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Posted by karen_kay on April 8, 2008, at 10:21:38

groan. yes, i'm groaning. loudly. loudly LOUDLY!

the hermit left ehr house and stayed with ehr sister for several days. huh?

16 year old boys are looking pretty good right now :) hahaha....

yeah, i get mean when i'm hurt.

still groaning.

things work out though,they always do. and i'm qute gorgeous, you know. at least i've got that going for me. and that wonderful son of mine (man. he can throw a football like it's no body's business!)

yes, i'm still groaning! oh, did i mention it's been 3 years now. since the first of april (no joke). and a huge fight right afterwards.

GROAN! no replies please, unless they are marriage proposals, attempts to send me money ro other gifts, or to tell me how truly wonderful and gorgeous i am!


where'd all those people skills go? they sure don't work on mister kk!

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