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Nervous about seeing doc.

Posted by Cindy on May 31, 1999, at 22:41:11

I am going to see my doctor for the first time since going off the Effexor. My last appt. was at least a month ago by now and I am so nervous. Not sure why exactly, just in general. I am confused if I want to change doctors, which is probably a sign I should anyhow. I am confused on if I want to go back on any kind of medication, although I know I really need it. I just don't want to go through all the side effects (which I know would be better than suicidal thoughts, depression, et.) and to go through the withdrawls again if I have to go off whatever I go on next. In general I have been nervous about alot lately and feeling very anxious over nothing. Could these be panic attacks? I get anxious suddenly and ready to cry, get teary, feel like screaming. I haven't got any patience lately either and am getting offended at the least thing my husband sais to me. I find every little thing offensive and cannot even take most jokes anymore. Plus I am just flat as far as emotions go although during the day since I am not sleeping as much that I feel a bit 'up' but still depressed. I really don't know what I am supposed to say to my doctor, I feel like I am smack at the beginning again. Can the rest of you really tell your doctor everything you feel and stuff you have gone through? Is there one med. I should ask for or a range that I should try? I was first on Paxil (did nothing) then the effexor. Should I be this anxious about seeing my own doctor? CAn I ask this question any more diff. ways in one post? Sorry.


Re: Nervous about seeing doc.

Posted by Alison on June 1, 1999, at 0:48:11

In reply to Nervous about seeing doc., posted by Cindy on May 31, 1999, at 22:41:11

I too have come off meds and experienced what you are going through. I was on Paxil (Aropax here in Australia) for about a year and a half. I got to the stage where I felt I could go off them, so I did under supervision. It was great for a while but then I was under a considerable amount of stress with uni etc. (I am studying Nursing) and it seemed to come back twice as bad as when it was first diagnosed. I was in a constant state of panic and it seemed like I had PMT all the time, cry one minute then be angry the next. What you describe I wouldn't call a panic attack, they are intense and don't last too long (I suffer from them) they are debilitating while they are in action. Also there is anxiety attacks which last longer and are not so intense. I had the anxiety so bad that I couldn't leave the house without freaking out. I was then put on Xanax which made me extremely depressed and also the fact that I felt a failure for getting worse, was enough to make me feel devastated. I then changed doctors (as I wasn't happy with the treatment and meds he gave me). My new doc has been fantastic, straight away he got me off the Xanax (it was making me suicidal) and he put me on Zoloft. Gradually I started to feel better. My doctor has been brilliant. So I advise you to shop around like I have to find the doctor you are happy with. Remember it is your choice who you see.
Let me know how you go.


Re: Nervous about seeing doc.

Posted by Elizabeth on June 1, 1999, at 4:50:49

In reply to Nervous about seeing doc., posted by Cindy on May 31, 1999, at 22:41:11

> CAn I ask this question any more diff. ways in one post? Sorry.

Nothing to be sorry about! It's a good sign - it means you haven't lost your sense of humor. :-)

I agree with Alison that it's best for you to find a doctor you're comfortable with. On the other hand, I know that sometimes when I'm depressed I don't really feel comfortable with *anybody*, so that could make it difficult!

I can't say I blame you for being nervous about the meds situation. Side effects of antidepressants can be pretty hard to deal with, and for some reason people with high anxiety seem to have an especially hard time with them. When you start on an antidepressant, you should start at the lowest possible dose and increase it only when you feel okay with it ("as tolerated"). For whatever this is worth, there are some different kinds of meds that you haven't tried and that might work for you.

You might be having panic attacks - I'm not sure. In a panic attack, people have symptoms like racing or pounding heart, shortness of breath, nausea, shaking, sweating, etc. as well as feeling like something horrible is going to happen ("I'm going to die" or "I'm going crazy," for example). A lot of times people will literally believe they are dying (e.g., that they are having a heart attack) and rush to the emergency room only to be told that they're just fine and given Valium! Some people also feel like they aren't themselves, like they're watching themselves from outside, or like the world isn't "real." Does that help? That's definitely something you should talk to your doctor about (whether you decide to see this one again, or somebody new). Panic attacks are an easy diagnosis to miss because they are usually over in a half hour, so the doctor doesn't actually get to see it when it's happening (and ERs tend to miss them a lot, although that's starting to change).

I hope that you can do what you need to do to feel sounds like you are in a lot of pain. Take care.


Re: Nervous about seeing doc.

Posted by Shelley on June 1, 1999, at 16:53:19

In reply to Re: Nervous about seeing doc., posted by Elizabeth on June 1, 1999, at 4:50:49

Cindy, Hang in there, and do pester your doc until he/she listens OR find one you are comfortable with. I have spent one night every week for a month with a new doctor just talking about my fear of doctors. I think she's sick of this, but for the first time in years I think someone is really listening to me!! And to my surprise she doesn't want me on any meds. She's closely monitoring me, which is good, and I have great docs at the hospital in case I get into trouble. Keep looking and keep trying. You deserve good help!! Hope this helps, Shelley

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