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antidepressant weight control with wellbutrin?

Posted by mendel on April 2, 1999, at 9:29:48

Just curious if any of you have had weight gain from ssris or remeron stopped or reversed with the addition of wellbutrin. If so, please give details.


Re: antidepressant weight control with wellbutrin?

Posted by phyl on April 2, 1999, at 10:42:35

In reply to antidepressant weight control with wellbutrin?, posted by mendel on April 2, 1999, at 9:29:48


Over the past four years while depressed I gained weight from the SSRI's(I tried six or seven diff. ones) AND the sendentary life I had while depressed. Now that I'm taking Wellbutrin SR (2x150mg) I have lost 20 lbs. since December. I will attribute that not only to the medication but also to the fact that I am up and moving again. Where as before I was only able to lie around on the couch and feel cruddy. I have been returning to the activities that I used to enjoy so much: surfing, swimming, cycling, etc. I know the dramatic weight loss is mostly a side effect from the medication but I am also proud of my return to physical activities.

I'm also much more aware of the foods I'm putting into my body. While in the depths of depression I only wanted comfort foods and bready carbos. Now I'm back on the veggie kick and eating more appropriate proteins for my body. Lots of fish and rice. So it truly is a combination of the meds AND my returned ability to enjoy life. Still climbing out of the pit. At least this time I finally have hope that I won't fall right back in.

Hope this is helpful. --phyl


Wellbutrin as a supplement to prevent wt gain

Posted by Elizabeth on April 17, 1999, at 22:22:39

In reply to Re: antidepressant weight control with wellbutrin?, posted by phyl on April 2, 1999, at 10:42:35

I never gained weight on SSRIs (Prozac for 3 years, and unsuccessful trials of Zoloft and Paxil (about 6 weeks each) later on) - actually it kind of amazes me to hear these stories. I did, however, gain ~50lbs on Nardil. It turned out that Nardil would poop out after about 6-8 months each time I tried it, but I had been considering adding bupropion as an appetite suppressant (most appetite suppressants, such as the over-the-counter PPA and the then-pre-ill-fated Redux, are contraindicated with MAOIs, and the only stimulant I'd tried adding (pemoline) caused some tachycardia and hypertension). For me, Wellbutrin was definitely an appetite suppressant - and it's not as though I had much appetite to begin with.

The thing is, although Wellbutrin seems like a good bet for losing weight a little faster after you've stopped another antidepressant that made you gain the weight, I'm not sure it would work quite as well in *combination* with another antidepressant. From what I gather, it's not just appetite stimulation (or rather, satiety suppression) that makes you gain weight on some antidepressants; they also cause some sort of metabolic change. Still, I know that the way I was eating while I was taking Nardil can't have helped matters any!

(Evidence suggesting that chocolate should not be a restricted item on MAOI diets: the number of times I ate a 1lb bag of M&Ms in a single sitting
while taking phenelzine without cardiovascular consequences. Yeah, I know...gross!)

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