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there is no help

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 17:35:58

not in nz
the people are fundamentally hostile and competitive

if they can hurt or kill or maim another
then that advances their position
that's how they see it
the hierarchical thinking
where another's loss or misfortune or accident
is advancing or furthering the position of everyone else.

a real race to the bottom.

the idea of things like 'training' fundamentally don't make sense.
that would be 'helping'.
if you aren't working to confuse and prevent and prohibit and deny and obstruct then you are fundamentally doing it wrong.

the university of auckland had a physicist..
shaun hendy
he spoke out a bit publically about the cheating in first year bio-physics
that's a compulsory class for the kids wanting to get into medicine via the bio-medical science pathway
stuff like that.
so the university has cheating services (they are a bit quiet about the source of the cheating services but the source is the university. the university arranges to give or sell the questions to third parties in the name of 'cheating prevention' and then the students pay the 'cheating prevention' services to give them the answer.

that's what 'turnitin' was about -- right?

you get poor people from sh*tty universities who will sell them out uploading their students essays...

then those studnets get failed and flunked out the university...

and the grading service gives their essay to some rich kid who paid for it. right? so they can get through princeton or whereever without doing the work. being given essays written by other people who can die once they've written that. outlived their usefulness-- wouldn't you say???


so shaun hendy speaks out about how they should do something about the first year cheating.

he didn't say the university was responsible for the cheating services. he only said that the university should deliver meaningful consequences and sanctions to the people who in fact cheated.

and so now...

so now...

his job...

is to make graphs. for A3 pieces of paper that the politicians can hold up to the camera on 'your 1pm indoctronation session with the mighty leaders of the nation' time...

epidemiology modelling.

'we want a graph that shows us to be beset in the world at something shaun hendy. it needs to be so simple the policiticans can explain it (it's embarrassing for them if they can't).'

that's the use we put our physicists.

the public universities of new zealand.


it shows the level of government control of the public universities.

and the fundamentally competitive nature of it all.

i suppose it is about the high paid people getting high paid jobs for their kids.


1. suppose you have a pot of money. you stick it somewhere. you get bits back out. you get divident payments, say. or you get interest where that translates into a cash payment to you every... i don't know. year or whatever. so you have a certain amount per month. in virtue of having invested a pot with various returns coming back to you for your living expenses and maybe for various other purchases.

2. suppose you are on pay-roll. you have monthly amounts coming to you. suppose you are on pay-roll and you don't even need to show up or do anything at all. you are simply on pay-roll.

that appears to be the thing of it. the government jobs. particularly for the clinical jobs. doctors and the like. on the pay-roll. not ever in the hospital. on the pay-roll. not ever in the firm. on the pay-roll. not ever in the office. on the pay-roll. with various other delegates also on the pay-roll doing all of the actual work.

but why stop there?

why not steal from people not on the pay-roll at all?

things are very very very very very very very corrupted, here.

there is a fundamental co-operativity failure.

it's all about confusing and obstructing and preventing and prohibiting...

so the various stupid kids of the elite get themselves on the pay-roll.

that is all.


they want to say they f'd up the standard...

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 17:47:15

In reply to there is no help, posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 17:35:58

they want to say they f'd up the standard of evidence.

that's what they want to say, now.

they want to say the reason why they refused to allow their graduate research students to be signed off was because they thought the standard of evidence (for graduate student theses) was such that the student was required to prove something (their thesis) beyond all reasonable doubt.

that's why the only graduate student theses you see pass, in nz, are state the f*ck*ng obvious. apparently. because you can only pass if you take something so obvious no reasonable person would doubt it. then you spend the next 10+ years of your life defending it in the face of all of the stupid (and clever but not any good) arguments that people think up in their fundamental goal or aim to prevent and obstruct and prohibit and deny and confuse...

well done new zealand!

the race to the bottom!

taking something so obvious no reasonable person would doubt it... and spending the rest of your life trying to undermine and stabotage even that.

that's how terrible they force things to be, here.


but apparently the problem is that they were just a bit confused about the standard of evidence.

(yeah right).

apparently they didn't realise that the student only needed to show or demonstrate their thesis 'on balance of probability'.

riiiiight. suuuuuuuure.


'the thesis will be returned to the candidate AND the student will re-enrol for at least 6 months to make substantive changes and undergo another round of examination'.


'the student will make substantive changes to the satisfaction of the supervisor or an examiner in up to 10 weeks after the outcome of examination has been delivered.'

the examiners did not return the thesis to the candidate. the dean refused to get the thesis to the examiners (supplied in under 10 weeks) so as to prohibit and prevent them signing the student off.

the dean was in violation of the education act 'universities are required to allow studnets to work to internationally accepted standards of scholarship' BEYOND ALL REASONABLE DOUBT.

therefore alex must spend the rest of her life proving it to people who...

are on payroll.

are on payroll.

are on payroll.

who will not accept the evidence.

because they are on payroll.

they are on payroll.

they are on payroll.

and shaun hendy makes pretty pretty diagrams for jacinda ardern to hold up...

and nz universities are fundamentally corrupt


the 'training programmes' are all bogus

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 18:16:21

In reply to they want to say they f'd up the standard..., posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 17:47:15

best case they just waste your time. as in, they are 'keep the bums on the seats for the maximum possible time'.

as in...

you have people who aren't in high school anymore. you don't want to pay them. you don't want to provide government jobs for them. (the government being the main employer and private businesses only being viable becuase of the government handouts to the private businesses). so you want them to enrol in a 'training course'. then they can accumultae debt to the government... so they pay teh government rather than being paid by the government. they are detained or confined for however many years of the training coursre. entry to employment has been delayed.

worst case... you get greedier. you make them pay additional fees to a trainig programme or whatever to get passing grades... sort of threat of failure 'if you ever want a reasonably paying job at all then you are forced to pay us more pay us more pay us more'...

worst case... you get greedier. you put them to work in the name of the 'training programme'. you have them pass themselves off as having graduated already. thtey can 'play school' playing doctors or nurses or whatever without being trained to do any of it. they pay you (they pay you more if they want passing grades) and they do the work as well! they are slaves!!!

that's the kiwi dream that our government seems to have.

this idea that employement is kept low becuase everyone is in a training programme!

lifelong learners we will call them!

but really it is:

they pay you they pay you they pay you they pay you they pay you they pay you they pay

and there's nothing of any value in the universities anymore... nothing... nada. zip. zilch. zero. and stil they pay you they pay you they pay you they pay you they pay you they pay you they pay!!

that's the kiwi way.

the idea of training programmes is a joke. it's all just about who is on payroll and who is paying for other people to have half a million a year. they pay they pay they pay they pay they pay

and if they do not like it they can go away.

go away then. go away. who cares about you anyway. there are millions more where you came from.

go away. or curl up and die. or be murdered by the hands of the state. or something.

appears to be the kiwi way.

how it is that we will never have things like computer systems and nuclear power and things like that.. all the things of the developd world. all the things of civilisation.

none of it. nothing here. nada. zip. zilch. zero.

becuase they forced it to be all about the money.


not sure what is going on with the whole mental health thing.

i think andrew little is in an unenviable position right now. he needs to be seen to be doing something... in some sense... what is is doing right now is so obviously and clearly and utterly and hopelessly inadequate. but there's nothing else to be rolled out right now.

they will not pay counsellors to delivver counselling services to the people who want them.

they will not.

they will take a 'population' approach to mental health wereby they themselves choose to impose upon the people, as much as they possibly can, all of the things that we know full well make people mentally unhappy and unhealthy becuase they want to grow their business because they want to grow their budget. because they are psychopathic idiots. who did not get the help they needed. therefore nobody is allowed the help that they need either. they make hostages of us all.

that's the thing of it...

they will only hire the ones who will divert all the services to themselves.

so occasionally we get a decdent p-doc visiting from overseas... never stays for long. would burn-out if they did. they identify a few patients they can help. becuase it's about fit. nobodies fault. some people you click with and can help. some other people you can't. but they are not allowed to help the ones they can help. not allowed. not allowed. not allowed. they will not be allowed to help the ones they can help.

there must never be enough to go around. there must never be enough for all to have genuine need met. there must never be enough.

all of the t hings for the administration who can never have enough.

love how all these people have all this money...

and they choose to use their money to invest in the developmetn of the private sector.

there are private sector psychiatrists -- right? so the top paying people can get the help they need?


oh. the ones with the money won't pay for things like that.

who would they pay?

there are many things that no amount of money can buy in nz.


let's suppose I say 'i am rich millionaire. i want a private room in the public hospital to put a boy who i say is my son and i want ultimate discretion. all the discretion. and in exhcange i will invest 10 million dollars into nz over the next however long.'

we say 'grubby grubby grub! do you want sprinkles on that!'


he says...

'hahahahhahhhhahahaha and now i'm not going ot pay you. i just wanted to document the level of corruption that you would sell your people out like that'.

and who was supposed to get the 10 mill?

what use was that money to be put?


apparently someone wants to build a underground bunker in the south island. i think it's a rape torture dungeon kind of thing where they won't be able to hear people scream.

and nz is going to do what about that?

say 'would you like sprinkles?'

because that's the state of nzl



Re: the 'training programmes' are all bogus

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 18:22:13

In reply to the 'training programmes' are all bogus, posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 18:16:21


it's not like that?

there are good people here doing good things?

where? can we hear about them?

can we have things worth working towards?

oh... my exposure to the fake news is being carefully structured... carefully structured... to have me comply with what has already been decided for me! really? really?! really!?

so the only thing i am allowed to see with any value is the things that i am allowed to do... the things that have been carefully selected is right for me...

stay in your post-code new zealand!

the obviousness of obvious. sigh.

eyes roll.

hurry up new zealand!!!


Re: the 'training programmes' are all bogus

Posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 18:32:36

In reply to Re: the 'training programmes' are all bogus, posted by alexandra_k on September 22, 2021, at 18:22:13

we will not do informed consent. will not do it. people don't understand it, here. they only understand compliance.

i suppose it is because they feel put out about various things. they feel put out about all the limitations on their freedoms that come in the forms of the criminal laws of new zealand and, increasingly, the international laws. the laws about money laundering being wrong and slavery being wrong and things like that. so they feel all bothered about these things they are forced to comply with.

so they feel like their life is horrible because they are forced to comply with all of these things.. because of the kind of person they are, i suppose, where they would want to do all those kinds of things... so they experience those international and domestic criminal laws as being limitations on their freedoms. and it's very oppressive for them.

so they don't see that there's any particular problem with they, themselves, forcing various other people to comply with their will. about things like medical treatements (vaccinations) when they are told and because they are told. i mean that isn't limiting the freedom of the people any more than them not being allowed to wring their scrawney necks is limiting of the dictators freedoms -- right?

so you look at what the 'informed consent' looks like for vaccination.

and then you go: this is the government. these are the people. who think that nzl can have euthanasia legalised. where people are given drugs to kill them -- but only if they consent to that.


becuase we don't know what consent is or means.

i understand the position, now, that i heard... about how people were afraid that the government would attempt to force people to die, basically. that people would feel forced into complying with choosoing to die.

you see it in the case of the immunisations. they say you are free to chose not to have an immunisation. but choosing not to have one means that you are choosoing to lose your job. you are choosing to lose your place on the sports team (lose your contract for playing). they think that there must be these inevitable consequences for choosing differently than what they would choose for you...

i mean... now i'm thinking about all the consequences that the governmetn will likely try and impose if people don't take their euthanasia medicine when it' sbeen recommended to t hem by the government that they take it.

if you choose not to take your euthanasia drugs then you are choosing to be kept in conditions such that...

am i right?

this is where thinggs really are at with the new zealand governmetn.

the whole compliance thnig.

i see now.

i thought euthansaisa should be legal. but our government doesn't know thwat 'voluntary' means. or they sh*t all over it. they are all about compliance. and so euthanasia drugs will not be used for euthanasia in new zealand. it will be about state sanctioned murder. there is no evidnence whatsoveer of the govermnt or the govenemnt employees (the only ones they will allow to work in the health system) will do informed consents.

they will only let a few people do clinicial work. the ones who will not allow the people to be helped. it's not about chance... it's a job requirement. to ensure the job is not done. is not done bh them. is not done by anyone.

the nzvcc specifically hired chris whelan to ensure that any complaints would be dropped into the black hole (best case) or the people who laid them would be failed / would lose t heir jobs / would never work again AND THEN dropped into the black hole.

the lengths we go to to ensure that this is concentration camp detention island.

no amount of money will ever be enough for our high paid govenrment workers becuase their money cannot purchase anything of value in nz.

because there's nothing here.


well done.

f*ck*ng imbecels.

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