point of view.) I really like the show. It's really bizare but you have to have my kind of sence of humor I guess. (I also like "Black Comedies.)


Re: This show is a Comedy!

Posted by torchgrl on November 10, 1999, at 15:15:07

In reply to This show is a Comedy!, posted by PL on November 10, 1999, at 13:00:12

Wouldn't want you to think I had *no* sense of humour--I used to find aspects of the show funny (I love Kelley's style!), and I tend to like black comedies. I think I'm just very aware right now of the general public (and insurance industry!) doesn't seem to think of depression as a proper illness, or they think you must be at the Ally McBeal level of hallucinatory dysfunction if you say you're suffering from it, ESPECIALLY if you have to take medication. I also see so many posts on message boards similar to this one from people who feel even more divorced from the world because the people around them have such a skewed view of the illness, so I get frustrated when I see that concept perpetuated on such a popular show. Believe me, I'm not necessarily saying that they should be making any kind of grand statement on the subject, either...
Like I said, though, I might just be over-reacting a bit because of things I'm dealing with right now.

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