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there aren't any jobs

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:42:30

the government is the major employer and there aren't any meaningful jobs.

they hire (over and over and over) sexual offenders to work in the schools. they honestly believe that these are the best teachers. i guess the issue is that these are the teachers who will not complain about various things... in exhange for them turning a blind eye on their behaviour.

that's the nature of the social contract with the government.

don't expect us to do what we are supposed to do... and we will turn a blind eye to your offenses...

that's the nature of the social contract.

which is barely anything at all above nasty bruitish and short.

which is nasty bruitish and short.

and it permeates everything.

keeping people (at great cost) in substandard and inhumane conditions. keeping people in those conditions.

how much does it cost to keep people in emergency accommodation?

how much does it cost to keep people in hospital?

how much does it cost to keep people in prison?

how much does it cost to keep people in care homes?

where does all the money go?

why aren't the buildings maintained?

why don't you hire kind and competent and knowledgeable people... oh yeah... they won't work in those conditions.

maybe if we starve them or keep them on the streets for long enough we will enduce them to work in those conditions.


or maybe they'll start blowing up pockets of organisation they believe are excluding them / preventing their way of life...

maybe they'll start smashing people over the heads with hammers.

maybe they'll start pissing on the side-walks.

so if you dare show your face on teh streets you'll be assaulted nd the smell of the piss will be everywere. people marking tehir terrotory.

how low can we go?


imagine lower!!!


Re: there aren't any jobs

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:45:44

In reply to there aren't any jobs, posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:42:30

where is my degree?

where is my degree for the work that i did?

where is my degree?

i met the entry criterion and you were required to train me.

do your job
do you job
do your job

the job for which you are paid.

i know you want me to come after you with a beat stick and smach your f*ck*ng in head in.

i knooooooooooooow.

then you will b elike 'well i deserved that for my crimes and hahahahahhahahahaha now you are just like me!! you see you are just lik eme!!!

the f*ck*ng dementors.

it is concentration camp island.

the world sends it's criminals here.

nobody else can function here.

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