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where's my...

Posted by alexandra_k on March 30, 2021, at 19:37:15


where is it?

where did you put it?

where is my money?

for the thesis that i wrote. i wrote a thesis on 'disability and equity' because apparently it is an area that they want people to work in, specifically. there are special scholarships for people working in the area. to incentivise people to work in the area.

only how that goes is they advertise that there are scholarships and in exchange for applying for a scholarship you give them your research proposal. which they then keep. and do not give you the scholarship. proceed to do their best to bully you out of completing your work or...

better idea... take the work you produce and refuse to credit / acknowledge you for the work that you did and... pass it off as their own.

where's my money?

the District Health Board Scholarship of $5,000 that was to go to a masters student working on an area of stated significance for them. Who did the money go to? Did it go to an actual person? Or did they take all the research proposals that were submitted to them and flunk out all those studnets keeping their work for themselves. Claiming to be the people with those ideas themselves.



Where did the money go?

Where's my Degree?

For the thesis that I wrote. The one year of work that I did for you. Where's my Degree?

New Zealand has concentration camps that they like to call 'Universities'.

The international students were crucial for the legitimacy of them as universities. But our degrees are not acknowledged overseas anymore because we refuse to acknowledge and credit students for the work that they have done and we give credit and money and kudos to theiving plagarisers with no work capacity of their own.

On the basis of nepotism. Sucking up. Bribery.

That's how come we are so very very very far behind.

The race to the bottom.

Now we are filling the universities with domestic students. We enrol them in degrees we ourselves consider to be 'low value' to see how much money we can extract out of them before they are forced to work the NZL equivalent of the cotton fields. Early childhood education. Because NZL likes to breed masses of gamma babies. We don't need to worry about genocide of a race, here. We are happy to breed masses of gamma babies.

With respect to externamination of a culture things are less clear.

What we most have is... Appropriation. I think you call it.

A sort of a 'brave new world' with 'minitrue' and so on speech. That's what they are doing to the Maaori language. They say they are keeping it alive. But the academics are taking control of how it is. What the words mean. Etc. So there are certain thoughts that cannot be thunk etc. There's an element of that. Control. It's not an organic language anymore. It's an academic language, a language used by the powerful to opporess others. Certain people have speaking rights and they go on and on and on and on and then there is no time left.

And there is a narrative...

So a book comes out of Maaori academics. ANd they are all required to say teh same thing. That's what Otago University Press wants to hear from them (if they get to say anything at all). They all say that they are the only voice. They are all alone. They are the only voice.

And stuff abotu them picking and choosing the next leaders. For all the things that they value.

The ability to suck it up and go 'yes yes yes yes yes everything yo usay and think and feel is correct and true yes yes yes yes yes.'

Where is my degree?

They are having a tantrum that I didn't devote my entire life to saying what my supervisor tells me to say only until I"ve figured a way to have her murdered in her sleep which means I get to inherit her job.

That appears to be the seems of it.

Why we are happy to have life expectancy kept low.


Re: where's my...

Posted by alexandra_k on March 30, 2021, at 19:44:00

In reply to where's my..., posted by alexandra_k on March 30, 2021, at 19:37:15

but i wrote it and i have a record of it.

and it doesn't look good that they hold a conference after my thesis is complete and they don't even invite me along as an observer. they certainly don't grant me speaking rights.

the jobs that they advertise are bogus.

i apply for jobs. there is what they do -- they say I didn't get the job. then they re-advertise the position. so i apply again. so they say i didn't get the job. then they re-advertise the position.

they say my qualifications have expired and i need to go back to school becuase things have changed from when i came through.

yeah. yeah things have changed.

i read chauser and marlowe and plato (in translation) in my degree. now we read 'telling the story' things that are recognised in new zealand as art and they tell you what you think about them and you spout the party line in a way that makes your work indistinguishable from their work indistinguishable from the next guys work... so they can put you to work in teh nzl equivalent of the open plan office cotton fields.

where our output is indistinguishable from a computer program.

that's the university.


Re: where's my...

Posted by alexandra_k on March 30, 2021, at 19:51:30

In reply to Re: where's my..., posted by alexandra_k on March 30, 2021, at 19:44:00

and why don't we have anything of any value?

why don't we have any values?

we hear that all the rich people in california want to live here.


because our laws are under-developed so they can launder money here? all kinds of reasons like that?

if they wanted to be here they would spam their booking into our booking system. they would buy nzl citizenship. the would sail their yacht here. they would fly their plane here. there really isn't any thing that we would do to keep them out if they wanted to be here. lawfully. or unlawfully.

why would they want to be here?

the scenery... there's scenery all over canada. there's scenery all over the world. it's not that hard to find scenery if you have money to get around. why would they want to be here? the *ss end of nowhere?

it doesn't make any sense at all.

i mean, i get why you might want to point your missiles from a particular starting location. that makes sense to me. you might want your ships somewhere...

but generally there's nothing here...

and our government is more invested in holding up development.

why hasn't there been a job for me?

i don't understand. genuinely.

why not let me train to do medicine?

i don't understand. genuinely.

i mean, i think i get that the people in charge actually think that i am intellectually handicapped. i think i get that. i didn't realise that they actually thought i was stupid. when i disagree with them about something they think i am stupid. but the nonsense they spout...

do we not want to have a health system?

i wonder about chris hipkins... did he choose to have his vaccination or was he forced? Was he instructed that now was his time to have that and he complied... Was it that? I am genuinely interested to know whose idea it was and why he decided to be vaccinated publically. i mean... if he got his seminal vessicles tied would he do that publically to? If he got his ears cleaned out?

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