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helping me helping me helping me help myself...

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 20:39:15

to you.

what's that?
you hear that you are pregnant?

you want an abortion?

but your decision does not just affect you!
it affects other people, too.
for example, i will feel butt hurt if you don't comply with what it is that i want
and i want you to have a good hard think about that, young missy.
a good hard think.
about what it is that you really really want.
i want you to have a think for a month at least.
then come back to me, if that is what you really really want.

what is that?
you don't want a vaccination.
but that decision does not just affect you!
it makes our politicial leaders look bad when they have somehow decided that having a 90 per cent vaccination rate is what they want.
what they really really want.
in the name of equity.
they really really want it.

and if 90 per cent of the people 'voluntarily' take their vaccinations...

then only x number must die.

only x number must die.
not old people, particularly.
young people,too.
from the Covid, you see.

but so many deaths can be prevented just so long as 90 per cent take their vaccination.

so whether you get vaccinated or not partly determines how many people must die.
and if you don't take your vaccine you are, effectively, murdering other people!
you are effectively murdering our most vulnerable people!

so you must have your vaccine (when and only when you are ordered to by the government)

you must have your vaccine.

you must comply.
most compliant population in the world.

and then only some smaller number of you must die.

it's really quite simple. quite simple as that.


there is no healthcare.

health... wealth... education...

anything of any meaning... anything of any value...

any reason for life to be worth living...

die die die! just die then !

just leave us all your stuff and die!

highest rate of suicide in the world

we know it is suicide before the autopsy

our politicians tell us so


so shaun hendy gets to explain his model to the people.

because our prime minister needs to be seen to be 'science led' right now.

it's a joke around the world how she's like the 'lorde' (haha) and master of the country, really. preaching from her pulpit.

so in an attempt to be 'science led' she appropriates a physicist and puts him to work spouting the party line for tv.

otherwise... there's likely no shortage of grad studnet slaves who willl do that job? yeah??

nobody who actually works in public health has any speaking rights.

the people who spout it trained in something different entirely and do not value what the people learn in the programme. in fact they set out ot undermine and stabotage the program.

like how they set out to stabotage and undermine things generally.

it starts with guttin gthe curriculum from the 'classics'.

it starts with removing the primary texts (or the primary texts in translation) and replacing the content with something simpler and stupider on the grounds that the people in the programme are too simple and stupid for the primary texts.


Re: helping me helping me helping me help myself...

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 20:45:51

In reply to helping me helping me helping me help myself..., posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 20:39:15

in new zealand population health involves deciding that what is appropropriate for new zealand is different from what is appropriate everywehre else.

i see now...

the elite white leaders of new zealand (the criminals who fled northern hemisphere in the first place) did not want to be a state of australia. they wanted to be leaders of their own country.

so they made a treaty with the maaori and they say that the treaty is the founding document of this country. new zealand is not part of australia (is not a state of australia) because that would be 'racist' that would be dishonoring the treaty. the idea is that the treaty means our government is required to be in partnership with maaori. the constitution of australia does not say anything about that. originally aboriginal people (including maaori i suppose) were actually excluded from voting etc. the human rights of the constitution of australia weren't to be extended to aboriginal or maaori.

so the treaty was our government promising maaori a better deal than what maaori would lhave got by way of the australian constitution given that the rights weren't to be applied to them at all.

but times have changed. australia has become less racist. and maaori are confonted with reality of what the treaty has done for them lately (not really very much in the way of anything at all). and of course that's not hte party line. that's not something you can say or think in the government esporanto-maaori that they teach in teh universities.


Re: helping me helping me helping me help myself...

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 20:48:27

In reply to Re: helping me helping me helping me help myself..., posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 20:45:51

because they always say 'we had a think about that and we decided that that wasn't approrpiate for our socio-cultural context'.

for things like -- why don't we have saliva testing yet?

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