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living the dream

Posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 20:42:22

so there's this guy who got hand-picked carefully chosen by Otago to study medicine.

and then he turns out to be a pedophile. or maybe that's not true. she was 16 which is the age of consent in new zealand. but she did not give consent. he molested her. and then when she threatened to tell people about that he killed her.

as you do, in new zealand.

and then he kills himself because i suppose he doesn't like jail.


only her mother killed herself 6 months or so after her daughter was murdered.

and he kills himself in prison...

after an appeal was denied where in his defence it was argued that the teenager driver of the vehcile was an accomplice...


i do wonder if there might be a little more to this...

to do with him supplying a little more than just alcohol to teenagers.

and with him having rather more friends in medicine (all the way up the hierarchy of that) who maybe like to socialise with groups of kids.

i would imagine.

since we aren't really big on prosecuting anything, here...

i don't know how one would kill oneself in jail...

it's rather harder to kill yourself than you might suppose.

i suspose it is infinitely more likely that he had... outlived his usefulness in which case it's time for him to go.

if he's only got one more appeal left and he's started trying to implicate accomplices...


ooooooooooooooh choose me!

they did a good job of immortalising his face right next to hers. the media.

i think they only prosecuted him at all because she was white and he was sort of indian-looking.

new zealand is incredibly racist and we seem to be currently wanting to blame the problems on particularly indian-immigrants who we carefully handpicked to help new zealand develop in ways we considered desirable. or lucrative. or both. or something.

early on they were trying to say that the girl was wh*t* tr*sh so it didn't matter.

casting aspersions on her character.

that's how they do law, in Otago.

with the second year law camp and the guy responsible for that with his... promotion... to auckland.

so they can tour the world for teenagers to enrol in new zealand universisties to serve the next lot of pedophiles. seems to be the thing of it.


Re: living the dream

Posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 20:57:32

In reply to living the dream, posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 20:42:22

want to hear the current plan for the development of new zealand?

let's just do a quick recap on how things were going...

people were going to university. quite a few were studying things like the arts. humanities. learning to analyse difficult texts etc.

but then the universities don't sign off on their qualifications because they think that way they won't ever have to pay them. and they surely don'nt like to share the money around. or listen to anybody else, at all. let anybody else do any of the work, even. contribute. they'd rather be sole lord and master of their harem. or fifedom or whatever the f*ck they are dreaming of.

so their plan is to enrol students... by marketing to kids. selling a party of orientation week. false promises of there being labor shortages. then almost intentionally not teaching them anything useful. in order to sell them further study. advanced courses with the promise of jobs, again, but actually no intention to every award the qualifications.

then a lot of ways of under the table work. in effect. where they are doing the job (while paying the university) in the name of 'work experience'. they aren't teaching them anything. they just pass them off as being qualified already. so the members of the public and the more junior younger people at the university think that they did get their qualifications and they did get employment and so on.

and people keep quiet because... well the complaints resolution processes that the UN requires NZ to have (whistleblower protections and the like) are only collecting data about who speaks up in order to not give them the qualifications or hire them for any positions at all. just like everything else in new zealand it's just a scummy scummy scam.


they go...

it's not good (they don't think) that they have these people with these skills of text analysis and the like because then they'll find UN policy and they'll actually be able to read it. and so on. so instead... we will teach our kids 'english' by showing them youtube videos and the like...

and we will remove anything that might actually teach them skills to sort of inform the rest of the world in credible ways that we are keeping slaves. actually. refusing to share the stuff around. refusing to allow deelopment. refusing to allow people to speak. just a bunch of f*ck*ng idiot tyrants with all the money not allowing anything anything anything at all.

so now the plan is to do the same again but at tech level. that is to say we want to scam a generation into the trades. into things like building and plumbing and electrical and so on.

but who is going to teach them to do any of that?

we have a generation of builders and plumbers and electritions who are only acknowledged as such and given work because they do shoddy jobs and sign off that that's industry standard or normal or whatever. a whole generation who only got the contracts at all by cutting loads of corners. the corrupt ones. we selected for and rewarded and trained them up and that's sort of where things are at, really.

and they are going to teach a new generation are they?

because they want to share the money around do they?

because they want other people to partake in money they don't want any more?


well who is going to teach them?

maybe the kids who enrol in those courses will sort of straggle each other up somehow and figure a way to do better...

but then:

why would we sign them off?

well then they can just run off into the outback bush in NZ and build themself a little log cabin maybe with a solar panel for their airconditioner or something...

so then we won't even need to put them on welfare.


they'll have made it in new zealand!

that's what development looks like, folks.


what's the plan??

the plan is to stop with the micromismanaging. always trying to scummy scam people into all rushing to enrol in whatever the one or two things are that seems fashionable.

the plan is to dissuade people from specialising too soon so that they have a more robust skillset so they can eventually... carve their own way / their own path.

do we really want everyone aiming to be a CE? that's the goal -- right? everybody wants to be CE commanding the most money from the largest organisation. that is god -- right? earning the most money for doing that. the only one end goal of everything that everybody hails as mighty leader of us all.

people are f*ck*ng sick of it.

sure... more people in NZ want to be pilots (fly planes) than can...

only... is that true?

is it true that people go about the country talking to school kids trying to convince them that flying a plane would be pretty cool?

yeah. we intentionally market to intentionally try and create more demand than places. so we can pick the special child molesterers for all the things.



Re: living the dream

Posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 21:17:23

In reply to Re: living the dream, posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 20:57:32

it's all about finding a gang and herd a mob a tribe.

that's the message.

huddle in together now like sheep.

follow the lead sheep.

that's been taught to run in a direction decided by the dogs...

the dogs the government employes to manage the people.

and look what good of a job that it does!!!

the research universities...

look at the theses!
look at the journals!
look at the articles!
look at the books!

what? there's media con-muniations outputs only?

the products of a management marketing team.

that's the university.

the start up companies...

write up your business plan...

give it to us.

thanks. we've got it from here.
just write us another business plan...

just write us another thesis.
just one more thesis.

the people collecting up all the money for the research want you to write tehm just another thesis. just done more thesis. just another thesis okay?

you need to produce output that reads like something google spat out.

do you see how people are writing college admission essays now?


you start typing a sentance... and the software will complete the sentance / thought for you...

then the colleges can be sure to pick the children who gave them the outputs that were given to the children...

and the children will pay how much ?? For their college degree that was entirely plagarised in this manner.

and out the end of that people will pay those kids to...

why, to set things up to do things better/worse for the next generation...

how Otago treats it's animals is a good barometer of how it treats it's people.

i suppose that is because it is an expression of pathology.

the research projects and the like that are chosen to be funded are expressions of the pathology of the people who approve the funding. they see things in the people that they... identify with... in some way.

the whole tone of it.

they are particularly keen on their genetics studies. the elite white minority in Dunedin. they don't think they are white racial supremacists. because from their perspective they are not elite english or scottish nobility. from their perspective they are pioneers... working class... people who left for a better life...

But they didn't have any kind of vision or ideology... HOw come the early founders of the US had... Ideology... The constitution. Working together... Collaboration... They would have not become the United States if they didn't figure out how to collaborate / get along...

New Zealand doesn't develop.

It is true that the Universities and Techs and Hospitals and everything... the Governmetn thought that allowing these different fifedoms or whatever would bring out healthy competition. But it didnt. It doesn't. There's squabbling and bickering and infighting. And I suppose it is because our centralised government isn't strong enough in teh sense of being effective. Being seen to be. They have good laws, often, but nobody follows the laws. Because they don't prosecute people who don't. So people genuinely believe that they can just do anything they want... SO long as the mob likes them... So it's about sucking up to faces. To it's selecting for psychopathy and 2 faced ness.

The same personality that can display one face to the world... Where that face is the eway it is required to be for success here...


People get old or whatever and then they want different things in life. Priorities shift. They learn money can't buy... A lot of things they see value in.

Seek to destroy the things they see value in thinking if they can obliterate them from teh face of the earth they won't feel deprived in missing out of anhy of that.

focus on the slaves you do have.

maybe get a pet.

do some experiments on animals.

breeding them trying to pick out those with certain rare genetic traits. that's what they think they are doing. and that's how they feel entitled to choose them so young because they believe they have identified them.

they think people are like that.

they don't have any comprehension of robustness across environments. they think they've found the robust gene. but it's a psychopath psychophant thing that you only find in the very very very very young.

an infant is helpless and genetics... big wide eyes... designed by many many years of evolution to induce 'awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww' and caretaking response from others. they like to choose their medical students very very young so those involved in choosing / teaching / graduating feel 'awwwwwwwwwwwww' about the medical students they picked because they liked them the most.

the students who blinked their innocent eyes just so... and smiled so sweetly...

the studnets who presented themselves belly-up.

(who cope with presenting a face like that once they are all grown up by you know, molesting children and the like)


Re: living the dream

Posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 21:30:05

In reply to Re: living the dream, posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 21:17:23

well, what are you going to do?

you could complain... but then they won't pick you.

picking of you: rescinded.

would you like to do business with new zealand?

senior officials from new zealand charge up lots of money so they can go off overseas and try and find children overseas who their parents might be willing to sign their kids into a period of slavery to new zealand.

sorry, indentured servitude. new zealand promises to enrol them in courses where there are labor shortages out the other end. promises to give them qualifications so they can get good paying jobs (enough to support their families) out the other end.

then new zealand takes the money... and threatens to withhold the qualification unless more money is paid.

and what are you going to do about it?

you could complain... but then they won't pick you. they won't employ you. there will be no job for you.

only this seems a bit not good... so there are other ways they go about this, too.

one student was raped and then they locked her up in a psychiatric institution. because she didn't tell them that was where she was after a certain amount of time they rescinded her visa. so now she's deported 4 years into a 5 year double degree with 1 year to go to graduation. she leaves the country with nothing. after having been defiled.

would you like to do business with universities new zealand?

presently there's a (likely fake news) case of a vietnamese kid who was brought here by... someone who thought she was worth investing in. they put her through secondary school mathematics (unclear she was studying anything else) and then AUT enrolled her and graduated her and she's now 15 or something...

and apparently she has offer of a job in finance...

they didn't say in what capacity. like... cleaning?

the governmetn won't give her a visa. her caretaker... her... slaver? but not her...

but AUT enrolled her. and actually graduated her. the government seemed to rely on our visa misprocessing to cause her to be evicted from this country with a degree that... isn't worth anything overseas.

and a degree that will expire, apparently. new zealand has moved to this online system whereby they can basically alter your transcript as they see fit and... well... what are you going to do about it?

which is why our degrees aren't worth anything. because they don't keep accurate student records.

because the fact that new zealand universities says a student is good is... uh... more likely to be an indicator that they're a psychopathic child molestering murderer.


would you like to do business with new zealand?

waiting on the courts...


governmetn prosectors... quashing complaints does not improve the perception of corruption... f*ck*ng hurry up...


the courts

Posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 21:40:51

In reply to Re: living the dream, posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 21:30:05

and now i suppose i'm supposed to be appropriately supplicant to the courts otherwise the judge/s will use their 'discretion' to...

instruct filings and refilings and rerefilings and rererefilings...

our idea of justice seems to be to take from the poor and give to the rich. to quash the poor to aid and abet the rich. that seems to be the idea.

suppose that the person who is responsible (by statute) for reporting allegations of serious wrongdoing (that is to say double billing) to the police for convictions to ensure... suppose that person is actually removed from office for sitting on complaints (or using complaints only to ensure that people who complain never receive their degree / never receive scholarship funding / never obtain a job)...

suppose he's found / acknowledged to do that. to have used his position to have done that.

that's promotions for him -- right?

for his role in recruiting under-age children from overseas to give universities (also schools) new zealadn money.

they carefully selected them to be people with no recourse i would imagine.

that's their obsession with mobs or herds or groups. they don't want a bar of people who have supports in place such that they themselves might be held personally to account.

they don't think they have anything to fear when it comes to the leaders of new zealand holdin them to account.


Re: the courts

Posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 21:46:40

In reply to the courts, posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 21:40:51

apparently... malaysia...

isn'tn going to allow their citizens to come to NZ to train to be nurses without them having clear offers of employment before they come to NZ to do the course.

that is the governmetn of malaysia developing more than new zealand when it comes to preventing slavey and human trafficking.

apparently new zealand is behind on our vaccination targets because we don't have enough nurses.

because we don't give them their qualificaitons.

i don't htink there was any shortage of maaori nursing students. they have been marketing for years and years and years that there's a real shortage of maaori nurses. that encourages a lot of maaori kids to want to enrol in nursing degrees or certificates or whatever.

but they take their money for the training courses and they don't give them the certificates or they don't give them the degrees or whatever they need to do... so that they don't give them jobs as nurses out the other end of things.

they have decided that tehse people are peopel who pay them... not the other way around. never the other way around. we believe in longitudinal studies of deprivation in new zealand and there are those who pay... and there are those who collect up the money. and maaori for the most part are those who get into debt for everybody else. they teach them that in NCEA maths... teh last thing they will teach them in NCEA maths is introducing them to negative numbers and how to understand that they need to consdier their bank accounts.

that's how we do.

would you like to learn maths in new zealand?

people have been complaining that the curriculum is racist -- and i see that.

so there wer go. new zealand is presently experiencing trade sanctions from malasyia.

that's how low we have chosen to go


Re: the courts

Posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 22:06:56

In reply to Re: the courts, posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 21:46:40

I know already what will happen in response to this.

new zealand will give them offers of employment on course completion.

then new zealand will refuse to give them course completion.

then new zealand will refuse to allow them to work to international standards.

it will be, like, euthanise this person here when i say because i say or else... you won't get your degree.

or similar...

because then they will have on file all they need to go 'we don't choose you anymore'.

so the inevitable...

we will take your money only. we will never pay you.

that's what is not-negotiable from the new zealand government.

which is why our borders need to be locked down. so that people don't get their money out of other countries to 'invest' it in this one. because we don't honor our contracts. we have no intention at all of ever delivering that return to the people who invested. we intended to scam them only.

so it would be irresponsible of other countries to allow their people to be scammed by us. to come here.

why would the USA let people come here to do adventure tourism. who pays when things go wrong -- and it's likely they will go wrong because we don't follow any of the most basic of health and safety laws you would expect.

people die bungy jumping. people die visiting volcanos.

people came and saw the hostpials in new zealand where the tourists were put for treatment.

they got to see about the medical supplies.

they got to see about who was in teh hospitals. they got to see about the leveel of training and the degree of care...

and they can't really afford to let their people come here and do those things. because their people belive they are protected by something alon the lines of the rights and privaledges their own governmetn gives them...

and they come here..

and there's nothing here.

nobody can function here.

come here to be incapacitated.


people refusing to develop. it's so f*ck*ng tiresome.

i knooooooooooooooooow they didn't get the help they needed. and it's very very sad. it's very very very very sad that they have all the money all the resources and they aren't willing or able to invest it so that people can get the help they need so that things can progress.


i saw that a therapist i had once who was 'if i can't help you then i will write on your file that nobody can and you should be discharged from the service altogether'... is now CE... she has to do with... depriving the people in the prisons of having the psychological help that they need, now.

to be fair... that was many many many many many many many many years ago...

there was a cookie cutter sort of a thing they were doing, there, with clincial psychology graduates. they had a very small tool-kit of cognitive and behavioral modifications / interventions and they were really trying to be revolutionary with introducing DBT... which they were sold only because it slgihly outperformed and because... Well... Instead of them embracing what was new (expanding their toolkit) they liked it because so much of it was what they were already doing before... The cognitive and behavioral stuff. So... They were introducing a group therapy element. But the content of the sessions... Well... I don't think they actually were structing the sessions... Now that I think upon it...

ANyway... I was not a good fit to work with relatively young females who they picked to enrol and graduate and then actually hire for the DHBs. There was a... Stereotype. A similarity. A sameness...

I clicked well with one... But she was non-traditional. A bit older. She was a history PhD set for academic career then pivoted... She had... Breadth. It showed.

Anyway... I really can't imagine this therapist I once had... With her life... Small town girl big city (sorta) of Dunedin. Very young looking. Wide eyed. Blonde. New boyfriend. Professional job. Very happy and bubbly and pleased with herself and how well her life is going... Not her fault. Very young and very bubbly and very happy about how her life is going with her fancy new professional job...

But we didn't click. I couldn't stand her. She was somehow everything I was... Expected?? To be? For them to pick me. To choose me? I was supposed to be so happy I got to see her because she was so amazing and aspirational and cool and everything I wanted to be... I could see that... That was how that was suppposed to go. She was supposed to be a good role model for me...

But that made it be about her. About me doing what I was expected to do so that she would be and remain this bubbly beackon of lgiht and hope or something...

And we were not a good fit. And I requested to work with someone else... And there wasn't anybody else who they chose to hire who was a good fit. My previous therapist (who I got on well with) was... Redeployed.. To a different place. So we couldn't keep working together. THen a couple years later she left for Melbourne...

Anyway... my major injuries occurred a couple months after she said and wrote that the service should terminate all contact with me. She didn't say because I was an ungrateful little bitch but that was the implication.

I suppose this... I suppose it would have been hard for her to learn that... What went down with me.. It would have been quite the shock. I suppose others would have rallied aroun dher that she did the right thing in terminating all contact with me and having me thrown out of the service...

And now... Well... I suppose I have this idea now that she is CE of psychology particularly to do with the prisons because that's usually about depriving the people in teh prisons of treatment. Withhodling treatment. Giving bare minimal... People who are a bad fit. All of that. Trying to have teh peopel in the prisons stop asking for treatment. Have them think that treatment is worse than no treatment. What do you have to do to save a little money on psych services -- right?

So she writes up how because of bad fit... No treatment for them. I would imagine. ANd her.. ANd people like her.. With teh charmed lives... Are hand picked to go into the prisons... Because they cannot relate... And I iamgien her bubbly... I imagine she turned out to quite the cold heartless bitch. I could see that...

And that's very sad...

Because the only issue with her was... She was so young. So young. So inexperienced. Such a small tool-kit. And we were not a very good fit.

I could imagine her clicking so really well with other people. A shy boy who was maybe suicidal. A younger girl who needed more of a big sister...

I needed someone strong enough to handle things that were too much for me. She didn't have it in her. I could see that. I was trying to protect the both of us.


Re: the courts

Posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 22:15:47

In reply to Re: the courts, posted by alexandra_k on April 15, 2021, at 22:06:56

the only way she could have convinced or persuaded me she was stronger would have been by being more remote / aloof.

because i really wanted to belive...

if she hadn't have told me anything about her having come from a small town etc etc. lalalallalalalalla i don't want to hear about your personal life.

and if she could have sat.

we did some sitting. mindfulness meditation. also known as: two minutes of shut the f*ck up. it's okay to sit in the quiet. don't feel that you have to say things and for me to be saying 'yes' and 'good' and 'ooh that's new thanks' and 'you are so helpful' and so on...

for you to actually BE helpful.

just sitting in the f*ck*ng quiet would have been okay.

but she couldn't. because she was young and trying to do her job according to how she'd been trained.. and the whole training model.. ffs...

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