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and there goes the health system.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 18:02:43

so we are getting rid of the district health boards and replacing them with a national agency.

because national agencies have been doing so well (not).

our vaccine roll-out is slower than australia.

a bunch of people were offered and took vaccines when they shouldn't have been.

a bunch of people were not offered vaccines (or they were not made convenient for them to obtain them) who should have been.

the whole thing has been a debarcle. last year the GPs hoarded the flu vaccine. this year we still have hoarding. nothing much happened the first few weeks because a bunch of people who shuoldn't have had them refused to roll them out to anybody at all until they had had both their shots.


so now the district health boards are being axed.

but they will be replaced by a centralised government agency that will, no doubt, turn out to be just as corrupt.

they want to get rid of the post code lottery as they put it where provision of health services depends on which region you live in.

they would rather it be dependent on the arbitrary whims of politicians, no doubt.

like visa exemptions. which are processed (or not) by government.

where the wiggles gets an exemption but people wanting to visit terminally ill relatives are not.

and policians from mexico get to travel and return with fiances in tow while other people's wives and small children are not allowed in.

a lot of 'essential healthworkers' came to NZ to flee the epidemic overseas. they chose to leave behind partners and small children. couragous, huh. those are the winners we want populating our health system. the medically trained people who pursue safety for themselves at the expense of their dependents...

anyway... some of their visas are starting to be processed now...

but not before partners of sports people.

universities new zealand... does not investigate corruption. refuses to. goes aotu the world trying ot recruit slaves.

we are in the process of merging all the polytechnics. so they will be one large governmetn department.

they say the restructure will get rid of bloated management and inefficiencies...

but it will just re-concentrate everything about wellington and make government more corrupt than it already is.

yesterday.. something about Jacinda Ardern giving 20 somethign million to a maaori tribe (don't worry most of it will be eaten up by court costs and the money will never be handed out)... without parliament sign off.

the attitude was tha tparliament sign off was just notional so wasnt needed.

apparently there were 72 instances of national doing the same thing previously.

our policians don't actually have any f*ck*ng idea what they are doing.

is the issue.

the whole thing about how we can't have phd's in parliament in advisory roles because the ministers won't understand the reports.

the level of governance.

the level of think-tank that goes into the vision or plan that our leaders have for the nation.

they don't have teh most basic level of education or training.

and they're only setting out to destroy the education system entirely.

and the health system.

and everything.

the path to extinction. failure to thrive.

i now have a tenancy tribunal hearing. it will be the third hearing. there was a judgemetn (the same judgement) 2x with 2 different adjudicators.

that is to say the courts are so entirely without cases that they appear to think they have time to hear the same f*ck*ng case 3x.

they aren't having him lodge an appeal. they are allowing him to ask for another hearing with another adjudicator so he can parade even more evidence that is irreelvant.

the courts bog things up with irrelevants. they introduce (they allow to be introduced) irrelevancies.

the judges refuse to allow a simple and clear statement -- they insist on things being cluttered up.

it gets to the point of up is down and left is right and....

and these are the couts.

and those are the judges.

the judiciary doesn't appear to work in nz.

nothing appears to work in nz.

the money goes....


and now the international student money does not go.

and internatioal commjunity increasingly will not to (cannot do) business with us.


Re: and there goes the health system.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 22:43:03

In reply to and there goes the health system., posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 18:02:43

to be a bit fair to the courts...

samsung corporation owns the building.

and it is leased to a man with a limited liabilty company.

he subleases to a woman with a limited liabilty who also has some sort of affiliation with ray white (a formerly reputable real estate rental agency -- who is starting to lose it's reputation).

so responsibility...

it did take 3 hearings for the man to state clearly to the courts that he is responsible for electrical sign off.

and what happened was that he got a bunch of heaters installed in a manner that was not safe. an electricion did not sign off on heater installation. he got a builder to (where a builder is not qualified to sign off on heaters). and he just swears that it's safe.

i think the plan was to burn the building down. then collect insurance. the plan was always to demolish it at some point, so a way of getting additional revenue from that.

was samsung corporation in on it?

it is reasonable for samsung corporation to have expected someone who leases the building from them and who takes responsibility for electrical issues to... have taken care of electrical issues.

i suppose samsung corporation knows a thing or two about electrical issues.

it may be that samsung chose to rent to him because he would mismanage.

it is more likely that they wanted to rent the building and... he thought he could turn a profit.

he is an odious man.

i do believe it is wreckless endangerment. he was hoping that the building would burn down. he was thinking that nobody would care that it was a bunch of homeless children inside... criminals -- right? all smoking pot in the building unsupervised... the building burns and everyone will blame the juvenile delinquents -- right?

he has had... months.

months in which to get an electrition to come into the building and sign that the installation is okay.

or... an electrition could have said 'na, it's not okay. but it will take maybe... 1 day work? 2 days work? to unscrew the heaters and move teh cord and then screw the heaters back in. then it will be okay and i'll sign off'.

and in the months and months he's had (three re-hearings) he has refused.

he told the court today he will close everything down and throw the kids out on the street that seems to be what I want him to do.

all i ever asked him was to get a f*ck*ng electrition out to see what needed tobe done to bring the building into compliance.

and he refuses to operate anything other than a fire hazard violation.

that's the truth of the situation.

he is an odious man.


Re: and there goes the health system.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 22:51:18

In reply to Re: and there goes the health system., posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 22:43:03

because he should have gone back to samsung corporation with a range of options as to what could be done to bring the building into compliance with a new bunch of laws.

he just needed to sign a bit of paper so an electricin would come out and say 'well, to heat the lounge room to 18 degrees here are the various options'.

and he could have taken that back to the building owner (samsung corporation) and.... i think samsung knows about electrics. and given that there were 16 apartments int hat buildng they probably were pretty well placed to be able to arrange for suitable units to be installed. Maybe factory seconds or... who knows. I think samsung corporation can probably source decent electrical things like heat pumps if it wants to. If it's informed of some specifications of what is needed for it to to business with New Zealand.

but the odious man thinks the aim of the game is to fleece as much money out of the government as he can... He raised rent with no intention of using the increase to fund healthy home compliance. And he think's he'd doing Samsung corporation a favor. Like they want to demolish the present structure and build a new structure.

The present structure is a 100 year old building. It's historic.

It could be a beautiful buildings. With quality apartments. I could imagine living there forever. Install wall to ceiling bookcases along the adjacent wall between apartments... A nice mural on the back wall...

But the odious man wants it to be burned to the ground because... He is an odious man.


Re: and there goes the health system.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 22:59:42

In reply to and there goes the health system., posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 18:02:43

i think the government will likely do a better job of it than the regions.

i worry that the government is sh*t. they are sh*t. they are pretty sh*tty.

but, generally speaking, they do better than what goes in in the regions.

that is to say, i think generally, central government is less corrupt than regional government.

things do feel to be shifting.

under the previous national government people didn't say boo. people were too scared.

people are starting to say boo now. people are starting to talk about human rights and the like. these issues are starting to come up.

it feels like things are getting worse...

but i think what is happening is that we are starting to face up to some of the things that are hard. previously we didn't face up to them or acknowledge them at all.

so what is looking / feeling like steps back is part of the process of moving forwards.

i do think that that is the case.

it is just frustrating how slow everything is forced to go in nz.

that it needed to take 3 hearings...

that i wrote 1 year of research all the way back in 2018 and the judges and everyone is pretending to be too f*ck*ng stupid to understand that when 2/3 external examiners are willing to sign the student off and the university refuses to get the work to examiners in order to prevent sign off...

what the f*ck??

what the f*ck???

our borders are fairly much closed right now. that is to say: other countries aren't letting people board flights to new zealand unless they are nz citizen passport holders...

people can't come here anymore.

where is my degree??????????????????????????????????????


f*ck*ng corruption


Re: and there goes the health system.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:02:29

In reply to Re: and there goes the health system., posted by alexandra_k on April 20, 2021, at 22:59:42

I don't know.

I think that everybody agrees that having elected DHB members on the board has not resulted in people feeling that the DHB is listening to the people in the communities.

The places have been filled by managers who thought they could manage people's perceptions... Just put a drop box where people can put their complaints and then they will feel heard. And then that idea morphed into just put a drop box where people can put the complaints and nobody can say that we aren't listening to their complaints because we provided that mechanism to them and what more can they expect?

and where the compliants are taken out back and duly burned.

that's the level or degree of representation.

people couldn't sue clinicians for medical misadventure.

so alex initiated judicial review of the DHB with the CE as being ultimately responsible because he knew (or should have known) what was goign on in his hospital.

so now the government is going to takae more direct control of (it already has the responsibility for -- on the world stage it already has the responsibility for) the people who are being involuntarily detained in the hospitals when they haven't even seen a psychiatrist.

because... we don't hire psychiatrists. not very many. ones we get don't stay long. because... we don't provide conditions that make it possible for them to do their job.

and then we can get started on the medical misadventures of who is actually doing operations on patients. and what else are they doing? the sexual molestations happening to patients being groped in the name of 'cervical examination' etc when they have been anesthetised for un-related procedures. people have been writing about it in the new zealand medical journal for years. i think it's what you have to do to graduate university of auckland medical school: write a personal diary entry on how you groped a pateint without that patients consent on instructions from a senior clinician with your cohort watching. otherwise... no graduation for you. we are all in this together!!! and nobody would voluntarily let any of you (we us) anywhere near a vulnerable patient if they knew...


except that they do

which means... that they asked for it

i mean... i guess if they ask for help from the likes of them / us then... they deserve. they are asking for. they can only expect...

everything they get.

is this sort of predicament of the situation whereby new zealand refuses to allow the development of medicine and medical treatment because...

people are jealous that they want to be heroes.

but the only heroes allowed are the frontline workers.

which is why they get no money

which is why cleaning staff spit on the things they are supposed to clean

and everything fails to flourish


Re: and there goes the health system.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:08:17

In reply to Re: and there goes the health system., posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:02:29

and tell it to the judge.

so the judge can go 'i have the authority to re-construe the statemetn of claim and i re-construe it such that it cannot possibly succeed'

and the judge can go 'i refuse to allow it to proceed until it is in such a state that it is unfit to proceed'

and the nature of the choice is 'will it proceed under conditions of failure or will it not proceed at all'

and this is why...

this is why the governmetn elected or chose that judge. and that is why the government pays him.

and the government will not remove him because...

because they are fundamentally corrupt. that's why.

the elite supermacy thing. it doesn't have to be 'white' -- but it is in fact. i mean to say that electing a brown one or a yellor one or one in a wheelchair will not fundamanetally fix anything at all.

elite supremacy.

'i win at everybody else's expense'

a zero sum game. or... usually... a negative balance.

that's how they should introduce negative balance to the kiddies. not 'this is the state of your bank account' but 'this is the outcome of your social contract / partnership with the new zealand government'.


Re: and there goes the health system.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:20:27

In reply to Re: and there goes the health system., posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:08:17

and... we know it isn't elite white supermacy becuase...

china has developed to the point where they are in the position to take some of the weight of the world on their shoulders and... process it...

so what is going on with the uyghur people.

they are an ethnic minority of mostly subsistence farmers.

and the problem is...

there are concerns the people aren't socially and economically developing.

and that needs to be balanced with concerns that the social and economic development of the people might be genocide (elimination of their way of life and what makes them distinct and unique as a group of peoples).

it is a genuinely difficult issue / problem that nobody really knows how to navigate.

we know what happens when we have these small relatively isolated communities... and where people with... advanced technologies. guns. and the like.... roll up.


the people come and... swap shiny material products for... beautiful little girls. or... yeah. prostitution. slave. acquisition of a person as property.

where you get hotels going up and casinos and the like for the tourists. and then you get people who don't want to work the plantations. they want to hang about the tourists... and their way of life is gone. under threat. eliminated. as teh children run away from their parents to sleep outside the casino or wahtever. to rummage the rubbish skip out the back of the restaurant...

or whatever.


the world is saying 'genocide'. because that's a serious crime we are supposed to understand from WWII nuremburg trials. but there are many more complex and nuanced ways of people being exterminated than that.

seasonal labor...

it used to be (the story goes) that studnets would do seasonal work. but that was when seasonal work paid well. so there was a point to doing it. people would be prepared to work very very hard for a picking season when the picking season gave them an extended holiday at the end of it. so... how you could work steadily over the course of 1 year. or you could work frantically really forsaking much of everything else to get that same work done to the same standard in... i don't know... how many hours of the day are you devoted to it? 1/3 the time? sure.

but then the slavers go 'you must work at that same rate ALL THE TIME. So... pay is to be cut by 1/3 effectively. or they just replace the person.

people used to sign up for picking when they were healthy and young and when they could use the funds to support them for longer.


well the new zealand way has to been to beat people with sticks and deprive them of things until....

until they get organised.

looks like australia has started allowing people in new zealand to be supplied with guns etc to protect themselves against the new zzealand government.

you could even potentially see the introduction of new drugs as a mechanism or means by which to further empower not-government.

which is why governments are looking at legalising (collecting taxes on, retaining control of) drugs.

because the governments aren't being seen to be being good to their people.

they are being seen as teh primary exploiters -- which they are.

where is mjy degree?
for the work that i did?
where is my place in the training programme that i earned?
for the degree that is internationally recognised only because you allow students to work to internatioanl standards?

you chose to hand out degrees to sexual offenders. people who agreed to commit sexual offenses and write confessions.



Re: and there goes the health system.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:29:23

In reply to Re: and there goes the health system., posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:20:27

and the new zealand government goes hahahahhahahhahahha that's how we created a workforce that could not leave us.

we gave them degrees only after we had sufficiently BRANDED them (as self confessed bringers of wrongful death and sexual violation and so on)... we would ONLY give them degrees after we had obtained sufficient documentation of their crimes such that THEY WOULD NEVER BE ABLE TO LEAVE.

that was the new zealand plan for how we were going to staff our hospitals. create in people the desire to be a hero... then create in people the belief that the only way to be a hero was to be a medical front line worker... then create in people the belief that they were totally and utterly replacable so they better do everything we say whenever we say because we say otherwise they will be excluded. then instruct them to do x and y and z and then give them just enough 'ethics education' to have them document their crimes against humanity...

and the plan was to go to the international community 'there is nothing we can do about the culture of our people whereby these things are done by everyone this is the way we do things here this is our normal!'

i did the work.

they are requied to give me my degree.

i met their entry criteria.

they are required to enrol me in the medical programme.

i am willing to do the work. i am intelligent...

they are requied to train me.

to international standards of scholarship.

and they are required to compensate me for the loss of earnings.

because... the government has a website saying how much graduates can expect to earn. it is reasonable for a new zealand trained doctor to expect full time employment in a public hospital of new zealand. so that's the average salary. they cost me. every year they refuse to process my documentation.

f*ck*ng tick tock


Re: and there goes the health system.

Posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:32:45

In reply to Re: and there goes the health system., posted by alexandra_k on April 22, 2021, at 19:29:23

i mean...

what do you have to do?

stand over them with a beat-y stick and f*ck*ng beat it out of them:

do your job do your job do your job.

i am not talking about people paid under $100,000 per year.

i am talking about our BIGGEST EARNERS.

do your job do your job do your job.

Attorney General.
Solicitor General.
Medical Admissions Committee.
University COuncil.
Dean of teh school of Graduate Research.

the entire f*ck*ng administration?

seems so.

very little indication of otherwise.

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