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hitler youth

Posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2022, at 16:19:42

I believe that NZ is not (yet) at the point where Nazi Germany was. With the death camps. Where they had engineered buildings for people to go into for group showers and where they were gassed to death. I don't believe that that is going on in NZ.

But they do seem to be all about the Hitler Youth. Our children don't really go to school anymore. They live in their parents bubble. Their parents hire tutors or whatever to do their kids work for them. There are no examinations anymore. They just allocate grades as they see fit. The schools do. On the basis of their post-code of their parents residential address.

So they pick or choose the next generation of doctors or lawyers or engineers.

That's how come we don't have death camps. Because the people with the capacity to do engineering cannot function here.

There is a level of stupid. Mostly they are selecting for blind adherence.

I think with Medicine mostly it is ensuring that the level of knowledge and skill is kept low. Because the aim or purpose is death and disability and incapacitation and destruction.

The post-code. Of NZ.

The (non-elected) leaders of developing nations come to NZ for their 'healthcare', apparently.

Our elected leaders (there is no alternative -- Ashley gets half a million per year no matter who wins the election) get shipped off to Australia for their healthcare.

They get treated by their inbred children who paid their way into the University of Sydney. I think that's how it works.

The inbred children of the Australians got their places at Auckland or Otago in exchange for the children of the inbred NZers... Well... Western Australia seems to be the destination for them, now. They pick them straight out of Secondary School where their grades are gifted to them by the teachers who wrote the exams / distributed the answers... Oh yeah.. No exams anymore, anyway, they just hand out the grades on the basis of the kids they can't wait to see the back of.

Or something.

Nobody actually wants to stay here. Even the inbred retards of the wealthy elite all want Mommy and Daddy to pay for them to go to Harvard. Right? That's how that works.

The price fixing thing. Keeping the world 'get in behind ya mongrel'.



Re: hitler youth

Posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2022, at 16:31:32

In reply to hitler youth, posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2022, at 16:19:42

I could be wrong... But I think I heard that NZ has really really high rates of ex-pats. Because of the whole 'just drop all your stuff and f*ck*ng flee for your life' situation we have got going on. Where even the children of the in-bred wealthy elite dream of getting the f*ck out of here. They certainly aren't interested in staying under the thumb of their retarded parents.

Anyway... Like... 1/4. I think that is right. 1/4 of the population of NZ citizens live overseas. And I don't think that's just because people got to buying or forging or bribing or whatever NZ citizenship documents even when they have no ties (apart of their financial investment of bribe).

But I think Tonga... Might be one place that has more ex-pats than NZ.

That is to say, I think that by and large the people of Tonga hate Tonga / are forced to flee Tonga even more than the people of NZ hate and are forced to flee NZ.

I think that is right...

Maybe the place, actually.

Or maybe I read something about somewhere in Malaysia with really high rates of ex-pats. Largely... Serving as slaves or similar in Hong Kong (or something like that).

They pulled 3 judges out of retirement, in NZ, to, apparently, deal with the 'increase in workload due to Covid response'. That is to say... 3 judges... Who were only paid as much as they were paid with the expectation or requirement that they retire at age whatever it is for being a judge... They decided to keep them around on pay-roll for another couple years.

That way they could deny timely justice and really devote themselves to confusing obstructing preventing and prohibiting for a couple years. Get the people re-filing the filings and re-re-filing the filings. Have case management conference after case management conference after case management conference...

You know how they turn a 3 year research degree into a 10+ or 30+ year project of slavery... They turn the court proceedings into that, too. Where anyone who brings a simple interlocutory is required to bloat things into schedule 2B costs of upwards of $27,000 to be paid to the University so they can quickly quickly quickly get the next generation of Hitler Youth all signed up for second year law camp or second year med camp (do you think they do late stage abortions at that one?? I do!!)

and so on...

Waiting for the bombs to drop . Yawn.

Apparently Shane Reti (the medical doctor who is paid not ensure the good people of whangarei - his electorate - have the sh*tt**st hospital in the nation -- while still voting for him, that's how invaluable he is to the people of NZ) wrote Elon Musk a letter asking him nicely to supply satellite internet to the leaders of Tonga and the good people.

I think a lot of the good people of Tonga aren't in Tonga. They already expated themselves elsewhere around the globe. Because the no-elected leaders sold out the health of their people etc.

I don't know that the Hitler Youth have been selected for the non-trainable virtues of wanting to help (rathr than exploit an harm) but I guess time will tell with the common-cold over-whelm of the hospital system of NZ that has been carefully carefully carefully scheduled for this year.


Re: hitler youth

Posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2022, at 16:36:36

In reply to Re: hitler youth, posted by alexandra_k on January 21, 2022, at 16:31:32

And it really is a case of that. Where the 'Universities' of NZ are determined that at least 70 per cent of their cohorts / classes are required to be filled with people no more than 1 year out of secondary school. The aim is to keep them filled with 18 and 19 year old kids who have been carefully carefully carefully trained in their private schools... Had the sh*t kicked out of them and likely been abused... Been bullied... People turn a blind eye... Then rewarding them by allowing (encouraging, forcing) them to abuse others...

Carefully choosing and selecting the next generation of Hitler Youth to sell out the health of the NZ people. To really ensure that the people of NZ do not have timely access to quality health-care.

The post-code inevitability. From contamination of the water with lead (to try and beed Gamma Babies so that someone will always clean Chris Hipkins toilet for minimum wage)...

Really livng the dream.. The few elite chosen special inbred retarded psychopaths.

For sure.

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