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Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 3:00:43

not immunised -- jabbed.

i didn't understand this thing about 'low dead space syringes' so i didn't really comment.

i was trying to recall how a pipette works. You have two clicks to depress it. You depress it one click then you insert it into the substance. then you release it one click and it takes up the substance. Then you remove it from the substance. Then you insert it in whatever you are delivering the substance into. Then you depress it one click and the substance has been administered. Then you remove it. And release the depressor.

Actually... Maybe no... Maybe you depress it all the way... Then you insert it into the substance. Then you release it one click. Then you remove it and insert it. Then you depress it one click (all the way) then you remove it.

Maybe that is right...

I'm thinking about the eye dropper that was the precursor to the pipette. The eye dropper was a piece of plastic with a... With an eye. Or a bubble on the end. You squashed the bubble to squash the air out of the repository. Then you took the substance up into the tube. Then you depressed the substance out of the tube. You did not want to depress all the air out of it before taking up the substance -- because you didn't want the substance taken up into the eye dropper part of it.

So, yeah, you depress the air all the way and take up substance to one click. I think. I would need to revise to check. They reckon you do it 200+ times as a grad student and you need not ever think on it again.


Low dead space syringes. Mmm hmmm. Is that, like, eye droppers with small eyes? But it wasn't taken up into the eye of the dropper anyway so WFT??


It's not about low dead space syringes.

Whoda thunk?

It's about...

The calibre of the needle. Mmm hmm. It's about discarding the initial dose where bits of the cork (or equivalent) are pushed into the needle when you pierce the seal.

We don't see any particles.

Jabby jab jab.

And we depress the plunger on teh syringe all... Jabby jab jab. Stabby stab stab. To a recipient who 'doesn't even feel it'.

Mmm hmm.

We certainly don't depress the syringe slowly with a low calibre needle on a person who feels it all of the way.

We do not.

We are not there, yet.


Re: 'jabbed'

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 3:05:44

In reply to 'jabbed', posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 3:00:43

And the point of that is...

A difference. Potentially. With respect to whether the body reacts to the vaccine as an assault or an affront or an emergency...

Or whether it has time to integrate it. Digest it. Metabolise it. Incorportate it in a way that is not an assault and in a way that is not harmful.

When I was thinking time between doses I was thinking 2 weeks vs 3 weeks. I wasn't thinking 15 minutes... But... Now I'm thinking about slow drip vs being jabbed. And a cell based antibody response that is specific.... Vs a wide-ranging inflammatory response that is general to insult or damage...


Re: 'jabbed'

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 7:48:38

In reply to Re: 'jabbed', posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 3:05:44

i suppose the situation was that victoria university in Australia wanted victoria university in New Zealand to change it's name because it was concerned that victorial university in New Zealand was ruining the reputation of victoria.

that's likely the situation. an Australian directive.

go ruin the name of Wellington was the directive.

apparently they had these continuing education classes that they've scrapped. now they want to run 'continuing education' courses whereby the government effectively pays them larger sums of money for running courses to send the government employees on. sort of...

you know... picking out the gamma babies and deciding what courses are right for them. then sending them along to learn about... whatever the government thinks is valuable.

because there isn't any work for them to be getting on with.

i went for a walk yesterday and i suppose i see what they are sort of doing around the waterfront. trying to do. trying to make it be a bit... silicon valley or whatever. only... the companies that are here are all overseas companies. microsoft hewlet packard or whatever... or they are companies that are only companies at all because of vast government handouts. like fonterra.

there aren't any start-ups. because nothing can grow here.

i guess that's the point of the microsoft presence. it's like they are trying to as low as they can so that other people get teh opportunity to do things better than them, here. so that IT can grow here. because nothing will grow here until you can actually securely keep and develop things. adn that doesn't happen. so...

they will put security cameras all around the hospitals and prisons next. it is an invasion of privacy. it is justified becuase people are being literally bullied to death in the prisons and psychiatric institutions. and people are being raped and murdered by people who aren't even supposed to be scrubbed in in the ORs. so the cameras will go up. and the international community will see what's going on.

and the NZ government will do as it's told, likely enough. or similar.

chris hipkins reckons the situation is that the legacy some schools have is such that they inherited problems they can't solve. sure. obviously. clearly. but let's be clear on the most important thing: it's their legacy. and they have all the money. and they refuse to do their jobs.

good job choosing your employees to do the job you know not what... so you spend money (yeah right) on the training courses you want to send them on...

contract out to handwash australia. and so on.

because that's the level of education in nz. we can't even teach people to wash their hands.

it's all online now.

it's how you prevent the perverts from teaching the next generation to rape and murder and so on.

maybe it means the studnets won't be required to keep diaries of their crimes if they want to be signed off at all anymore.


i feel distinctively like i felt when i started intermediate school. a couple weeks into the start of the year. i was very desperately very very very unhappy.

the day before school started i spent the day swimming outdoors without sunscreen. my face peeled. really badly. i looked contagious with a peeling face. right before i started a new school and i didn't know anybody at all.

then there was some kind of a seating plan. and i get seated next to serena. who wasn't very bright at all. and she was whiney and complainy. and she wanted to copy my work. and i felt very... i felt like my work was my personal work and i didn't want to have to stop all the time and get my hands out the way so she could see it and copy it down for herself.

so i really hated that.

and the teacher didn't have any sympathy or empathy, really, for me, at all. there was a smugness. somehow 'serves her right' or something. like one particular teacher i had at primary school who had the same thing about her.

this whole 'she thinks she's so smart this will teach her a lesson she's not so smart now haha' about it.

i was a kid ffs.


thanks the people paid to help me.


just keep being paid. more money for you. yay you. good job!!!

anyway. whatever.

and now that's just the story of my life hey. i'm not compliant...

let's see... when i returned to NZ. and i'm still going to seminars and talks. and i'm even going to classes. and that means i'm listening. i'm listening to what other people are saying. many many many hours of listening to what other people are saying.

and when i ask questions to start with i'm summarising what they are saying so they can see i'm following along. understanding. then i ask a question to encourage them to develop or extend or whatever. and they don't like me asking questions. i'm not allowed to ask questions. and i'm not allowed to produce anything either. no speaking rights for me.

after all the hours i spend politely listening to them...

that's my life right. they get all the money and everybody just sits around politely listening to them.

their legacy and how f*ck*d up it is and how they can't fix it but at least they have all the money.

good job them!!

thanks for allowing me a way of life, too (not).

haha teaches me some kind of a lesson?

no. they're just too f*ck*ng stupid to allow me a way of life too.

the cameras will go into the hospitals and they'll clear them all out eventually.

not in my lifetime.

they chose to matyr me.

because they are abusive bullies.

that's the truth of it.


Re: 'jabbed'

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:01:25

In reply to Re: 'jabbed', posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 7:48:38

and i understand what they are trying to do.

they are trying to flush people out and away from the universities so they go out into the world and develop start-ups or whatever.

they want the brightest to want to leave the universities and start up companies or whatever. rather than aspiring to work for the university. doing work within the university.

and in an attempt to flush them out... they decided to really bully them away from the universities by undermining it pretty badly indeed. that appears to be the idea. all these 'low value' courses (according to them). they are all designed to bully people out and away from the universities.

the first year courses, too. designed solely to tell people 'this is not for you. go away'.

it's like what the judge said about that girl who was being bullied to death in the prisons... they tried to force you to compliance by withholding your privaledges. but then there weren't any privaledeges left for them to withhold. so then they started trying to force you to complaince by withholding your most basic human rights.

it's all just trying to force people to compliance.

compliance with what?

oh, they have this idea that they know what is best and people should be forced to comply with what they have decided is best.

so they do the mature thing and say what they think is best using their words? so that people can see they are right and people will willingly choose...

no, course not.

forced to comply by withholding the most basic of human rights.

that's the plan.

how many of our people have employment at all?

unemployment is...

no. how many people were forced into training courses by refusing them employment and also by refusing them unemployment or by withholding their basic human rights?

numbers of gang recruits are well up as people seek extra-legal methods of obtaining what they need.

but for those trying to get by within the law...

we don't have frictional unemployment of 6 months. we have people locked out of employment at all.

know what my health system file notes say?

'use of force'.

by which they nursing staff interprets that they are enttitled to use force to get me to comply.

there's a note / directive in my file notes.


it's not actually safe for me to get immunised etc in this country.

it's not actually safe for me to present to the ER. last time i presented with mechanical damage (lost toe nails -- happens sometimes because i have clawed feet from old injury) they involutnarily detained me. refused to allow me to phone a lawyer or to phone the police. involuntarily mediated me. kept me for days. kept me in a seclusion room with flickering fluorescent lights...

it's not safe for me in New Zealand.

it's not about compliance. there is no messsage of what people want me to do.

there's only the message of 'we didn't want you to be born either why don't you just f*ck*ng go away'


Re: 'jabbed'

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:03:17

In reply to Re: 'jabbed', posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:01:25

and so these start-ups...

that means you have to apply for funding -- right?

so you give someone your proposal of what you want funded -- right?

at which point...

you just gave them something they can do themselves without you. why would they pay you. why wouldn't they just force you to produce an endless succession of funding proposals for them to steal and do without you? in the form of having you apply for jobs all the time?

i mean...

if you are getting away with it then...

i guess you do that until people choose to bash your head in with a hammer.

life it not good, here.


Re: 'jabbed'

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:25:50

In reply to Re: 'jabbed', posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:03:17

i remember a guy laughing about that, actually. about how people don't pay people to have ideas, people pay people for taking credit for the write-up. so the point of getting through your PhD was for credit for the write-up and it doesnt' f*ck*ng matter what is written up it's about having credit for the write-up. and if everybody knows the idea is stolen or your work is plagarised or your advisor wrote it for you then you are one of them. the idea stealers the credit takers the money winners.

it's a consoliation prize, or something, for having no ideas.

of their own. i mean.

so they get all the credit for stealing the ideas. because otherwise they wouldn't have anything at all.

apparently New Zealand has a higher proportion of it's people living overseas than any other nation.

1/4 of our people are bullied away.

they say it's the 'brain drain'. they say the best and brightest leave.

of course they also say that the best and brightest never get paid.
they also say that they love the people they abuse the most.
they also say up is down and in is out and 'based in reports of examiners' is 'just keep giving us your ideas and also paying the university more money...'

1/4 of our people are incapacitated with disability (that means we don't have to pay them minimum wage).

and then i don't know what proportion are gang recruits.

and then we say unemployment is only around 5 per cent...

but we hide people in training courses too...

most of the advertised jobs (the governmetn is the major employer) are hoaxes. 'give us your ideas and we won't give you a job' set-ups. they aren't actually hiring a lot of the time. they will decline you for the position and readvertise the very same position the very next day. often they are just trying to get you signed up to some training course with this vague promise that if you pay them money to do the training course (or get yourself into debt to do the training course) then they will let you work the job for free!!! for your work experience. which is required for them to sign you off. which is required fo rthem to pay you. but they don't actually sign you off. because they don't choose you. and because they choose whoever they want whenever they want because they want. and they dno't choose you...

so they aren't actually hiring.

or they aren't hiring me.

and they go 'if that's what you think of us then that is what we will do'.

but the truth of it is i'm describing the way it is.

what they do.

why it is that new zealadn doesn't develop.

once the cameras have all gone up... i guess we already are the worlds dumping ground. that's the plan. concentration camp island.

so far as i can see...

the fake news they spew at me...


teh trouble with her is that she thinks she's entitled.


say the people with all of the money all of the titles all of the things. that's what they accuse me of.


the problem isn't that they don't speak english. it's something different entirely.


they won't let me help.

when i can see what is needed and when i have the capacity to do it -- they won't let me help.

there's an attitude of gloat when i need help.

even when i ask for help quite clearly.

when i am willing to accept it.

often when i need help they can't help lme because they can't do it either.

i'm not blaming them for that.

they blame me for that and that's not fair and that's uncalled for. but that's what they do.

but they won't let me function when i can.


see see see see see it's too hard for me and i can't do it therefore it must be too hard for EVERYONE. everyone must validate that it's too hard for EVERYONE. so New Zealand can't develop until i'm dead and gone because it must be too hard for EVERYONE. say our leaders.

aw. there there. poor you. poor you. poor you. you have all the money and all the titles and all the power. poor you. poor you. poor you. nobody is allowed to function. poor you. just let me keep listening to you... keep listening to you. let me summarise you. summarise you. summarise you. i heard you. that is what you said? Is that what you said? you you you you you you you.

aw. there tehre. feel better.

poor you.

compliant? am i compliant enough for my most basic of human rights to be upheld? no? awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww poooooooooooooooooooooor poooooooooooooooooooor poor poor poor poor poor poor you (with all the money).



money grubs

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:33:56

In reply to Re: 'jabbed', posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:25:50

because the idea was to get on payroll. any payroll at all. get on payroll. particularly, people wanted government jobs because (the story goes) once you are on payroll there's only up from there. there's only earning more money. however much money you want to earn. nobody gets fired from a permanent government job. nobody gets laid off...

so you spend your time in wellington... living in someones house where they earn enough money to keep a whole harem of a household... you spend your time living in their house... maybe doing their cooking and cleaning... hosting their entertainment. amusing them. so on... meeting and greeting. going to parties. socialising. meeting all the public servant people on payroll.

convincing them that you are just like them and you want to be like them... sucking up to them... pretty face at parties...

until you get a government job!


you made it in life!



and i saw it...

and if that's all there is to life then blow my face off now.

these people...

earning enough to keep a harem.

choosing to keep their harems.

'we don't want you to get a job -- because then we'd never see you!!'

'we don't want you to have financial independence -- because then we'd never see you!!!'



Re: money grubs

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:35:49

In reply to money grubs, posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:33:56

so they don't see me now.

so they are justified in depriving me of my most basic of human rights.

because i didn't comply.

because... well because they made it in life which means they get to have ALL the things.


that's what it means... to work for the government.



Re: money grubs

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:41:41

In reply to Re: money grubs, posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:35:49

they fudged over the suicide stats. didn't release them.

and that's likely with coroner on the take.

that is to say the number of times we hear that someone young just sort of mysteriously drops dead all of a sudden in circumstances deemed to be not suspicious at all.

but the number of people who die in state care. particularly when they are being held involuntarily by the state. particularly when the grounds for holding them in a state institution are...


the paperwork isn't there.

and even if they promise to deliver an IT system that will write your notes for you retrospectively...

the photoshop will come next.

the set-ups will come next.

what they'll do with the technology.

why would we think it would be different from what they chose to do with previous technology?

i guess only the thought that people further up are running more of teh show and are less invested in keeping of local hostages.

but why think that?

do they pay me?



people like to get SPCA pets because they recknon they are loyal.

people like to arrange for things to be abused...

to create loyal subjects for themselves.

i do think about how much there is an invisible hand preventing development from... without.

i do think about how much Australia particularly but also the US intentionally facilitates the NZ governments abuse of it's own people so as to profit themselves by the flocks of refugees, the 1/4 of the NZ population who were bullied away from NZ...


lolly scramble

Posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 18:15:02

In reply to Re: money grubs, posted by alexandra_k on April 13, 2021, at 8:41:41

it's supposed to be fun. it's fun for someone. someone has a bag of lollies and throws them into a crowd of children like throwing grain into a flock of pigeons.

only you throw just a few at a time when there are lots of children so they children fight each other over them.

it's entertaining for the adults. the person with the bag of lollies.

or money.

as the case may be.

this game people like to play.

how you keep people so they like to play with you.

kids... and sugar.

but anyway...

vaccines are a bit like that. send them in their crates with special conditions on how they are to be kept otherwise they will be expired / inactivated... and then track where they go. see how the society distributes them around.

and you have a pretty good idea of the situation. who the major problems are. preventing things from running more smoothly and more fairly.

what is the obstruct or block in the ER. why there isn't patient flow. why the ER waiting rooms get blocked up. Why the patients get held / detained by the ER nurses in the corridoors and in side rooms about the ER. why the acute psychiatric wards are always overflowing.

why the rest of it is... fairly empty.

where the clinicians are.

logging who is in the hospital at any point in time. this person is on payroll. on roster. where are they?

they do drills -- right -- for the people on call? No, I know they don't. I know they don't take seriously being within 20 minutes of the hospital when they are on call at all. I know that they are not called. Not by any junior who wishes to remain on staff...

because that is the point of the power...

they select who they want for med for whatever arbitrary reasons they want. they start out by beaming at their chosen children. you have been handpicked carefully selected. you are the winners you wonderful magical children. and then over time they come to understand that the same arbitrary that was responsible for their selection can be equally well mobilised to be the same arbitrary that can be responsible for their deselection or exclusion.

so they better jumpity jump jump when they are told because oooooooooooh if they don't that could be the arbitrary reason for their exclusion. they should keep their head down and huddle with the herd. not stand out in any way or they could be identified as someone... identified... a target for teh ire of arbitrary.

and you better suck that dick faster if you don't want to be deselected. when you are told.

and lucky lucky lucky some people make it through...

they pay them
they pay them
they pay them
they pay them
they pay them

to inflict arbitrary... on demand of their superiors, i guess.. or maybe just whenever...

because they liked to play that game.



mmm hmmm..

and the opportunity cost...

well. let's face it. our organs are shipped to australia for their use.

best i can figure new zealanders don't get healthcare in nz. that's why they go to sydney for the weekend.

there's ntohign here

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