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Sex and the Church...? My Story (+ TV Adventure)

Posted by Dena on April 23, 2008, at 19:28:04

Last week, my husband and I, along with our friends/neighbors/ministry owners, flew out to NYC from Oregon, to be interviewed on "The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet".

The story was about how the Church has often put out erroneous and unbiblical messages about how God views married sex -- leaving married couples within the Church to suffer with problems (no where to go), and to wonder "what's normal," "what's ok," "what's right/what's wrong".

Our marrage was abysmal for 17 years -- I was quite promiscuous prior to marriage, and then, when I got married, I did a 180* turn, becoming completely frigid (being a "good Christian woman"), denouncing sex, including pleasure, seeing sex the way our church defined it: a necessary evil for the purpose of procreating. We let church tradition, rather than the Bible, determine how we viewed sex.

God intervened -- replacing my lies about sex with His truth. He healed me, sexually, 4 years ago, and it revolutionalized our marriage -- totally transforming me from an "ice princess" to my husband's dream-come-true.

Then, I found The Marriage Bed ( and started sharing on their discussion forum (which was what got us kicked out of our church and denomination). It's a Christian marriage website, dedicated to putting out scientifically accurate and biblically-based information about sexuality.

ABC found out about it, and did an online interview with them, which led to the "Mike and Juliet" show on FOX -- they wanted us to come talk about our story -- it aired last Thursday.

Only the first half of the interview is online:

But there's also a backstage interview with a pastor (who was also on the show), Joe Beam:

Enjoy! And may your marriages be richly and lavishly blessed!

Shalom, Dena

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