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academic freedom

Posted by alexandra_k on January 13, 2022, at 20:02:04

new zealand can't tell the difference between advertising and informing.

new zealand can't tell the difference between an academic and a person who is popular on social media.

the university's were requiring academic staff to put in media appearances and / or to have their names put on popularist media sorts of works...

then there became a bit of a problem... the people they popularised with the con-munications of the con-munications department started doing various things off their own bat. then it wasn't so clear whether they were spouting a party-line that had been pre-approved by the university as a con-munications, ahem, academic piece, or whether they were being academically free in a way that the university wasn't responsible for.


the point is that it isn't like our academics can write articles or responsible pieces of academic work for each other. lol. we only pay 1 or 2 of them lol. we don't have journals so they can't write academic work for the journals, either. there aren't really conferences... i saw those go from things where people did sensible work and they were productive things to things where people were only there because they got a paid holiday and people skived off from attending other people's talks to write crappy talks at haste that weren't worth going to...

anyway... the academic freedom thing was about the freedom to do academic work.

to write a thesis. an article. to give an academic talk. where, you know, after you have talked for 30 or 40 minutes you then get subjected to a question-time where people can hit you up about the finding or whatever. and when they get their own platform of 30 or 40 minutes or whatever of their own talk which they could make a response to yours if they wanted to do that.

we just don't have academia.

where is the credit for my 1 year of research that i did in 2018? oooooh you didn't *like* what i had to say because i didn't just spout back to you what you told me.

garbage backwards land


Re: academic freedom

Posted by alexandra_k on January 13, 2022, at 20:14:48

In reply to academic freedom, posted by alexandra_k on January 13, 2022, at 20:02:04

the physicist complained to the media about first year students cheating on first year bio-physics.

some people painstakingly did what needed to be done to collect proof. to call them out. and the university chose not to punish them.

chose to... select them to study medicine. etc. you know how it is. how that goes. part of the whole selecting the worst of the psychopaths.


maybe by way of silencing?? they gave him a research programme. a modelling one.

in my 1 year thesis of 2018 i wrote about how the thing about mathematical models is that you can fiddle with the starting assumptions or whatever until you get the output from the model that you want. in ways that are... confirmation bias... academically not reputable...

anyway... the government thought that in the interests of appearing to be science-led in making decisions about lock-downs in the face of no community transmission they would hire this physicist who was complaining about cheating for medicine entry to make them up models to justify the lockdowns by plugging in whatever needed to be plugged in to make them seem to be science led.

and so he got mentions and photos in the media... television coverage... new york times... quite the picture of jacinda ardern being science-led by a physicist who we got doing epidemeology modelling (because nobody who majored in epidemiology would be capable of doing it, of course).

and it shut him up about the cheating for medical entry and i suppose it got him out of teaching the psychopathic morons so that's a win-win -- right?


some people aren't very happy about things these academics have been saying to the media. and of course the way the media grabs on to their views is to make them polarizing. something something about threats to their personal safety. i suppose it started with sort of horrible comments about the person. people saying she should shut up because she's fat and so on... because people are just getting sick to f*ck*ng death of this 1 person who presents as the only microbiologist that new zealand will have on payroll speaking the only things that the government or the university or whatever will approve to be the party line... or whatever...

then, of course, whatever she does in her personal life / on her personal time is up for media attention... indications of hypocracy (breaking covid restriction regulations) and the like... in an attempt to discredit...


she said it would cost her $20,000 to get a publication. that that's what the science journals (internationally) charge to process a publication from her...

i suppose it is because they have to hire a post-doc or similar to check all the work... to see if they actually get the results she claimed to have got...

because it's just not very credible or plausible. our findings. not once you take a troll through turnitin etc etc and see what sorts or kinds of things they require of the studnets in the labs. you go... these practices are being taught... are being required... are going on...

we don't have academic journals.

we don't have academic conferences.

we don't have academic talks / speakers / question time.

we don't have academics.

we don't have academic freedom.

spouting the major political party's line or the university's line to the media is not academic freedom.

the academic freedom is supposed to be about academic work. academic work that is subject to scruitiny from peers.

who are the peers?

they seemed to want academic leaders to be community leaders. the peers were not other academic leaders.. . they were supposed to spout party line to underlings. studnets or children or people treated as stupid childen who would comply with directive and lap everything up like absorbent sponges...

there is no dialogue or debate. academic dialogue or debate. there is no peer review.

people are not given the academic freedom to engage in academics. there are no academics, here. there are no academics.

they will not pay them.

they keep people as slaves... and they only pay people to be lackeys.

where is my credit for my 1 year of research that i completed in 2018?

i wrote it for external examiners so it could be externally examined by international standards of scholarship and the university refused to get it to external examiners, repeatedly, because working to internationally accepted standards of scholarship was not something that was acceptable to the new zealand university.


Re: academic freedom

Posted by alexandra_k on January 13, 2022, at 20:26:48

In reply to Re: academic freedom, posted by alexandra_k on January 13, 2022, at 20:14:48

i don't want to hate on her, too much...

she is an associate professor. she is not a full professor. she got 'new zealander of the year' because i don't suppose that comes with the pay-cheque of full professor.

i feel they used her.

to start with... the early days of her media forey... it seemed to me she was clearly being given or handed content from the USA (most likely). i thought... it was perhaps justified in Covid times.. very very early stages or days of the pandemic.

the New Zealand party line (from our politicians) was that there was no point wearing face masks because most people wouldn't wear them correctly and they were to be reserved for medical anaesthetists (who had mostly fled) and were not to be worn by other medial personel (it would scare the public) and the public were not to wear face masks of any variety.

i emailed her...

and, anyway, some medical illustrator drew something that made it fairly clear about how there were different levels or layers of protection, reducing risk, keeping the number of airborne transmitted particles down...

and i thought that it was a case where (likely US) content (via the medical illustrator) was making it into NZ in a way that was good or helpful for the NZ people and genuinely science-led (that is to say quality informational contents) -- even if the method of delivery was... Perhaps it was a bit justified given the times...

But somehow this led to her becoming the go-to person from the media to be microbiology representative or spokesperson.

I actually emailed her and asked her specially about the practices in her laboratory at university when she and her studnets are dealing with infectious micro-organisms... that's how i know the content likely wasn't from her / wasn't coming from her lab or her lab practices...

But she's just doing what she believes she needs to do to... Be still employed by the University. I suppose. She's not a full professor. She's having trouble getting quality publications by her own admission.

The University (and definately the government) really latched onto this idea/l of academics as community leaders. Where people would follow what they said unthinkingly.

They tried to use that to get people to comply with government directive around lock-downs.

They tried to exploit that to get people to comply with government directive around lock-downs even when other nations (e.g., the US) were saying that lock-downs etc were not justified in the free world that is rule by law...

Where is my credit for my 1 year of research that I completed in 2018?

Where is my place in Medical School? Apply the same algorithm for selection that you published for the purposes of accountability to my application.

Else burn in hell for all eternity. There are no academics here. No freedom here. No rule by law. No academic dialoguoe or debate. Nothing here. Nada. Zip zilch zero.

Mob rule.

That's what Chris Hipkins Mommy (winner of lucrative Ministry of Education Govvernment Contracts) made sure he was taught in his schooling.

Nobody here. Nothign home.

I wouldn't need to post half of what I do if we had universities and academicm dialogue and debate etc. If people would work to put things right internally in a timely fashion. But they choose to invest in delay deny magnify...

Nobody here. Nothing home.

This is the end of the thread.

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