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help - relationship over and I am confused

Posted by danny9ds on April 22, 2008, at 14:49:18

I have been in a relationship with a man for 8 months. He had just divorced his wife of 9 years and has two young kids. He and I get along famoulsy, we like all the same things we laugh and we spend everyday together. Recently I learned he was still in love with his ex, I got really upset and said some things I shouldn't have liek I can't take it and I am done with you etc. He asked for space and somehow we ended back in the relationship after 2 days and continued playing house with his kids etc. Last Saturday I got upset with him again about the boundaries he sets with his ex, she calls and walks in his home as though its hers. I again told him it was not acceptable and I couldn't take it. After that he and I spoke last night and he said he couldn't see a future with me because he is trying to learn who he is as a person. But he loves me and thinks of me as his best friend. I am devastated because I feel as though I have been the one for him, I have gotten him through his pain and brought him back to the point where he finally says he closed the door on his ex and was finally free. Why now does he then want me out of his life? Again, I want to stress that we have a great relationship and the kids and I adore each other. Can you give me some insight on this, I feel so crushed and I feel as though I failed or wasn't good enough for him.

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