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refusal to prosecute

Posted by alexandra_k on March 27, 2021, at 21:12:22

1) Parliament. The MP's. Refuse to prosecute corruption. Refuse to sort it out so it doesn't need to be prosecuted.

2) The Executive. The internal complaints resolution. The external complaints resolution. The various Government departments and agencies that are supposed to be there for complaints to go to so that things can be sorted out. Refuse to prosecute corruption. Refuse to sort it out so it doesn't need to be prosectuted.

3) Teh Judiciary. How many times is it appropriate to get someone to file and re-file and re-re-file statements of claim? How many years should judicial review of administrative action take?

2018 I completed 1 year of research for University of Waikato.

It took 6 months for internal complaints to work through. 6 months for the Ombudsman. That's 1 year.

Then it takes another another 2 years for the courts. ANd that's just to get to the High Court. No judgement yet.

And we already know what the judgement will be.

I imagine they knew what the judgement would be before they decided to pull a judge out of retirement to deal with the 'fallout from Covid'.

The same judge who was to deal with the fallout from a body dying in a residential hall who... Was dead for 6 weeks? 8 weeks?

The University didn't notice that he didn't attend lectures or tutorials. They didn't notice. They didn't care. He paid fees. That's all they care about. Did he miss handing in any pieces of assessment? Did they notice? Did they email him? Did they email his hall concerned about his lack of progress through his Degree?

Did the terms or scope of the investigation leave the Univesrity well out of it?

New Zealand doesn't want an education system. We don't process enrolments. We refuse to hire competent teachers for the most part.

It's all a squabble about which subject wins. The idea being that there will be only 1 lecturer employed to teach only 1 subject to all the people. That's what winning the University game means.

There is no conception of broad undergraduate degrees where people come out with broad knowledge of arts, sciences, business... it's all about jumping through hoops on knowledge that decays with respect to skills that die with disuse. New Zealand Degrees are expected to (we have planned and committed to them) depreciating in value post-graduation. They are piecies of paper to be given to highest bidder / briber / children of elite officials.


I wonder if Australia has committed to undermining our education system. They seem to be in teh process of undermining their own in the same way>

Which gets me wondering whether the US is...

What's going on.

I suspect it is about getting rich people to pay for their kids education.

But the education sector is all about money laundering.

That's why people donate to universities.

To buy themselves legitimacy in teh form of a child who is recognised as doctor or whatever.

Is it really all just an elaborate hoax.

Micromismanagement by psychopaths.

I think about the opportunity cost to society. What could have been achieved that never got to because of all the zero sum games from the tyrants.

I know they want me to believe that they win.

These are people who read dystopian novels and thought they were aspirational.

They don't have a better idea.

That's sad. For them.

They will never know what it is to be friends with, to interact with people.

They know people as animals... Slaves. Objects. Only.



Re: refusal to prosecute

Posted by alexandra_k on March 27, 2021, at 21:17:57

In reply to refusal to prosecute, posted by alexandra_k on March 27, 2021, at 21:12:22

they sucked it up.

they sucked up.

they groveled and begged and scraped and cajoled and bowed...

and in exchange they expected to be grovelled to and begged to and scraped to and bowed to one day...

and once they get to there... to those positions... once they managed to dispose of the previous tyrants. once the previous tyrants died of old age (generations ago) or cancer or whatever... once they acidentlly fell down some stairs...

they came into their inheritance.

and it's all just an elaborate display or expression of how and why it is that...

new zealand doesn't grow or develop at all. just sits aroudn singing the praises of idiot tyrants all day. idiot tyrants who, themselves, didn't develop any knowledge or skills worth knowing because they spent all their time sucking up to the idiot tyrants.



Posted by alexandra_k on March 27, 2021, at 21:23:39

In reply to refusal to prosecute, posted by alexandra_k on March 27, 2021, at 21:12:22

apparently they have been building.

by all accounts. they have been building.

they built a hospital at christchurch. they built it around 2x as big as they can presently staff it. they built it. they did.

and they are seeing that it's about crocodile tears.

presently they can't staff it.

but why not? apparently there are more medical graduates than jobs. apparently they need senior people. but they can't afford them. so the government set aside funding for particular positions. but they say they can't fill them.

because they advertise terrible terms (they don't want people applying). because they don't process teh applications.

because it's not just about lack of building compliance.

it's also not just about lack of supplies.

it's about the culture whereby nobody does any of the things they are supposed to do. masks. hand sanitiser. these things don't happen.

and it's about the present tyrant bullies who do just that. and who cry cry cry constantly so that people are forced to flee from them. and they cry cry cry.

their crocodile tears.

is why the people don't have healthcare.



i have letters from lawyers the university got to say that their practices were lawful. to hold me under zero fees. to double bill examination for teh wrong degree.

this is a lawfirm that mostly deals in...

regulating the horseracing industry so far as i can tell.

regulating dairy. the milk powder contamination.

just helping us develop backwards.

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