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Addiction Pandering to the crave

Posted by 64Bowtie on June 23, 2010, at 11:39:16

Go to <<>> and look up pander, then crave, then avoid, lastly, ignore... My contention is to ignore the crave, one craving at a time... Repeat that action until ignoring cravings becomes a new motive, a new intention...

Cravings originate in the viscera, the gut... The gut is a collection of stomach, intestines, heart and diaphram... Yes, in the heat of foreplay, my heavy breathing and higher pulse rate are being managed by the same area of my brain that craves cheesecake... Sex can be, and has been, a hunger for me to deal with... My testicles don't originate this craving... My mind does, however...

I would be addicted if I couldn't ignore the crave, the crave of sex, or food... That's a mind thing, to ignore, so we must enlist the mind to overcome the addiction...

The mind is a collection of brain functions talking to each other... Notice the stomach itself is not present in the mind... The visceral cortex that manages our hungers is though, and can help us mediate raging hormonal reactions of hunger and horniness... The mind simply says, "Ignore the crave", and done often enough, a crave loses significance...

Works that way for me...........


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