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Posted by Fivefires on November 3, 2008, at 23:20:23

We've been friends w/ benefits, so SO, 14yrs.

He's a few days from being homeless.

His mother passed.

Left is the crachity(sp?) step-fat*er and his home.

My sig-other and mom were close.

It's like my dad and I; he passed and home was sold. I ended up w/ a breakdown I've spoken of here.

I am being told to close the door to him.


cant breathe .. lots of anxiety



Re: SO HOMELESS Fivefires

Posted by fayeroe on November 9, 2008, at 18:35:04

In reply to SO HOMELESS, posted by Fivefires on November 3, 2008, at 23:20:23

I'm sorry that you are having such a hard time of it. I don't look at this board very often and am late with a reply.

Do you have a therapist/counselor/minister that you could talk to?

Good luck, Pat

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