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if i vanish... you will know that i was murdered.

Posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 0:30:17

i mean.. i'm stocked up on 95 masks.

i don't have comorbid conditions.

it is unlikely i will get covid. and even if i did it is unlikely i would get very sick. and even if i did it is unlikely i would present for medical treatment.

i wouldn't.

becuase: there's nothing here.

so if i vanish... you will know that i've been murdered by the new zealand government.

just saying.


Re: if i vanish... you will know that i was murdered.

Posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 0:39:52

In reply to if i vanish... you will know that i was murdered., posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 0:30:17

i don't go anyplace high risk.

i don't go hang out with people...

i have a bubble of precisely 1 person: myself.

if i vanish you will know i've been murdered by the new zealand government.


my grandfather was kept in a prison camp by the new zealand government.

he wasn't drafted, himself, but he didn't think that people who were should be forced to leave.

so he had men who didn't want to go die on the other side of the world hide out on his farm.

and for that they took him away from his family and put him in a concentration camp in new zealand.

my mother says it was very very very very very much a source of shame for her her when she was growing up.

there were endless fights... she had 2 older brothers... and her mother... none of them were supportive of his decision. they wanted him to keep his head down...

keep the church. keep the church ministry.

he wasn't vocal the way other methodists were, apparently.

some methodists went on tour and publically spoke about not falling for some stupid idea of going off overseas to kill people and die for... for something on the other side of the world...

he didn't do any of that. apparently. he wasn't... preachy. he wasn't evangelical.

but he was respectful of a few mens desire not to go die.

anyway... mum said that the popular view at the time was that he was a coward. they were cowards. etc. it was a source of shame and embarrassment and humilitation.

the defiled daughter of the former church leader.


so me doing medicine in new zealand

informed consent

too f*ck*ng funny.

am i right??

anybody want to sign up for theier euthanasia meds?
want to hear me tell you a story about how the government has decided that hospice care is right for you??

i think my mother, now, likely has got the message.
of what treatment 'options' are right for her.

i suppose that's teh thing of it, really.

there's this... colusional thing...


yes. that's the word.

where you say you want whatever it is that they want.

that's the thing of it.

she's quite accepting of their choice for her about palliative care.


i don't know what is genuinely going on. i woul dneed to take a blood smear from her myself and see it under a microscope...

from before they chose to have her pay them for blood stem cell killing medication.

i suppose it is likely that things are above board with her cancer.

but i also think they have known for a very long time. and they chose to withhold information so as to prevent and prohibit her from having timely treatment that could possibly have been effective. because taht's their way.

i think the ideology of it is to keep the white people life expectancy low-ish so that they can say the disparity between maaori and non-maaori ain't that bad, really.

the worse we treat the dendentured servants... i'm sorry.. the slaves. we haven't discovered indentured servitude yet... the worse we treat the white slaves the better things look for the prospects for maaori.

am i right?

i'm like female jesus in a land where everybody appears to have god-delusion. right?


paid for citizenship... paid for nz degrees...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 1:15:44

In reply to Re: if i vanish... you will know that i was murdered., posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 0:39:52

i imagine.

there will be people in Afghanastan who paid to study various things from New Zealand Universities by distance. They have gone on to be judges and so on if Afghanastan.

And now.. Various of them... Were allowed through Australian or UK or USA troops... Were sorted... Onto a place for New Zealand.

to document how NZ treats it's citizens.

To document how NZ treats it's lawful visa holders.

And so on.

What we like to do is this divide and conquer (we think we are very clever):

We will have something like 'lawyer' on teh skilled migrant shortage list.

So there will be a family apply. Guy will be the skills shortage person, usually. Doctor. Lawyer. Engineer. Whatver. The skilled migrant category person. Teh one who thinks they will lhave a professional pay packet to support their family.

But really New Zealand will be eying up 'how low they can go' with the spouse...

This is the strategy I mean to say. I am not denigrating the spouse. It is a psychological strategy...

NZ specialises in this divide and conquer psycholgoical warfare kind of a mentality...

Maybe the woman is a cleaner. Can drive a tractor.

THen... When they come out.. It will be a succession of temporary work (treated like crap to see if he will come around to turning a blind eye to all the atrocities and uselessnesses that pervade everything in NZ)... While she... They'll start doign the number by giving her a steady stream of work...

Then... Dependign on her psychology... If she puts up with abuse quite well (that's what we were looking for)... She's used to it from him at home -- right? So having it from her 'superiors at work' is tolerable...

Well... If she comes along well. They can give her younger or newer people at work for her to abuse and treat badly etc...

And if she comes along real well...

Befor eyou know it he will be out of work altogether. Dependent on her. And she will have many slaves at work. And she'll be doing something managemetn / administration ensuring that whatever the actual work or job is is not done by the people.. Teh underlings. To ensure they are underpaid. Treated badly. To ensure they cut all the corners they can when tehey are not beign watched etc. Doing everything they can to stabotage and undermine...

That's the ideology. Teh kiwi way.

That's what we have this vision of.. Women's rights. That's what it consists of.

And the familiy is (in all that) living off of considerably less money than one professional salary.

You see.

that was the real point.

How to... Incapacitate. Teh professionals of the world.

That appears to be the actual or real aim or goal. So far as I can see...


So I suppose that a number of professionals would have been loaded onto the planes to NZ. And we have obligations to them as citizens or as NZ qualificatoin and valid visa holders.


When did NZ ever see fit to honor any of it's' contracts??


Re: paid for citizenship... paid for nz degrees...

Posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 1:21:31

In reply to paid for citizenship... paid for nz degrees..., posted by alexandra_k on August 23, 2021, at 1:15:44

Whatever. Parliament has been cancelled.

By Decree of the Prime Minster. Despite the protests of the opposition.

Future generations will look back on this as a dark period of New Zealand history.

Where we had every opportunity to develop a skilled workforce before the inevitable arrived...

Every opportunity to stock up on PPE.

Where the alleged or supposed clinicial leads all saw what was happening in Sydney and fled to Wanaka or hid on yachts...

And the nurses... Were supposed to have been striking last Thursday.

But didn't.


What will have to be the case to incapacitate.. PRevent. Prohibit them from... 'Working' in unsafe conditions?

Apparently raising the cost of parking won't do it.

Thieving their cars won't do it.

What do you have to do to have them call in sick?

This is the end of the thread.

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