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im losing it reply

Posted by hoolahoop on January 15, 2008, at 11:19:15

thanks for replies. no smoking isnt the only thing. hes meant to be going to an IT class one day a week, hes paid 80 for it. he keeps missing them saying hes too tired , it makes me mad cos hes not working ,hes doing bugger all, keeps saying hes ill. yet he seems FINE to go fishing and be with his mates. says hes getting on ok with his meds. so what the hell is going on?? its not fair, cos it seems like hes just getting a free ride out of life , and just using me. ive been with tecknohed for 3 yrs. how would you cope with this. i work 5 days a week to pay the rent etc... i would love to see whats going on in his head :(


Re: im losing it reply hoolahoop

Posted by tecknohed on January 15, 2008, at 20:08:28

In reply to im losing it reply, posted by hoolahoop on January 15, 2008, at 11:19:15

Please dont give me a bad name on these boards. Slagging me off is just going to make things worse. You already know the answers to all the points you've made. Lets just leave it between us, our councellors & our doctors. Please.


(((((hoolahoop and tecknohed))))

Posted by karen_kay on January 17, 2008, at 9:11:10

In reply to Re: im losing it reply hoolahoop, posted by tecknohed on January 15, 2008, at 20:08:28

i hope you work things out. mister kk and i got into a huge fight jsut last night. he's been workign a whole lot (and to think, just 2 years ago, my biggest complaint was that he didn't work at all. now i complain because he works way too much!), and i took a nap (i swear i broke a rib or somethign while moving), leaving him with our son. i woke up to discover him asleep on the couch and the duck running wild in the house. i told him 'i can't count on you for anything!' i'm still pissed, but i regret sayign that (kinda).

i get mean when i'm mad and say things that hurt.

we all have our own ways of fighting and dealing with relationship issues. it's good tht you have a neutral party to help you out.

i really hope you two work on your relationship. and it's a hard thing to work on, i understand. especially when both parties have issues (sh*t, who doesn't??? and those who don't are really really weird!!!!)

good luck and take care of yourselves and eachother please!!!


ps. can i get in on the hug? :)

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