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chief ombudsman peter boshier

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 13:20:00

paid half a million dollars per year

launches an investigation into how he's employed for that role when it's like he's had his eyes poked out.

he doesn't see anything wrong.

only mild little preferences that he has.

no human rights violations.


when he does his announced inspections and he only looks very carefully where he's said he would look however many months prior.

and of course they *still show him atrocitie*.

just enough so he's implicated there.

just enough so he's on the record there.

as the incompetent *ss who is paid so much precisely because he refuses to do his job.

he's the enbler.

he's the person they pay to go 'good good good good good carry on'.

they shold put him in prison for his crimes.

let him write his memoirs about how he doesn't see anything wrong from the inside.

see if he can work to improve conditions for people on teh inside when his fate is tied to theirs.

none of this 'we'll just issue you a new passport and identity in nz and keep you on payroll here to condone other cimes and say that you died' nonsense.



Re: chief ombudsman peter boshier

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 13:25:41

In reply to chief ombudsman peter boshier, posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 13:20:00

the UN has been at NZ for a while now to clean up it's act.

all the people in nz involutnarily detained.

asylum seekers (we hold them as criminals until they supply enough money to us for us to relase them with citizenship and passports). how soon will they cough up enough money for us to release them? how poorly can we keep them to sufficiently motivate and inspire their families back home to send us money.

would you like to do business with new zealand?

kids. in state care institutions. institutions of child abuse. state ones. church ones. school ones. private school ones i mean to say. people will pay money to get to abuse children and to get to watch children being abused. it's a lucrative small business opportunity for anyone who wants to operate in new zealand!!!

would you like to do business with new zealand?

older people. now that we've made our money off on housing... keeping the people sick. it's about time to get busy investing in private hospitals. yeah? aged care facilities? you can make a great deal of money feeding tehm to each other in teh slops. enhancing the degeneration... taking all their money and all their assets in exhange for the rpomise of a less painful death. i mean, otherwise.... oh the fun and games that are to be had.

would you like to do business in new zealand?

i don't see any good.

not seeing it.

someone is... uh... trying to teach me some kind of a lesson???

in... uh... what, exactly???

oh. that the world is irrevokably f*ck*d up and evil. right... suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure.

that's what they tell themselves so they feel better about their crimes.

i understand that.


Re: chief ombudsman peter boshier

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 13:31:54

In reply to Re: chief ombudsman peter boshier, posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 13:25:41

the worse they keep me the better about themselves they feel you see.

they go 'what choice did i have? i could commit my crimes and get rich and have fun... the only other alternative was for me to live a life like.... you. and you have nothing. and people just abuse you. and there's absolutely nothing you can do about it'.


who wants to do business with new zealand?

the people with all the power. all the money... all the degrees. all the credit. all the ideas (take them take them claim them profit for yourself!!!) the mob...

maybe they value you..

they go on about valuable people in the media at the moment.

we want high value immigrants. not the rubbish we've been getting so far is the implication. becuase why pass up the oppportunity to throw a little abuse at the least powerful? if you can get away with it, that is...

so this idea that the trouble with new zealands present position is that we marketed to teh low value immigrants. the ones without skills or qualifcations (that is to say the ones whose money we took and we refused to provide them with or acknowlege tehm as having skills or qualifications).

yes that's the trouble.

not with the immigrants.

without our psychopathic treatment of them.

where is my degree? for the one year of work that i did you for you in 2018?

there is this thing about the lack of timely justic ebeing the lack of justice.

new zealadn REFUSES to provide justice. REFUSES To allow it.

there is no justice here.

just a bunch of people (growing growing growing) bringing in better supplies of guns.

looking forward to making new friends peter boshier?

what country did you plan to retire to with all your new zealand government funds?

do you expect they'll get you for money laundering if you try and travel with money you got from the nz government?

i mean... where did the nz government get your money from?


i had to do a 1 year qualification from a nz uni

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 13:40:31

In reply to Re: chief ombudsman peter boshier, posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 13:31:54

because out degrees depreciate in value.

the new zealand univeristies decreed that a qualification from a nz university granted more than 5 years ago isn't worth anything. because the skills and knowledge deteriorates and is obliterated after 5 years.

that's what they say.

and the courts go 'okay'

even when the justices law degrees were conferred more than 5 years ago.

even when the vc and the dean's degrees were conferred more than 5 years ago.

because it turns out, really, that degrees don't mean anything...

they start fiddling the transcript, now. start altering the course codes so the course codes don't match anyting listed in the calendar.

so if someone from overseas goes 'university of waikato -- never heard of it. is that some rubbish pay for a degree university where you pay tehm money and they give you a degree when you didn't do the work'

(a university where you do the work and they don't give you your degree)

and the answer to that question...

what the university of waikato has chosen to do...
what the universities of new zealand have chosen to do...
what the courts of new zealand appear to be in thep rocess of choosing to do:

is saying 'yes'. 'that's right'. 'we choose to not give studnets who have completed their work to international standarsd of scholarship their degrees. because we don't like wha tthey say. and in order for you to get a degree from us you need to take at least 2x the normal standards time thus proclaiming to the world that you are sllllllllllllllllloooooow worker (so no pay for you) or likely what will happen is that your supervisors and so on will write it for you (so it's plagarised). or force you to make changes which constitute lying about your data. 'cleaning' it we call call it. throiwng out outliers and making up data points'

and so on.

it's what we choose. it's what we have chosen.

we hunted about the world for people we believed to be vulnerable. people who we believed would be powerless in the face of whatever we wanted to do to them.

then we enrolled them in degrees...

and put them to work (or not. we don't care actually).

and we collect money for them. we collect money for them. we collect money for them.

we hold them as hostages.

we collect money for them.

and the money we get.... goes to pay peter boshier to say he doesn't see anything wrong with the way we keep asylum seekers until they pay ransoms set by the government.

and the money we get... goes to pay ashley bloomfield to brek the law with impunity. and the money we get... goes to pay the ce of the auckland district health board to hire bullies to abuse people until they learn not to present fo rhelp frm the public system.

see what we do with the money we get?

it's not respoinsble to give the nz governmetn money. the choices they make.


Re: i had to do a 1 year qualification from a nz uni

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 13:54:37

In reply to i had to do a 1 year qualification from a nz uni, posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 13:40:31

and they get sick and.... they don't care.

they have their little vial of poison or whatever to crack when the people come knocking on their door. when tehy know their time is up. when they know the world isn't going to put up with tehir atrocities anymore.

and they go 'oh well at least i had a good life. right? a life with money and riches and titles and powers. and there isn't anything in the afterlife anyway. and i only did the best i could. to get by. and there wasn't any other option for me, anyway. and of course i was just following orders. following instructions. and if i didn't do that... then my lot in life would have been'

my one.

because the new zealand government won't do anything about the pedophiles and murders and rapists. won't do anything about the liars and the swindlers and the cheats. won't do anything about any of that.

and so you have the vicitms.

and you have people who... step up. sometimes. go back that pedophiles head in with a hammer to prevent them reoofending. to stop their offending. because you know teh government won't do anything. if the government finds out about their activities they'd likely get a pay rise! tehy'd be promoted to head of a public school!!

and then there's a gory crime... and that person gets locked up.

so the prisons come to be populated with the people who stood up for themselves and / or people they cared about. in the face of a governmetn who refused to do any fot he most basic things that it was supposed to do. providing enabling conditions for peple to go about lawful business. locking up. preventing. sanctions. for the worst offenders. setting an example of them.

instead the example the government chose to set was that you best do what uncle jimmy wants you to do when he wants you to do it because he wants to convey to you that he has unlimited power to harm and he chooses to use it to do that because...

and we are very very invested int hat.

just following orders.

there was no alternative.

that's teh excuse.


so hey wehere's my money??????

for the degree i did.

whcih you told me to do.

you wanted m eto write you a thesis.

i wrote you a thesis.

if you wanted me to write one that was motivaing and inspiring and good and kind...

it was.





I say to the f*ck-tard in powers.



and they still want more.

here go the dementors:

'rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwk rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwk rawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwk noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo that's yoooooooooooooooooooou. you are the one who 'still wanted more'. you could have been a philosophy academic. but that wasnt' good enough for you. you wanted to be more. you wanted to be better. you thought you were better than us. but hahahhahhahhahaha you aren't even as good as us!!! you can't even complete a research degree hahahahahhahahahha that'll teach you!!! you will see!!!'

because they belive life is a hierarchy.
because they believe they are stuck doing something they themselves don't value or see merit in (philosophy) and they believe that peopel who study medicine are better than them.

all these garbage beliefs.

i don't get to do something that I want to do because of all their garbage beliefs.

if they want to study medicine why don't they look into what is required to do that and get busy working on that, then?

that's what i did. they determined that that must be futile.

that justifies their decision not to do that.

it's pointless.

so they'll jlust poke at me.

their f*ck*ng stupd idea of hierarchy.

their f*ck*ng stpuid.

i didn't think i was better than them when i wanted to do medicine.

but they have certainly set out to teach me some kind of a lesson as to how they are better than me.

and their choice to do that...

meant that i realised... i was better than them.

because i never would have done that to them.

but they chose to do that to me.

and that's the thesis they got.

the choices they made.


Re: i had to do a 1 year qualification from a nz uni

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 14:02:10

In reply to Re: i had to do a 1 year qualification from a nz uni, posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 13:54:37

nobody is teaching me any kind of a lesson at all that philosophy has value and that we need people to do philosphy and we need people to be good at philosophy and we need people to do all kinds of things.


it's obviosu to anyone with half a brain that we need diveristy. all the things.

one way of viewing why new zealadn is so f*ck*ng retarded is becaus eof the moral depravity. the lack of moral sense.

that's what's preventing technology. everything. that's what's preventing everything. the lack of sense of morality.

i know.

everyone has determined to be to make it so to teache mea lesson.


I see where the money goes.

They pay Peter Boshier to be Ombudsman. to see no evil.
They pay Ashley Bloomfield tobe health genral whatever. to violate the law with impunity. to set that example.
They pay the CE of the ADHB to arrange for abuse of peple who ask for help from the plublic sector.

That's where the money goes.

The choices they make.

suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuure. the developed world is just gonna send us vaccines out of teh kindness of hteir hearts while we cry for handouts while refusing to contribute to the cost of development.

while refusing to honor our international obligations. to human rights. to decency.


that's plausible.



Re: i had to do a 1 year qualification from a nz uni

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 14:07:50

In reply to Re: i had to do a 1 year qualification from a nz uni, posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 14:02:10

and there are people who *want* to do it.

the issue is that we would *only* hire and promote...

well, we went the low road.

we chose to hire people who don't produce. who won't produce. perhaps who can't produce. people who will be motivated to ensure that they prevent others from producing. people who don't see value in what they do. who don't really do.

the university chose to employ people who are not really involved in research. people who aren't producing so much as even one new paper or talk or idea or whateve per year.

they chose to do that.

of all the people who applied (even when they don't really publically advertise) they choose the people who don't value the field.

they chose to hire people who don't see value in the field.

i'm not their mother.
i'm not their therapist.

they have money to pay a therapist.
they won't.

they'll just take it out on the people around them.

they have the power.

why wouldnt they when they get away with it. when it's what we value in new zealand. people with power abusing people without power. that's why you want power -- right? all the abuses you can do with it.

this country makes no f*ck*ng sense because 'might is right' and thebiggest bully gets the way is the only language they understand.

everybody is too busy grubbing up the money grub tree to function. it's arbitrary what you do for your money grub. you can be ce of this that AND the other. it's all... just a big money grub.

preventing whatever it ist hat the job was nominally for or about.

the job that was nominally about x because of... internatioal obligations that we lacked the capacity to undertand the reason / rationale for and chose to employ people to stabltage / undermine it.

would you like to do business with new zealand??


Re: i had to do a 1 year qualification from a nz uni

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 14:14:51

In reply to Re: i had to do a 1 year qualification from a nz uni, posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 14:07:50

slooooooooooooooooooooooooow dooooooooooooooooooooooown neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew zeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealand. things are mooooooooooooving tooooooooooooooooooooooooo faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaast.

alex has to wait 3 generaions to get credit for the 1 year of work she did in 2018

while peter boshier gets half amillion per year!!!


and ashley bloomfield gets half a million per year!!!


does he send his kids to harvard? i'm sure he purchased only the very very best grades for them.

did you get to make clear to your sons teachers that your sons get excellence (what else did you buy? head of this, that, the other club? head of a sports team? hall monitor?) otherwise you will withdraw financial support from teh school... have the teacher labelled pedophile and qualification revoked...

so your sons can be medical doctors just like you? in new zealand? so they can do that with lets see...

chris whelan will arrange for them scholarships -- right?

they'll get new zealand government scholarships to cover the entire cost of their public school educatio in new zealand - right? for the cheapest medical degree in teh developed world.

is that the plan?

or are you going to full fee lpay them to go to harvard? or someplace in the USA?

i guess it depends on whether they have a modicum of actual ability or talent because you can only throw so much money at things...

and why would they want any of that, anyway.

why wouldn't they just be lazy bums. I mean... Dad earns enough for...

100,000 for dad
100,000 for mum
100,000 for eldest son
100,000 for other son

we can share and we'll all be okay -- right?

it's the kiwi way.

pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooor new zealand.

poooooooooooooooooooooooooor poooooooooooooooooooooooooor pooooooooooooooooooor us.

all the money we spend enabling ashley bloomfield to break the laws with impunity.

we need to cry for foreign handouts.

we don't have neough money.

we cry.

like that's the f*ck*ng problem


Re: i had to do a 1 year qualification from a nz uni

Posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 17:43:25

In reply to Re: i had to do a 1 year qualification from a nz uni, posted by alexandra_k on May 17, 2021, at 14:14:51

and then there's sarah dalton ce of the salaried medical specialists. that is to say specialist doctors (maybe including gp's not sure) who are employed by the government more directly... by a dhb. rather than being indpenendently contracted (where their salaries can be over 1 million per year, appaerently).


well... i think the whole nation remembers the time she was cry cry cry cry crying crying cry cry crying for how the hospitals needed MORE MONEY becuase there wasn't enough money to hire clinical staff and clinial staff were swamped.

clinical staff were swamped
clinical staff were swamped
clinical staff were swamped

and then they asked her about how many people had been presenting to the ER during the lockdown. and it turned out the ERs were about empty for many weeks during initial stages. and all elective procedures were cancelled. the doctors certainly did not want to set foot inside hospitals during a pandemic. they were too moneied with optinos for that one.

so there weren't people presenting.

and yet there she was blatantly crying ot the camera


becuase they were swamped.

because after paying her. after paying her salary so she can have a cry to the government for MORE MONEY

there isn't enough moeny for clinical staff.

there never will beenough money for clinical staff to meet all genuine need.

that's the business model.

that's what they've committed to.

we're paying our CE's hudreds of thousands to cry for more money more money more money instead of them doing the job for whcih they trained...

and their greed knows no bounds.

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