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our system of sanctions

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 10:02:10

the government is the major employer of new zealand.

they decide that if a 'beneficiary' (someone they refuse to pay a living wage to) refuses to turn up to court when summoned then they won't pay them anything at all.

they decide that if a 'chief execuitve'(someone they pay 6 or 9 or 12 people's living wage to) breaks the law then... well... we'll just change the laws around them. i mean... they are 'sorry' so that's okay. right? and also they didn't do it and they don't remember and it was all just fun and games and crocodile tears.

they broke the social contract.

i didn't get why Khan Academy was saying that in the beginning we have all these rights. to rape and murder and torture and abuse... to do whatever i want whenever i want because i want.

and then the social contract is my giving up those rights that i have.

in exhange for the government doing the most basic of things. delivering sanctions to people who do those things. imprisoning the rights violators.

but the government of new zealand has broken the social contract.


i don't know how it is they can walk down the street... i mean. i think they are learning they don't walk down the street of wellington anymore.


where is my degree?

for the work that i did?

where's my money?


they criminialise me.

call me a violent criminal.

the people who insist on keeping me in inhumane and substandard conditions.


f*ck*ng psychopaths


russell mcveagh

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 10:11:45

In reply to our system of sanctions, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 10:02:10

i was pretty sure the allegations were about rape.

i was pretty sure...

not groping. not sexual jokes.


of summer intern/s.

but there was out of court settlement and those allegations didn't make it to trial.

there was only some semblance of a trial at all because the allegations made it into the media.

and it was doing more reputational damage to russell mcveagh

(more reputational damage to the judiciary and to the lawyers who had association with that firm)

so they are doing damage control.

there is a peculiar type or kind of reasoning or logic that is employed in new zealand.

i don't believe it is reasoning or logic at all.

it's a torture devise from the dementors is all.

things like khan academy are very unfortunate (from the new zealadn governments point of view) because it provides content that makese sense.

unlike their own brands which simply don't.


basing the outcome of examiantion on reports of external examiners... couldn't be clearer. and when the regualtions say that in the case of re-enrolment and re-examination being required *the thesis will be returned to the canadidate* and when the external examiners refuse to return the thesis to the candidate despite the university requesting them to...

it is clear that the university doesn't have any basis to say the studnet is required to re-enrol and undergo re-examiantion.

it couldn't be clearer.

and yet here we are... 3 years later.

where is my degree?

where is my place in the next training programme? the one they were required to offer me. because they have this objective system of selection.

oh. but that objective system of selection was just a pretence. a farce. a hoax. a scam. it was a lie. they don't actually offer training places on the bsais of their objective system of selection.

and so now they pay.

they broke the social contract.

they were requierd to train me.

they pay.

they pay

they pay

they pay

they pay

they pay

they pay


nz history curriculum and white privaledge

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 12:44:43

In reply to russell mcveagh, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 10:11:45

apparently we are going to start teaching white privaledge in our schools.

i mean, we have been teaching white privaledge since forever... but now we are going to teach it very explicitly, as such.

the story goes...

maaori have never stood a chance in the face of colonialism. they never really were offered opportunities to be educated and so on that some (let's face it) some... white folk were.

and this white privaledge. this idea of white supremacy... where a few.. just a certain special chosen few children of the elite whites were to collect up all the money and the resources and the educational qualifications and the training places and the very best jobs (the chief executive of the mangerial administration of managers who is above the law because the laws are written to mandate everythnig that they do and decree)...

and this idea of white supremacy and white privaledge will be used not only to teach maaori (and pacifica and also chinese) their proper place in new zealand historically and through to this very day. it will also be used to induce guilt upon the poor white who have been excluded from the white supremacist agenda. the trailor trash white. the homeless white. the white thrown to the abusers and so on. they will be blamed (guilted and shamed) for all of the actions and vices of the elite white.

and so they will teach this explicitly int he schools now. the proper places historically and through to this present day.

and so now the kids can undersetand why it is that they don't have a chance. that they never will have a chance. that there are no opportunities. that they won't get an education. and so on.

it will all be explicitly taught in the schools.

it's how we do.

like the inter-generatioanl study of poverty. wehere we write down (for our sh*ts and giggles) the horrible state of poverty and oppression and the awful effects of that.

and we just write it all up... write up all that we see. for the amusement of the elite white.

hahahhahhhahhahaha and what are you going to do about it?

apparently it is costly to punish. that's the elite white propaganda. so if you choose to speak up... the game is... if you speak up... then you will be punished. to make it more costly for your having spoken up than for your being silent.

that's the game they are very committed to.

that's the game they appear to be playing with the courts.

timliness is part of justice. so... paying reparation that increases as time goes on... for not putting things right in a timely fashion.

so there is an incentive to put things right in a timely fashion.

hemorrhaging money for delays.

not this slllllllllllllllllow doooooooooooooooown allllllllllllllllex
(and another 100,000 rolls over for me)
waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaait. iiiiiiiiiiiiii didn't quiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiite uuuuuuuuuuuuunderstaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand
(and another 100,000 rolls over for me)
buuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuut waiiiiiiiiiiiiiit. what about thisssssssssssssssssssss
(and another 100,000 rolls over for me)

see that game (when teh delays profit the offender) is not justice.

social contract and all that.

people are starting to get weaponed up in nz. to protect themselves from teh government and the administration. yup. supplied from overseas. because the government and adminstration has had too much control over the maaori gangs. doing deals with them (e.g., allowing them to stop the public in the name of covid. the roadblocks etc. allowing them to prevent people from going about their lawful business. bullying them into going away).

the sort of dodgey deals they do to keep the peace.

turning a blind eye to things.

refusing to prosecute the people who create noise and violence in neighbourhoods.

and so on.


Re: nz history curriculum and white privaledge

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 12:51:07

In reply to nz history curriculum and white privaledge, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 12:44:43

i mean chris hipkins was teaching us all about white privaledge when he showed us the education packs that were going to be sent to the kids up north during covid lockdown.


Re: our system of sanctions

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 13:07:25

In reply to our system of sanctions, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 10:02:10

the point being that it isn't that it's costlier to punish.
it's costlier not to punish.
it's costilier to not punish offenders.
then people take justice into their own hands, you see.
and 1 person can't do due process all by themselves.
so there will start to be all kinds of collateral damage.
errors of judgement and the like.

also failure to punish...

good people can't do business with new zealand when new zealand will cheat and lie and swindle and reneg if it thinks it can get away with it.

it's tiresome trying to do business with someone you have to stand over and babysit.

its like new zealand is a three year old throwing three year old tantrums.

the world has to put it into timeout periodically.
trade sanctions.

refusing to allow people to come here until it is safer for them.
presently... our tourism industry doesn't follow the most basic of health and safety regulations thus putting so very many people's lives at risk.
couple that with a dysfunctional health system...

responsible countries can't let their people come here, anymore.

to risky.

on the 'recommended not to travel there' list.
for the safety and wellbeing of their people.

this was pre-covid.
it will be post-covid.

our idiot economics leaders think we are squandering our covid advantage.
they think that since we didn't have community transmission when other countries were in teh midst of the pandemic we had this distinct and unique advantage...


their view of it...

attract high value people who wouldn't come here otherwise.

particularly: healthcare workers.

that is to say... we thought we could gruby grrub grub up cheap healthcare workers because of our unique covid free status.

we desired

we desired

the deserters.

the people who were trained to help sick people who turncoated and fled (get this) *abandoning their own families*. that's the thing. i could understand contientious objection to what was going on in many healthcare settings as a desire to leave (but then you have to factor what will happen in our hospitals when our wave finally gets here)...

we wanted people who were prepared to abandon their families.

we thought these people were high value.


there's a divide and conquer about it...

when i think on it.

i can think of the fate of many of my close friends, in nz.

this one... his wife is paid very well indeed. he's expected to live by the grace of her. no income of his own. her house-pet.

that one... again for that.

another one... yeppers. same story.

one more... yup. that's the idea.

something in the news... this south african guy. deemed high value.

they have him a very very high paying job.

to keep his wife and 2 daughers.

we won't let the daughters be local. they need to international student full fee pay... so he pays for them to study overseas... correspondance. you know. so we pay him to keep his women at home...

another one... a husband and wife pair both doctors.

one is offered work. the other... will never work in new zealand.

that's how we do.

create inequality.


divide and conquer.

always picking and choosing the oppressor and teh oppressed.

addicted to the dynamic.


Re: our system of sanctions

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 13:16:37

In reply to Re: our system of sanctions, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 13:07:25

that's how we keep our rate of domestic violence so high.
the inequality, like that.
concentrating the wealth in the hands of a few...
until it's not safe for them to walk down the street anymore...
the hoards of zombies.
the homeless
those kept homeless
those kept moving moving moving moving
crying for 20 food grant here and there
moving moving moving moving moving
life expectancy of... 40?
because of the preference for pedophilia over the abuse of adults.
people like cutsie wide eyed-ness.
they like to abuse things that have never been abused so badly before
and eventually their imaginations runs out.

i know things have changed since i wrote my thesis.

we now have a capital gains tax.
higher than other countries even. in something of a reparation for our not having had one before.
there has been a cap on salaries over 100,000 per year.
they will start keeping records on how much they are paying on external contracts
(apparently 1 surgeon got over 1 million dollars for 1 year of covid lock-down (when most surgical procedures were cancelled)).

we aren't going to do anything about the contracts.
we are just going to record the white privaledge.
for the entertainment of future generations.

and of course there will be all these special exceptions and loopholes carefully built in to ensure that nothing changes.

or that things change as slowly as possible.

i mean...

if you get 1 million per year for things not chanaging then:

whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? nooooooooooooooooooooooo speakkkkkkkkkkkkkkk-y english. nooooooooooooo you are smaaaaaaaaaaaaaarter than meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. explaiiinnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn more slooooooooooooooooooly...



until you get your face smashed in with hammer.

or 'young person dies. the police say there is nothing suspicious'.

seems the most effective solution. given the game they chose to play. i don't really see another one...

i'm not really seeing inspiring or motivating...

i'm seeing...


for sure.


Re: our system of sanctions

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 13:30:09

In reply to Re: our system of sanctions, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 13:16:37

i am mindful that the news i see are the stories they want for me to see...

i'm not being overly paranoid or whatever.

i'm pretty centred, really. my view is really quite clear, really.

all the external effort and work and energy and expense that has gone into keeping new zealand from developing. preventing development.

keeping people sick and oppressed and slaving...

the whole country is under-productive. only invests in things that are... costly fitness traps. dead ends. like the constant subsidies of the aluminum smelter at the bottom of the south island. the government was just going to keep on throwing money into it... a dead end. a heavy polluter.

and cows. dairy.

i guess what will happen.

yawn. it's happened everywhere else. nobody sees it coming. yawn.

i guess what will happen...

is the kids who study computer science... as the government refuses to invest in them they develop their proficiency at hacking and stabotage...

i mean... the basic idea is...

look at the position that i am in. being held up. involuntarily detained. in statis. waiting for justice. waiting for justice. waiting for justice. filing and refiling and rerefiling and waiting for justice.

why wouldn't i just hack into my transcript and change it to what it is supposed to say? what are they going to do about that?

they don't pay me. why don't i just hack into the payroll and then they pay me. suppose they find out about it. what are they going to do about it?

suppose i develop a software system that is fit for purpose and the govenrmet refuses to fund it. purchases some other one that is worse because of nepotism. so suppose then i hack into it. sieze it.

they didn't fund the development of my company when they should have because of nepotism or whatever. so demand the fees otherwise they can't use their system anymore.

i suppose that's what happened... back in the early days... of IT.

of course it's different now... you cant get going or started doing anyting liek that because you would be identified as someone with the capability / capacity and they would keep an eye on you...

so it's a non-starter. i get that.

but once upon a time.

and so i get that...

you know... holding up the stock exchange transactions until new zealand pays...

the thing is... the new zealand government says the situation is that they are basically some kind of terrorist (but of course they never identify them or prosecute them). because i suppose the reality of the situation is that it is people getting what they were supposed to have got. gettin gnew zealand to actually honor it's contract.

i would imagine that's the nature of most of it.

likely there's an international tribunal or whatever. and decisions about what 'trade sanctions' are reasonable. the idea being to incentive people to paly the right game. what game would that be?

to allow the people to develop.

for genuine productivity.

but there's this pathology in new zealand...

apparently there's some animal abusing lady who was found guilty in austliran courts. instead of facing the legal consequences in australia she moved to new zealand. she started abusing animals there.

did we deport her?

apparently it's unclear we can do that lawfully...

but since when did that ever stop the government doing anything?

no problem unlawfully search and siezing stuff. but extraditing when that was our legal obligation.

only the involuntary.
only the unlawful.

upside down and f*ck*ng back to front land.

make-y no sense-y


Re: our system of sanctions

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 13:51:25

In reply to Re: our system of sanctions, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 13:30:09

i'm a bit concerned for my nephew.
i don't know him very well. at all, really.
his dream is to study his phd in new york, i think.
then work as an academic.
i don't think he was opposed to or objecting to the idea of working in new zealand as an academic.
but he was determined to go to the usa.
because he said they wouldn't hire him to work, here, if he did his phd, here.
and that seems right.
what they say.
what they say to the arts students.
doing a phd in new zealand in the arts is...
something you do when you...
perhaps don't actually have the capacity to do any such thing.
don't actually have a project to be working on.
don't really have anything to say.
then your advisor and panel and externals can write it for you.
a sort of group-work project where you cross out 5 things per page and add 5 things per page.
and sort of end up with some post-modernist essay generated sounding thing that everybody will agree (reluctantly) scrapes you a pass...
once you have taken the maximum possible time.
at which point you are expected to be proud of this piece of technical perfection.
no typographical errors because of the millions of people hours that have gone into scouring it for those kinds of things.
such a beautiful piece of art.
you can sit it on your book shelf at home and visitors will peruse the mighty tome in awe of your accomplishment.
and not a single typo!

and that's what it is.
a trophy.
of something...
in the water.
a non-starter.
to signify...
the lack of career.

it's not engaging in research.
it's something different entirely.

he also wanted to learn ancient languages and there's nothing like that, here.

but so he gets some kind of financial support.
not enough to break even. but some...
i don't know how much of his own funds he needs to contribute.
by all accounts he is not living frugally.
so i don't know how much at least part of things...
is on him. with respect to that...

so he does a 2 year masters and teaching.
and apparently he did well and they were pleased with it.

but he didn't get in to any phd programme.
he didn't say how many he applied to.

so they have offered to...
he's doing another masters with them...
and they are giving him more teaching work.

so that's a 1 year masters he did in NZ (it credits as 1 year work but his supervisor was dying of cancer so they conned him into working more slowly taking 2 years to complete the 1 year of work).
then another 2 year masters in the usa...
and now he's doing another 2 year masters in the usa...

and it's starting to sound a bit like...

a bit like how they took me for a fool?


that's what they did -- right?



i did what i was supposed to do.

i did my work and i submitted it for external examination.

and then i saw... the lengths they were willing to go to (the laws they were willing to break) in order to refuse to give me the qualification that i had earned.

and it's strange, really, because the MPhil qualification from teh Univesrity of Waikato is, by their very own advertising campaign for it, a 'I am a gamma baby' sort of a qualification to have. I mean... a 120 point MPhil credits as only 1 year of work. A 1 year research masters, again. 50,000 words long. How good can external examiners expect it to be -- working under those constraints.

I mean... What's the alternative? It's a slavery degree? A degree whereby teh studnet slaves indefinately while not reciving the qualificatin?

There is something in this...

LIttle glimpses or glimmers that I've seen every now and then.

When I was saying 'it's just a 1 year Masters Degree I've done amasters before I know I can do one what's teh f*ck*ng problem???' and she was like 'but this is a *terminal* degree'.

I don't know.

There's some bargaining or negotiating thing that I don't get.

I do get that the leaders of New Zealand think that people are idiots if they pursue knowledge (e.g., wanting to take longer to get a qualification because you want to learn langages or wanting to study overseas so you can learn from people who are genuinely productive)... Because they just got their qualifications as quickly as possible. Sucked up to the supervisors as much as possible. Paid whatever bribes they demanded, I guess. To get their piece of paper. Haha!!! To take the highest paying job they could find... To grub their way up the money tree...

I think there is this thing, now, with PhD's where thtey just see what they can get you to do...

And you are supposed to cut your losses at some point. That is to say to move on from the whole academic thing entirely. And they see what you do. And they decide from that whether they will acknowledge you as having completed your degree or not.

So, for example...

The people who finish their degree in philosophy and then don't get any job at all. Don't find one. Don'tn get anything. They likely will get tehir Degree.

Or if you get a job in... A supermarket? That's what you do -- right? Whe you are finishing off your PhD? Move home with your parents and get a job in a supermarket?

Then they will probably get you your Degree.

But probably only if your job involves you paying the supermarket for your uniform. And for a training course. And for parking. And so on. Otherwise no. No job for you.

Yeah. About that white privaledge.


Re: our system of sanctions

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 14:03:39

In reply to Re: our system of sanctions, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 13:51:25

they said i needed to do a 1 year qualification to be eligible for entry to medicine in nz.

that was the only reason why i enrolled in that qualification. because they said i needed to enrol in a qualification that was at least 1 year long and that one allowed me to keep my previous GPA.

which is a pro now that they engage very very partiuclarly in this process of grade fixing.

i was pretty sure my previous grades would be good enough. so all i need to do is (according to them) finish 1 year of work in 1 year. sure. no problem.

so they refuse to get it to external examiners. refuse to allow them to sign me off. refuse to calcuate my GPA according to their own algorithm...

they say they only consider *full time* GPA. appparently that's because they don't want to allow an advantage to people to take only 1 course per year and do really really well because of the light work-load.

which seems fair. which seems reasonable. yes. understood.

but nowdays they engage in this process of grade fixing or grade adjustment to justify choices they have already made. so they can say to someone they didn't meet the GPA requirement because they fiddled their grades or adjusted their grades because they wanted this kid over there in and that other kid over there out. that kind of a thing. i am fairly sure that is what they do. because the university council retains the right to alter grades apparently. and, well, why wouldn't they if they are getting away with it? and from everything i have seen... i'm sure they do.


what this means... is that when i'm enrolled and i see that they plan to flunk me to keep my gpa down... because i'm actually doing alirght in chemistry (despite never having studied it in school) so they start saying 'come see me' (which i know is code for 'so we can abuse you' -- and so i don't go) and so they start to fail me. give me failing grades for my assignments.

so i drop out of everything.

to preserve my gpa.

and i did. i preserved my gpa.


what lengths are they prepared to go to?

are they going to start falsifying my transcript now?

they say...

they say that new zealand qualifications depreciate in value. they say that the reason i needed to do a new degree was because my previous degree was completed more than 5 years ago. and even though i stayed active in academia (wrote publication, gave a numbe rof seminars and so on) they say that the degree depreciates with time since graduation.

tehy just refuse to acknowledge it.

new zealand universities refuse to acknowlege new zealadn university degrees.

they sort of self-destructed, really.

they showed that tehy dno't follow their objective criterion for medical selection at all.

they just pick whoever they want for whatever arbitrary reasons they want...

so now teh new zealand pubilc can see why we have so many bribring murdering rapists wokring in the public hopsitals.


Re: our system of sanctions

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 14:08:49

In reply to Re: our system of sanctions, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 14:03:39

oh, and law, of course.

i'm sure it wasn't just russell mcveigh where the senior partners were putting their paws all over the interns.

a blatant display or show of power. i do whatever i want whenever i want because i want. i am oblivious of or ignorant of the laws. the laws don't apply to me.

don't you want to be like me! don't you want to do anything i say whenever i say because i say on the off chance that you strike it lucky and get a fraction of the powers that have been conferred upon me!

i mean...

otago starts the nonsense at second year law camp.

and if the behavior is wrong then, well, why doesn't the law professor in attendance speak out about that?


well then, best give him a promotion and have him teach the auckland law students then!


Re: our system of sanctions

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 14:55:28

In reply to Re: our system of sanctions, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 14:08:49

actually, he's probably alright.

their masters is two years because they have a coursework component. so he's getting instruction in languages. ancient ones. and there are different ones. greek and egyptian and latin and... i don't even know... and everytime he learns a new one there's a bit of time it takes to develop proficiency...

i remember reading that NYU (and other universities too) get, like 30,000 applications or whatever. from undergrads rather than phd's admittedly. and from general rather than specific programmes. but it's the dream of many. or a dream of many. i do get that if every applicant puts in 20 applications then you would expect universities to get 20x as many applicants as there are places if... the world works out okay. basically. where people can do what they want if they want it. work at what they want to work on. you get what i mean.

he's doing what he wants. in the sense of studying what he wants to study and teaching. not his ideal location or ideal programme... but i suppose he will become a stronger applicant with more language proficiency. i think he has particular reasons (academic ones) why he wants to go where he wants to go... so...

he's viable.

i'm not.

i'm a slave to the courts while i live on disability in the face of everyone pretending to be too stupid to follow the rules because the rules don't apply to our esteemed leaders.

it's a different thing, entirely.


Re: our system of sanctions

Posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 20:19:15

In reply to Re: our system of sanctions, posted by alexandra_k on May 19, 2021, at 14:55:28

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