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the function of law and lawyers

Posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 13:42:26

lawyers take on the constitution. They test it.

Like 2 year olds throwing a toddler tantrum that they don't get their way when it comes to getting a cookie from the cookie jar when they want it because it want it.

didn't you know?

It isn't that a situation or event arises in circumstances such that what appears to be (genuinely -- not arguably for the sake of argument) the standard take on something constitutional might not be in this case...

There isn't even a conception of what the law is supposed to be about.

There isn't a conception of natural justice.

There isnt' a concetpion of justice.

Of health.

Of flourishing.

Of growth.

Of development.

Of... Any of the things that make life meaningful or worthwhile.

Oh yeah.

Cause it's not.

Apparently NZ is heading towards being a republic. Says out mighty leader with the con-munications degree.

What does republic even mean?

Do you mean the government has chosen to uphold the rights of it's people?

Free the slaves? Pay the workers? Give peopel their qualifications when and only when they've actually met the regulations fo rthe Degree?


Maybe our politicians will have continuing education expectations that they study law? So they develop competence to pass laws all business as usual because it's the business. As usual. Instead of everythign needing to be hurried through under urgency to try and disguise the fact that they are inept.

It wouldn't be so bad that so many of the leaders and those with titles and those with all of the money were inept... If it wasn't for the fact that they refuse to allow other people to weigh in. Refuse to listen. The fact that they are unable to identify the good when they see it. And the fact that those with better capacity are completely ignored disregarded and never allowed.

We must always hire the unskilled cheapest person to do the job. It's NEVER about hiring the most qualified. Unless the qualifications are fraudulent, of course. Then hundreds of thousands must be paid to the people who don't have the capacity to know it when they see it...

The Wellington City Council wanted to sell the library, I think. That way they could fund a pay rise for themselves. OR similar.

But there was public protest. And after a lot of that they decided to invest in the earthquake strengthening work to keep it.

But then they only informed the public of a few of the quotes they obtained. Because of the bribes and kickbacks for themselves (which we cannot ever have any evidence of in NZ because our laws have carefully been constructed to make that so)...

And now it's squabble squabble squawk they want to invest in new technology that's likely not fit for purpose -- but only if they make the numbers come out cheaper.


HOw mjuch does it cost to represent NZ in Olympic Sport? The Olympic Committess seem to function same as everybody else... And I guess that's about the drug testing too. How they decide how much testosterone is appropriate for male to female transition athletes. They'll be introducing ADHD athletes, next, who get to have methamphetamine becaue that's what they need to perform to elite level and because they are willing an dable to pay...


'If that's what you think of us then that means we have permission to do that, then'.


That's what 'good reasoning' means.


You nailed it.


Re: the function of law and lawyers

Posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 13:58:06

In reply to the function of law and lawyers, posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 13:42:26

In word salad land where all there is is 'might is right' and 'my way or the highway' and that is the theory of morality and that is the theory of leadership and that is the theory of the inevitable and irrevokable way that things are in the world.

Didn't you know?

This land where 'everything is arguable' because people argue for arguments sake.

From first year philosophy to beyond:

Philosophy looks like this:

'nononononononononono I disagree'.
'nonononononono that doesn't follow'.
'but what do you meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean by x?'

And so now everything is arguable. By any rational person. Because what do you meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeean by 'rational'.

And things disintegrate or degerate into word salad. And 'that's your opinion' and 'truth is relative' and 'anything goes' is all part of 'my way or the highway' and 'might is right'.

There was a particular point in time where our leader of foreign affairs wanted to claim that she didn't speak English. That we were using words differently to every other nation. Refusing to state that something that uncontroversially met the criterion for 'genocide' constituted 'genocide' (according to the definition).

Actually disintegrating into private language. Metaphors created in order to obfuscate and ignore and hoodwink and swindle. Not to illuminate or clarify or illustrate. Mind numbing oppression and denial. Psychologically...

Where is my Degree?

ahahahhahhahhhahaahahaha you can't maaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake us ahahahhhahahhhahahhahhahha

Toddler two year olds throwing their tantrums.


Suppose there actually was a randomised double blind control trial that showed that 100mg of a particular drug resulted in death within 1 hour for 98 / 100 people. Just suppose that there was.

Then suppose that the NZ government (or just some random person from a NZ university) wanted to murder people. You know. Just for fun.

It would go like this:

We don't know that 99mg of that particular drug will kill people. We think it might be good for an off lisence use. We think it might cure diabetes in Maaori people, say. We will need to do an experiement to see. In the name of science research.

Rinse and repeat for all the doses. Right?

They just cherry pick (oooooooooooooooh magical word!!!!) whatever 'information' or 'research findings' that supports what they want and ignore the ones that don't support that (noooooooooooooooo that's you not me!! that's what you do!!!)

If you go with the usual thing of 95 per cent likely the findings are genuine and not chance then that means for every 100 studies you would expecct 5 per cent to have findings that are... Chance. And that's supposing bias is accounted for. Which it is not.

And then you spam studies. And only publish the ones you choose. Where you found something.

ANd we get word salad in much of the science research. And with much of the stats.

Which is why they want raw data to do their own stats.

But you can't trust our raw data.

They don't trust our raw data. They take raw data from us and we don't have anything to do with it's processing at all. Fro obvious reasons


It's quite the scam saying the DHB notes were hacked (pretending like an external did it). They are saying now that they refuse to pay a ransom (no evidence they were asked to pay a ransom) and that patients may be blackmailed over their medical notes.

ahahahha a lofty to call things 'medical notes' when they weren't written by trained clinicians. Hey.

Apparently some will go missing.

Yeah. No surprises there.

Destroying evidnce. That's what they call it in itnernational courts.

I don't believe NZ has the capacity to delete without a trace.

For obvious reasons.


Re: the function of law and lawyers

Posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 14:06:16

In reply to Re: the function of law and lawyers, posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 13:58:06

all the people who have been involuntarily detained in conditions of torture by fake and phoney clinicians who were hired precisely because they would work for cheap.

people given injections that were not prescribed by a clinician.
people put into seclusion for purposes of punishment because the people passing themsleves off as clinicians are sadistic.

all the people... abused by the district health board.

in the public hospital.

where the government is responsible.

and still.

and still.

and still.

and then the schools.

the public schools.

the fake teachers.

and the universities.

how many of the people with PhD's had their PhD thesis written for them by their supervisor or other people on their panel?

how many of the people employed at the univeersities (the public universities) are actively engaged in research?

i don't mean how many of them get their work published (nz universities won't get people's work to externals such that they have their work acknowledged by externals)..

i mean... departmental talks. how many academics actually give 1 (new and distinct) talk per year. on their research. the research they are actively engaged in? how many currently employed academics at universities are actually actively engaged in research?

how many are employed for the precise and specific purpose of bullying and harrassing and abusing and preventing and obstructing...

who are not at all qualified for their positoins. who do not do any of the most basic of things associated with the positons. or what the positions are supposed to be about?

the world.... melts. crumbles.

waiting for the judgment.

where is my degree??????????

f*ck*ng idiot psyschopaths.


Re: the function of law and lawyers

Posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 14:11:01

In reply to Re: the function of law and lawyers, posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 14:06:16

and the courts

and the police

and all of the things.

all of the things.

the point or purpose of the work and income people is to deprive and deny people of their most basic human rights.

that appears to be the job of everyone.

that appears to be the nature of the job.

it doesn't matter what the job descritpion is. that's the nature of the job -- right?

delay and obstruct and prevent and squabble and bicker and moan and mop up all of the money and do none of the work that's supposed to be done. stand in the way of the work being done. make sur ethe work is not done. not by you. not by anyone.

that's why we inist on getting children through quickly quicly quickly quickly quickly before they start to develop any kind of competence or develop any sort of understanding or appreciation for things that we don't want them to develop any sort of understanding or appreciation or sense of...

then pay them money to ensure they never develop.

nothing grows
nothing develops
nothing is produced

it's not plausible to think nz has multi million dollar IT companies.

not even a little bit plausible.

it' snot even a little bit plausible to think that rocket lab is anything to do with new zealand at all. antartica research.

there's nothing here


private security

Posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 14:16:58

In reply to Re: the function of law and lawyers, posted by alexandra_k on May 24, 2021, at 14:11:01

apparently that's how that goes,now.

St Johns is likely to hold you hostage keeping you in the back of an ambulance until you write a letter to the government saying:

'give St Johns and the hospital more money otherwise they will keep people locked up in ambulances out the back of the hospitals for 6+ hours. Give them more more money'

So an alternative. An 'alternative' (likely a government department set up to make more money for the government) is to hire a private security company.

So you call them instead of St Johns. ANd they take you to hospital if you need to go. And maybe they even stay with you. To ensure that the hospital staff don't lock you in a seclusion cell to force you to write letters to the government to give the hospital more money otherwise they will keep peopel on the floor in the hallway. Or they will people in seclusion cells.

I suppose you could call the mongrel mob. Maybe the NZ gangs will get in on teh security business. They've got guns now. Apparently. Teh police don't want to go where they are.

That's a level of safety. Keeping the polic eaway.

The police who do what???

To cry to the government for more money.

We don't have laws that will identify or recognise corrupton in NZ. This is just what we do to ensure that nothing develops here and good people cannot and will not do business.

This thing we like to call 'business' that results in things other countries like to call 'murder'

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