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false positives

Posted by alexandra_k on November 10, 2021, at 12:03:52

new zealand is getting false positive tests back, now. that shows us something about our actual immunisation rate, i think. i think that is what it is doing. people who have been immunised are testing positive for Covid. it shows their body is shedding parts of the virus. which is supposed to be how the vaccinations work. they get the body making parts of the virus so that an immune response to the part of the virus is induced.

I think i saw something in the NY times about hor Brisbane manufacturers were getting as high as 1/4 false positive results from their tests. they were sending them back from NY saying they were not useful to or for them. I suppose those tests were then shipped to New Zealand. Cheapest tests ever. You get what you pay for sometimes and all that.

So our government can then use finding 'endemic' cases in the community as excuse or justification to keep everyone in lock-down. the main virtue of keeping everyone in lock-down is that they collect tax money, still, but they don't need to pay so much for social services and the like. all of the money without as many of the expenses. That seems to be the thing of it.

They are pushing real hard on the 'wouldn't you rather die in your own bed at home' (aka: we don't have a health system) aka: even if we did it wouldn't be for you...

The main logistical problem is what to do about the bodies of people who live alone who can remain dead in apartments for months before people complain about the smell...

And they always get it wrong about being overly harrassing vs not making any contact at all. because the easiest route is often...



Part of the trouble with it is in realising the kind of psychopath or sociopath that you are dealing with...

The kind who would like to do fertility medicine or treatments because of some warped desire to father ALLLLLLL the babies of the world.

That kind of same f*ck*d-up-ness will be found in those who have ideas... Ideals... To vaccinate everyone in the world.

And the problem is...

Thinking of the Irish Potato Famine. When it comes to lack or loss of diversity. Everything forced to be all the same...

And then something happpens. Something unforseen.

The inevitable by-product of everything being forced to be all the same is what happens. Inevitably. Invariably. Every time.



I mean there is diversity at the level of *what* vaccine you get... Which we don't have. But then there is also diveristy at the level of *whether you have one or not*. Because there will be samey same-ness about them all. Ethelene glycol or... Who knows. Who freaking knows.

Nobody knows. That's the thing of it.

When rational people can disagree it is time to step the f*ck off. Back off and let people make up their own mind.

Who bears the cost of being wrong? The government or the individual?

People go .... It isn't just about you... It is about other people...




If you present to hospital in a vulnerable state (Covid or something else) and because of pandemic precautions you have to go alone.. Then the medical vultures inject you or gas you with something to immobilise you and hook you up to a ventillator.

They could take your blood that produces antibodies and... Purify it. Sell it. Give it to others.

Why not just keep you there foreveer as an antibody factory? A blood factory? Why not when you can get away with it?

But why stop there? Why not collect out organs, too? Kill the one to save.. How many others?

Why not do that?

Take one for the team.

The good of the group,


Was supposed to be a reductio of utilitarianism.

But it's been taken or interpreted to be the moral position in these parts. That's what it is or means to be moral. That's what morality tells us or teaches us is the right thing to do.

That's the state of NZ

And many other places around the world too, I see..

But there is something particular about here. Here is a magnet for the people struck off everywhere else. We are getting obgyn anesthetists from Texas, now. The only kind of birth control people are likely to be able to access in the Southern-most territory of Australasia. The loooooooooong arm of the law. Indeed.


Re: false positives

Posted by alexandra_k on November 10, 2021, at 12:08:40

In reply to false positives, posted by alexandra_k on November 10, 2021, at 12:03:52

people have started protesting the vaccine mandates.

Jacinda says they are not representative of the vast bulk because the vast bulk are immunised. Rates over 80 or even 90 for first.


Since when did you need to be in the vast bulk of the majority to have an opinion worth listening to or caring about?

And since when did the government have a true or accurate handle on what was going on with the people?

Remember what the government said about people's access to things like face masks and even tests? The government was saying how available and accessible they are... How many there are... And the people were coming back saying 'nonononononono can't get hold of them. They aren't being supplied to us'.

I hear that the government wants to hear that there are shots in arms.

I wouldn't at all be surprised if they are pouring them down the drain... If not selling them off.. Just telling the government what the government wants to hear.

Telling the people that.. Well. They are trying to bully / force compliance.

and it isn't working so well.

The sheeple aren't sheep. Huh.

I think the actual rates of vaccination are much much much lower...

The best sense that can be made of the whole forced compliance propaganda campaign thing is...

What do you have to do to get the people to shut up about not having access to basic healthcare?

You beat them until they quit asking for it.

If that makes sense.

What do you have to do to get people to shut up about learnign to read, write, do arithmetic...

You get the idea...


medical exemptions in nz

Posted by alexandra_k on November 21, 2021, at 14:18:47

In reply to Re: false positives, posted by alexandra_k on November 10, 2021, at 12:08:40

the minister of covid response (formerly the minister of state services commission (how much CE's get paid); health; and education) gets to decide who gets a 'medical exemption' from vaccination.

or, perhaps the ministry decides. and then informs the minister. then he tells the people roughly how many people will qualify for medical exemption -- they don't even need to see a clinician. people's medical doctors aren't making clinical decisions about whether the person who saw them needs a medical exemption or not. that decision has been decided on non-clinical grounds by people who have never seen the person and likely also by people with no medical training or qualifications.

the grounds for medical exemption are very very restrictive.

we don't believe in psychiatry. we don't have psychiatry. we have a social control thing only. like the rest of medicine, to be fair to psychiatry.

people don't get to say 'i do not want the vaccine' and thereby qualify for a medical exemption in the name of 'i do not give my consent, even after hearing information about it, i do not give my consent'. how distressing is it for someone to be involuntarily forced to do something they don't want to do in the name of government mandate? is that distressing? is that trauma inducing? psychologically damaging? how does it feel to be bullied by the government into complying with 'medical directive' like cattle or like sheep?

we can't all do whatever we want whenever we want because we want. we can't all be the minister. etc.

there's just a basic... i don't know if it's an incapacity or... i think it is. a refusal to even aspire to be a leader of people. the whole strategy for forced compliance...

in the exclusion zone of new zealand.


Re: medical exemptions in nz

Posted by alexandra_k on November 21, 2021, at 14:19:39

In reply to medical exemptions in nz, posted by alexandra_k on November 21, 2021, at 14:18:47

i mean if there is one thing we know -- it is that there will not be enough medical exemptions to go around.


certainly not.

never enough.

there will never be enough to go around.

it will not be the case that people can have the things that they themselves say they need.


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