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standby flights

Posted by alexandra_k on April 8, 2021, at 5:27:29

Millions of years ago there was this thing called 'standby flights'.

The idea was that flying was expensive. And a bunch of studnets wanted to get back to Dunedin, from all over the country, for the start of the term.

So, students (all over the country, around a week or so prior to the start of term) would sign up for stand-by flights.

I'm not sure exactly how it worked. I think the idea was that they would arrive at the airport early and stay late on the offchance that someone would be a no show or there would be available seats on a flight to Dunedin...

And I think sometimes they needed to show up and wait for a few days... Or more... To be able to get a cheap, standby flight.

But it was a way of both filling up the seats that would otherwise remain empty... And also sort of allow people to cheaply travel who had the time (it was a good thing for poor studnets to be able to get cheap flights and they could study at the airport...)

Why not have standby vaccinations?

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